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Santorini - magical, romantic, unique Greek island!

Updated on June 7, 2012

Santorini: the guide

Perivolos Black beach....full with people....full of to the crystal clean Aegean Sea waters & under the hot Greek sun! I really miss the fun I had there. It is a beach at the eastern side of the wonderful Santorini Island. But for all those who have not heard before of Santorini, I would like to make here a small introduction....

Santorini is hailed as the most beautiful island of the Aegean and one of the most gorgeous spots on the planet. Unique on every way: awesome landscape, cosmopolitan atmosphere, fascinating history, high quality services and idiosyncrasies in its everyday existence-quirks of custom or experience that you can only enjoy if you know the secrets of its lifestyle.

The moment you reach the island of Santorini you feel as if the power of the volcano has touched everything with a unique aura. Every corner of the Santorini has its own history and mystery and the whole island breathes a romantic atmosphere, that you cannot find somewhere else.

The calderas sublime beauty has moved poets like Nobel Literature Winner Odysseas Elytis to compose odes of exaltation and transported more prosaic admirers to hyperbole and tears.

Out of the bowels of the thunder you came
Shuddering with the irresolut  clouds
Stone of bitterness, tempered, arrogant

Where hope is carved out of the deep secrets of your heart
With fire, with lava, with smoke
With words that illumine the infinite
You brought Forth the voice of the day

You felt the joy of creation
You surged into the world, firstborn
Born into the purple, risen majestic form of foam.

Odysseas Elytis
Winner of Nobel of Literature, 1979

santotirini caldera hotels - oia santorini
santotirini caldera hotels - oia santorini

7 Reasons to visit Santorini Greece - it has caldera, a volcano, small white houses built on the cliff, magnificent sunsets...a real earthy paridise?

  1. From the moment you arrive in the island of Santorini, you feel like entering another world. This is because the scenery of Santorini is unique: the combination of the volcano with the cystal clean deep blue waters and the bright Aegean sun
  2. The sunset of Santorini is itself a unique experience.
  3. Santorini is the place to fall in love, live moment of passion and romance or even better get married.
  4. Despite being a rather small island you make endless photos and film more than you think you ever would on vacation
  5. You are not given the chance every day to visit an active volcano
  6. To visit one of the most interesting archeological sites of eastern Europe, Akrotiri.
  7. To taste the most simple, delicious and healthy dishes and savour unique wines

Santorini Photo Gallery: Caldera View

Santorini Photo Gallery: Caldera View
Santorini Photo Gallery: Caldera View
santorini beacehs - map of santorini
santorini beacehs - map of santorini

Santorini Beaches

unique beaches of Greece

As every other Greek island, Santorini, has many beaches. They can all be found in its eastern side as on the west of the island there is its caldera (cliff).

Some of the most famous beaches of Santorini are

Kamari Beach - the most famous beach resort of Santorini

Perivolos beach - next to the many kilometer long shore all kinds of cafes, taverns, bars and beach resort hotels

Perissa Beach

Red Beach

Monolithos Beach - near the airport of Santorini

Vourvoulos Beach

Vlycada - where also the yachts' marina is

the map on the right depicts Santorini island.

Your Santorini knowledge revealed!

What where your quiz scores

See results

Santorini's Highlights - what you should not miss while on Santorini

There are some places you should definitely visit during your stay on the Island of Santorini. These are:

  • sunset: simply enjoy the most famous sunset from any part of the cladera of Santorini
  • Fira: the capital of Santorini
  • Oia:the most famous village of Santorini
  • Akrotiri: the archeological site
  • volcano: a volcano cruise is a magical experience!
  • black beach: you wont find such beaches anywhere else in the world
  • Santorini wineries: wether big or small winery, traditional or industialized the wineries of Santorini are all very special - like its wine!!

