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Sandals Royal Bahamian

Updated on July 11, 2014

Sandals a true All-Inclusive Vacation

Leave your wallet at home, yes at home because Sandals is truly an all-inclusive resort! Once you go, all you will think about is when you will be able to go back again!! This all-inclusive resort features top shelf unlimited drinks, food, watersports and entertainment. Also, unique to this Sandals is a private offshore island that is like getting two resorts in one. This magical island is a private paradise which includes its own restaurant, swim up bar, pool, beautiful beaches and hidden cabanas and hammocks all about the island. Sandals Royal Bahamian is elegant and romantic. It features top quality restaurants and service. If you are looking for a Bahamas get-away, be sure to book your stay at Sandals Royal Bahamian, you will be sure to love it!

Welcome & Check-In

Let your vacation paradise begin....

Upon arrival at the Sandals Royal Bahamian you are greeted by the lovely Sandals staff and brought to the Manor building to check in. You should start to feel your tension slip away as you forget about the long lines at the airport, your grumbling tummy and how hot it is. A cold rolled white hand towel with the smell of lemon grass is swiftly brought to you as well as a glass of champagne for you and your sweetie. As you dab your cold cloth on your face, you know this is going to be good!!!

There is some business to be taken care of upon arrival such as securing your room charges with a credit card and filling out the registration form. Sandals is a no cash resort and only room charges or credit cards are accepted. However, you can chose at the end of your stay to pay for any incidentals put on your room with cash. After a quick 5-10 minutes you will be on your way. Room check-in is not until 3:00 so if you get there early the staff will be happy to bring you to a restaurant to begin your all-inclusive stay. A good tip - pack a small bag with your bathing suit in case your room is not ready upon arrival, this way you can start to enjoy the beach and pools while you wait for your room.


Some restaurants require reservations and you should make sure you make your reservations upon arrival to get the days and times you wish. The reservations do fill up very quickly. The one restaurant I would make sure not to miss out on is the Baccarat. This restaurant does require a reservation. This french style restaurant offers exquisite service and food.

Many of the restaurants have a dress code, so be sure to bring long pants, collared shirts and closed toe shoes for the gentleman. The dress code is a bit more lax in the summer months however, the Baccarat is always resort elegant no matter what time of year.

For breakfast be sure to go to Spices for made to order omelettes and full buffet. At lunch time, you can't resist eating pizza on the beach from the brick oven pizza made to your order. Look for daily specials like spinach and feta cheese or your traditional margherita. I have to say for pizza made in the Bahamas, it is really good! (That's coming from a New Yorker!) If you are interested in more traditional Bahamian food you have to go to the Sandals Cay and visit Cafe Goombay. Here you will find conch fritters and other traditional style food.

The Crystal Room is sure to delight with waiters that deliver your food on their head! If they have the baked alaska on the menu be sure to get it, it is delicious! Casanovas is another one of my favorites. I love the olive oil and garlic with different toppings for your bread. Of course who could resist their antipasta selections and pana cotta? My favorite here is the lasagna, I get it everytime I go. There are so many restaurants to chose from that you will have a hard time deciding which one to go to, the good news is that they are all wonderful.

Ice cream brought to you on the beach....without asking, PRICELESS
Ice cream brought to you on the beach....without asking, PRICELESS

Super Service

We have been to other Sandals/Beaches resorts and the one thing that keeps us coming back to Sandals Royal Bahamian (SRB) is the people and the service. The staff is so friendly and relaxed. From the surprise check in by the concierge to just "see how everything is", to the nightly bed turn down, to the "playmakers" filling your day with fun, you are sure to be pleasantly pleased by the staff. Where else can you have fruit kebobs and ice cream delivered to you on the beach WITHOUT EVEN ASKING??

Sandals Royal Bahamian is a smaller resort compared to other Sandals resorts and I think it adds to the charm and eliteness that you experience. By the time you leave you will be sure to know many of the staff by first name and will be singing their praises all the way home. One of my favorite stories is one that I tell often to friends and family when I am trying to convey just how wonderful the staff is.

