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Policies for preservation of coastal ecosystems reach holiday destinations in Cuba

Updated on April 13, 2012

Santa Lucia Beach, Canaguey, Cuba

Sunset in Santa Lucia Beach
Sunset in Santa Lucia Beach | Source
Sand in Santa Lucia Beach, Camaguey, Cuba
Sand in Santa Lucia Beach, Camaguey, Cuba | Source

Policies for preservation of coastal ecosystems reach holiday destinations in Cuba

Located in the province of Camaguey, the beach of Santa Lucia, one of the most popular holiday destinations in Cuba have benefited from a governmental programme for the protection of coastal ecosystems.

Policies for the preservation of Cuban coastal ecosystems have been extended to the beach of Santa Lucia one of the most popular holiday destinations in Cuba. The actions implemented in this region, located in the province of Camaguey, are part of a governmental programme leaded by the Ministry of Science, Technology and the Environment (CITMA) aimed at preserving the beaches of the island in order to promote tourism sustainable development.

According to expert divers, Santa Lucia's coast is perfect for scuba diving given the adequate temperature of the water and its beautiful coral reef. However, another attraction happens to offer the best submarine show of all, sharks. In this region, without exaggeration, diving enthusiasts can admire the local submarine flora and fauna in the company of harmless sharks who offer companion to amateur and professional sea adventurers.

CITMA's programme covers also other holiday destinations in Cuba such as Jardines del Rey, Varadero and Cienaga de Zapata. In those regions as well as in Santa Lucia the principal works have focused to rescuing mangrove and reefs, cleaning coastal areas and stopping constructions in the dunes.

Santa Lucia beach is just one of the tourist attributes of the province of Camaguey, which was founded in 1514 with the name of Santa Maria de Puerto Principe or Villa del Principe (prince's village). Most of the places to visit in the region are located in the province's capital city which has been appointed National Monument.

Some of the city's main attractions include la Soledad Church, which was constructed in 1775 and the Casa de la Trova, as well as several squares and minor churches. But the source of Camaguey's popularity among tourists spending Cuba holidays is the myth around the Tinajones (large earthenware jars). According to this hundred-year-old legend, anyone who drinks water from a tinajon never leaves the city.

This type of water containers can be found only in this part of Cuba and they are still used to store the precious liquid like it was done in colonial times.

The actions carried out for the preservation of coastal ecosystems in Camaguey, have included the protection of the dune and reforestation of the beach vegetation. From now on, projects for new hotels in Santa Lucia will be carefully scrutinised to avoid negative environmental effects

According to Carlos Rodriguez, a researcher on land use planning and the environment for the government's Physical Planning Institute (IPF), "every new investment and every plan for coastal areas in our country must necessarily take climate change forecasts into account. Twenty years ago we did not have the knowledge that we have now. We should not reproduce our vulnerabilities, but reduce them and learn to live with the risks."

Playa Santa Lucia, Camaguey, Cuba

A markerPlaya Santa Lucia, Camaguey, Cuba -
Playa Santa Lucia, Cuba
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This one of the best beaches in Cuba, a perfectly quiet resort it is great for family holidays in Cuba.

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