Fira, the capital of Santorini

Fira, the capital of Santorini
Fira, the capital of Santorini
santorini cheap hotels 2010 - santorini special offers
santorini cheap hotels 2010 - santorini special offers

Santorini hotels: SPECIAL OFFER

2011 special discounts & lowest rates

Choose one of the hotels listed below and get a special discount for booking via internet:

1. La Maltese Estate 5 stars hotel in Imerovigli

2. Cliffside Suites 4 star hotel in Firostefani

3. Aqua Suites 4 star hotel in Imerovigli

4. Santo Miramare 4 star beach resort in Perissa

5. Casa Bianca 2 star beach resort in Fira

NEW VIDEO: Santorini ... in motion - Santorinis sunset

Get an idea of how drinking a coffee in the evening on Santorini is.... Santorini hotels

Santorini Hotels - the most special sites on the net on the most special island of Greece

Santorini hotels and vacation guide

akrotiri santorini greece
akrotiri santorini greece

A Glance at the History of Santorini

Akrotiri - Santorini

The archeologist's pickaxe began unearthing Santorini's exciting history in the mid 19th century, when the volcanic Theran earth was excavated for the use in the construction od the Suez Cnal. It was then that the first traces of a orehestoric settlement came to light. The first buildings of the Prehestoric era were discovered in 1886. French and German archeologists continued the research. However, it was the Greek archeologist Spryridon Marinatos, a professor at the University of Athnes, who conducted the most importants excavations. Akrotiri is the most famous archeological site of the island Santorini.

Note:The archeological site of Akrotiri is since May 2005 clozed due to the faulty construction of its roof top - Still if you travel to Santorini, its worth visiting the Akrotiri area.

Akrotiri hotels are ideal for calm & quite vacations

Visit Santorini

Would you like to visit Santorini Island of Greece?

See results

Andronis Suites

oia luxury hotels

Ready for 21rst century luxury?

Andronis Suites

is a brand new complex of suites in the traditional Oia village. Special suites with magnificent view, minimal design and high standard service are few words to describe Andronis. Built on the cliff of the caldera, and at the same time being at main pedestrian zone of Oia, Andronis Luxury suite's location is undoubtedly privileged.

Gourmet Restaurant based on Santorini diet, Jacuzzis, infinity pool, Spa are some more characteristics of Andronis Hotel, and reasons to stay there during your Santorini vacations.

Moreover Andronis is reasonably prices compared to most Santorini luxury hotels.

here more on top Santorini Hotels

Andronis Suites - more reasons to visit Santorini Greece

video of a guest at Andronis hotel in Oia

Katikies Hotel in Oia Santorini

maybe the best luxury hotel of Santorisni

Katikies Hotel is one of the most famous hotels on the island. Located in Oia, Katikies is a charming l hotel hanging from the cliff, 100 meters above the dazzlingly blue caldera basin.

Katikies hotel has two infinity swimming pools, sunbathing deck with open air Jacuzzi.

You do not know what an infinity pool is?

you have to see it to believe it (see, at least the picture).

ideal for couples, honeymooners or any visitor looking for a romantic vacation.

sister hotels of Katikies:

Villa Katikies - not recommended

Kirini Hotel - highly recommended

under the same management

Chromata Apartments - highly recommended

cheap beach hotel santorini
cheap beach hotel santorini

Budget Hotel: Oscar Hotel in Kamari

beach resort in Santorini

Oscar Hotel is a guarantee that everyone can enjoy his vacation on Santorini. Just few steps from Kamari's famous black beach, Oscar Hotel offers spacious rooms, friendly service and a great pool and garden. This hotel's atmosphere will make feel at home!

And when we get to the starts from just 59 Euro per night!

Check it out for more information before start planning your Santorini holidays.

Bear in mind that Oscar hotel offers quadruple rooms, which makes it an economical hotel for family vacations at the Greek islands, too!

santorini holidays review photos
santorini holidays review photos

Santorini Vacation Review

by a traveler - lensmaster

The following text was published as a comment by Jay2. As it is a nice and rather big text, I thought it can add unique and useful information on Santorini at this lens. So here it goes:

Santorini, Thira, Stroggili, or Santa Irini, are many different names for the same beautiful island I visited with my wife for our honeymoon. After reading hundrends of reviews regarding Santorini island I concluded that this was the right choice for our Honeymoon. The next step as you can understand was to book the flight tickets and one of the nicest hotel possible. The first part was easy, since two greek airline companies had about twice everyday direct flights from Athens to Santorini airport. But, the second part.. yes, how to choose the right hotel among hundrends one? Therefore, I started searching hotels with 5 and 4 stars rating. Guess what? There were still around one hundrend hotels on my list.

