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Satellite TV In Spain

Updated on March 25, 2012

When moving to a new country sometimes we forget about the little things that we enjoy back home. T.V for example is really not on our to do list but here is something that may make your life a little bit more enjoyable and easier while moving for the comfort of the black box. In Spain you can receive high quality satellite T.V and you can still watch your international channels from home using a dish only 1.8 meters in length


If you live in the European Union then you can just move your existing satellite box with you if not you will need to purchase one from your provider upon arrival to your new home. The other thing you will need is called the sky card. It will allow you to continue to use the same box if you have an existing or one will come with your new one. A lot of villas and community complexes like apartments or flats use a community sky key for the satellite. That one would just allow you to plug into the aerial box. If you are handy with installation you can defiantly do it yourself if not then I would hire someone to do it for you which will cost anywhere from 200-300 Euros.

How is it you can receive the signal even with a large dish?

You can also use the larger dish which helps provide better reception for the hard to pick up signals you will encounter. The reason for this is because the satellite T.V. travels from South to North where the signal will pass over the southern part of Spain.

Do you get channels 5 and other breaking up?

As with any type of satellite T.V the signal is going to be best when it is properly aligned with the incoming satellite signal. A lot of installation companies just point the dish and pray for the best they don’t have the equipment for proper alignment. So getting a alignment device for your dish is a worthy investment if you can. If you work with a reputable company the less likely this will happen so always do research before you hire someone.

Sky + service Availability.

The service you enjoyed in the U.K or in any other European company can come right to your new home with Sky+ digital receiver. So don’t fret that you might miss the newest episode of Dr. who because you will be able to watch it.

Sky service in Spain is usually the best option it is a little more expensive than others but worth the extra effort for moving in it will help you get a feel for the local topics and news. As well as help fight a little bit of the homesickness you will get.

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