In August 2005 we were staying at SRB when Katrina was just a tropical storm. My husband and I decided not to waste the day away so we took the bus to the "new" mall, just a ways up cable beach. By the time we arrived at the "mall" it started downpouring so bad we couldn't see in front of our own faces. We sought shelter in a small marine store. While we were wiping the rain out of our eyes we saw one of the employees from Sandals there, he was on his lunch break. He offered to take us back to the resort but we kindly declined and told him we wanted to check out the "mall". So, after a quick wipe of our eyes and a quick shake off of our Sandals t-shirts we went back out into the rain to check out the "mall". After walking through about 2 inches of rain water on the ground and arriving at the "mall" we realized that the "mall" was still not finished!!! The only thing there was a vitamin store!! Uh-oh!! The bus wasn't due back for quite some time!! We walked around the "mall" back to where we started and all of a sudden a lincoln town car pulled up and rolled down the window. It was the Sandals employee, whom we later learned was named Enrique. He said, "are you sure you don't want that ride now?" My husband and I looked at each other and said, screaming over the rain, "ok"!! We opened up the doors and with our soaking wet clothes sat on the leather seats! We thanked him for stopping and began talking to him. My husband explained how he wanted to buy a house there. So, Enrique took us on a small tour of the town close by the resort. He told us where to buy and where not to buy. What an amazing person! We had loved SRB before but after this experience we were hooked!

The people are so genuine and kind that it is what keeps us going back year after year! My family and friends often ask why we go back there year after year. The truth is, we have gone to other places and there is just something about SRB that makes you feel like family. Over the years, we have met many awesome employees some are still there and some have since left. I feel it only fitting that I mention them now: Enrique, Portia, Kimone, Marc, Damian, Laverne, Genardo (the Italian Bahamian), and Dwayne. These are just some of the people who made our trips extra special! With 6 return trips under our belt and one on the have to admit they must be doing something right!!

Great music you hear on the resort and throughout your stay.

While lounging on the beach or by the pool you may hear some of these songs.

Private Island

Sandals Cay...absolutely amazing
Sandals Cay...absolutely amazing

The Sandals Cay is one of the most amazing retreats to paradise that truly sets this Sandals apart from others. To catch a ride to the cay, meet at the pier for a short boat ride over to your own amazing island. This island is so private feeling, you will think you are on it by yourself with your honey! Hidden cabanas and hammocks, a zen garden and magnificant views are sure to leave you relaxed and enjoying this little gem in the Bahamas. The island has a restaurant, pool, and swim up bar.

If you like to snorkel be sure to bring your mask and snorkel to the reef on the opposite side of the island. I love this island because it really gives you the feeling of a completely different resort. It is like having another vacation! My husband sets up under his cabana with his i-pod while I put on my snorkel mask and transform into "Suzy Snorkel". (That's the nickname my husband has given me!) The snorkeling off the beach is pretty amazing! I have seen sting rays, grouper, barracudas, squid and of course loads of gorgeous fish.

If you are a collector of beach glass, this island used to be loaded! Although, the last time I was there I didn't find as much since they made improvements to the beach. I'm sure it will return. I found my first piece of blue beach glass on this island! If you always wanted to get a massage, they offer massages on this island too - I told you it was like paradise!!!

Sandals Cay

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Sandals CaySpa and Zen GardenSandals CayCabanaSandals Cay view of the oceanCabana overlooking ocean
Sandals Cay
Sandals Cay
Spa and Zen Garden
Spa and Zen Garden
Sandals Cay
Sandals Cay
Sandals Cay view of the ocean
Sandals Cay view of the ocean
Cabana overlooking ocean
Cabana overlooking ocean
Sunset at Sandlas Royal Bahamian
Sunset at Sandlas Royal Bahamian

No Place Like Home

Almost every year my husband and I travel back to the Sandals Royal Bahamian (SRB) to return for our Anniversary. This is where we had our honeymoon and we have been in love with the resort ever since. I often wonder what it is about SRB that keeps us coming back again and again.

As mentioned, the service is amazing, We love to spend our time on the beach and in the pool. I also love to snorkel on the Sandals Cay. There is so much to do in Nassau and on Paradise Island. One of my favorite spots to frequent when we go is the swiss bakery shop on the main strip in Cable Beach. They have awesome eclairs and the guava duff is yummy too! The Casino is fun, downtown is great, beaches amazing, and you never run out of things to do.

All those things said, there is one thing I think that keeps us coming back. The people!! We have traveled to other islands in caribbean and for some reason the people in the Bahamas are just so nice and friendly. They ARE the biggest reason we go back year after year. When a culture of people make you feel so welcome into their country, the way the Bahamians do, there is nothing better. Thanks to all our Bahamian friends and for all the people of the Bahamas for always making us feel welcome...until next time...


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