I found out that there were 3 regions, which are less crowded so as to enjoy and avoid heavy buzz.

One of them is called Akrotiri village. Akrotiri village is located to one of the cornerstones of Santorini, which is about 15min. from Fira by car, and near to more of the island's beaches.

Ok, I selected the area so now I had to decide among 30 hotels. The bad thing was that most of them were hardly 4 star hotels.

Then when I believed that I had run out of luck, I received the F.T. newspaper. You are now all asking how did receiving a newspaper helped? The answer is simple. While I was reading the newspaper I saw an article regarding Santorini island. The journalist recommended a family running hotel near Akrotiri village! The name of that hotel was Astarte suites.

So I google on Internet found the site and it was just perfect for my honeymoon.

I booked the tickets and the Junior suite with private jacuzzi for a 7night stay.

The view from the window of the airplane as we were landing to Santorini airport was exstatic.

Upon arrival there was a driver from the hotel, who transferred us to Astarte suites. After about 10 min. of driving the driver told us that we were there. The best view from all the time we were inside the car was just in front of the hotel.

The Volcano and the whole island of Santorini was visible from our hotel! We went down some steps and we entered the hotel. The very kind receptionist showed us the way to our suite. As we were going towards the suite, there is was.

The infinity swimming pool with the relaxing sunbeds ever.

We continued and entered our suite. Fantastic!!! Big king bed, jacuzzi and on the ceiling there were swarofski stones. Then the chef came inside nd welcomed us with a champagne and some fresh fruits.

That was the best beginning for our honeymoon.

The thing that I noticed was that all the hotel was booked however you had the feeling that you were just relaxing alone without many other guests around. This was possible because of each suite's private terrace. Therefore, we had privacy in order to enjoy our honeymoon without any other people near us.

The three days of relaxation we decided with the assistance of the receptionist to rent a car and explore the island. Our first destination was Red beach, which was near the hotel and was marvelous. All around red rocks and a very nice scenery. Next we went to Fira, the main capital of Santorini. It was so crowded that after 30 minutes we left back to Astarte in order to find our peace. We decided not to go again to Fira.

The last day we went to Oia, a small traditional village with many nice places to shoot some pictures.

Oia was consisted of many many many (it's not a typing mistake) hotels. I was relieved that we didn't stay there since privacy would be absent.

Unfortunately, the last day came and we had to leave from that beautiful hotel and island. Hopefully, next year we will visit again both for our anniversary.

Santorini Island Greece - santorini guides - santorin guide -

Travel Guide for Santorini Greece

Buy a guide and a map before ehading to this beautiful Greek Island

Santorini Photo Gallery: Black Beach

Santorini Photo Gallery: Black Beach
Santorini Photo Gallery: Black Beach

More Santorini Videos

In case i have not convinced you yet, check out these videos

I expect your views on Santorini Island - in case you have been there or plan to visit it - and on this lens, which tries to advertise the most beautiful island in the world!

Santorini Island's Guestbook - for your view or review

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      5 years ago

      Nice lens, and even more beautiful island!

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      6 years ago

      well, i prefer lefkada, in ionian! much better beaches ! take a look at Lefkada Agios Nikitas

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      7 years ago

      Amazing collections of Santorini Articles. If u want to check for richer Santorini experience visit more then 200 virtual tours of Visit Santorini Hotels, Landmarks, Beaches etc.

