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Santorini Luxury Hotels

Updated on September 10, 2014

Best locations on Santorini for a Luxury Stay

Located in the Aegean Sea, the island of Santorini, officially known to the Greeks as Thira (or Thera) is part of the island chain of the Cyclades.

Along with Mykonos and Crete it is one of the top three luxury destinations of all the Greek islands for those who are not able to afford their very own island. Santorini gained its popularity amongst the many Greek islands due to its fabulous natural geography and the still active volcano that forms an integral part of the island.

As a result of the volcano's activity the island has a spectacular natural landscape with sandy beaches and cliffs that rise up to almost twelve hundred feet above sea level. The two main locations most popular with tourists are the villages of Oia and Fira, the capital of the island, following by Imerovigli, a picturesque village situated 2 km south of Fira.

Most of Santorini luxury hotels are situated in these two villages both of which offer fabulous views over the Caldera and all of the Santorini luxury hotels have prime locations for watching the Caldera and the famous Santorini sunset over the Aegean Sea which is must see.

Another popular location has become the village of Imerovigli which offers accommodation in luxury hotels built on the cliffs and featuring great views to the sea.

Imerovigli is considered as a more tranquil village and is ideal for those tourists that are seeking for a place in Santorini away from the crowds.

For most visitors seeking a luxury trip all the way, the ideal trip would be to embark on one of the many Greek island luxury cruise tours that allow longer stop offs at select locations. This would allow the more discerning tourist to take the time and travel in the lap of luxury around the islands while being able to spend several days on Santorini enjoying some of the unique sights such as the Red Beach which is composed of volcanic rock and lava infused sand giving it a mysterious red coloration contrasted by the White Beach next door which has pure white sand emphasized by sheer white cliffs up to the villages above. All luxury hotels in Santorini offer high class facilities and services to their guests. Outdoor swimming pools with sun terrace and pool bar, restaurant and wine cellars with world famous local wines, spa and wellness centre and much more...

Suggested Santorini Luxury Hotels

  • Santorini Luxury Hotel Andromeda Villas in Imerovigli
  • Santorini Princess Luxury Hotel in Imerovigli

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