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      What a site! What a lens! Yvalina

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      John Norman Stewart 

      7 years ago from Cottonwood, CA

      Beautiful lens....makes me want to travel to Santorini...:) John

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      7 years ago

      Spectacular lens!! Gorgeous!! Santorini is my favorite among all Greek islands. We were there for two weeks and we get to explore this place very well and the days we spent in Santorini was truly a magical experience. Spectacular ruins, gorgeous sunsets and most importantly there people were very warm and inviting.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      It looks like a wonderful place to visit. Thanks for the info.

    • WindyWintersHubs profile image


      8 years ago from Vancouver Island, BC

      I would to visit Santorini Island of Greece. The scenery is magical. :)

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      8 years ago

      If you love Santorini, please help me to make a nice comment to my photo & story in contest. Go to - to view, click on "I can Answer" button to leave comment. Register an account on if you don't have one. (don't worry, not a spam site) A big thank you and appreciate much for your kind helping hand!!!

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      Mary Norton 

      8 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      We were in greece but for lack of time, we did not reach Santorini. It is still part of our must visit list. Thanks for this lens.

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      8 years ago

      Pyrgos is a nice village of Santorini island - write some more info about it

    • jolou profile image


      9 years ago

      Looks like a beautiful place. I am planning a trip to Greece in 2010 and can't wait to get there!

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      10 years ago

      Hi!! Just come to see your nice lens. I did my travel lens too. It's about my hotel in hua hin Thailand. Hua Hin is a charming town of clean white sandy beach. If you come to Thailand, please visit us.

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      10 years ago

      i have lensrolled this great, totally worthing 5 stars, lens to my santorini related lenses: Oia Greece & Santorini Beaches

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      10 years ago from Florida

      Thanks for joining ”Anything and Everything Travel” Group. We look forward to seeing your other travel related lenses in our group. Keep up the good work. For a categorized list of my travel lenses and other lenses see my Lensography..

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      10 years ago

      Great,The photograph of Santorini Caldera is fantastic.The location is beautiful.Iam planning to visit this place in my holidays.Thanks for the informative lens.

      Feel free to checkout my blog student loans blog

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      10 years ago

      5 stars. The landscape photo of Santorini Caldera took my breath away. The cuisine link to yellow split pea dish looked great. I will have to try them someday.

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      10 years ago

      5 stars!!!Very informative! Don't forget to drop by my blog

      dentist blog

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      This is an awesome lens! I wish I could be in all of those pics! For jacuzzi bathtubs, check out

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      10 years ago

      It's a beautiful place! I'd love to go there some day. :)


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      10 years ago


      it is really great experience in my life, because I have visited santorini island for many times. I think this place is likes many of the people.

      If you get a chance, please visit our lens at electrician directory and rate it if you are so inclined. Thanks!

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      10 years ago

      Its so pretty, its hard to believe its real.

      nice lens. 5*


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      10 years ago


      what a fantastic lens here, I never seen this type Island in my life. This santorini Island is looking great and cool, I want to visit at least once in my life.

      I have created one more beautiful lens about swimming pool services.

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      10 years ago

      i love the island - thank you for reminding me how nice it is!

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      10 years ago

      Thanks For Joining My World Travel Group!

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      10 years ago

      I like this lens. 5 stars to you.

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      11 years ago

      As always great lens from greece!.

      Thanks for the fresh content.

      from fellow lens: bigsaveontravel

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      11 years ago

      Beautiful place, I love islands! I want to go next year!

    • profile image


      11 years ago

      Greece is such a wonderful place to visit. its both cultural and entertaining. definitely a must see. thanks for the info.

      from fellow lens: bigsaveontravel

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      11 years ago

      A very complete lens, full of useful information.

    • profile image


      11 years ago

      i love the island of santorini!- i have stayed at Santorinis Balcony hotel which was great

    • mythphile profile image

      Ellen Brundige 

      11 years ago from California

      I have finally visited Santorini after wanting to go there all my life. It was the last day of my trip, but I've already waxed eloquent about it on the opening page of my Ancient Greece Odyssey: A Traveller's Journal lens. I'm lensrolling your page as well!

    • M Schaut profile image

      Margaret Schaut 

      11 years ago from Detroit

      Great, great lens! I've just gotta get there....


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