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Save the Speed for the Mountains

Updated on July 12, 2014


How much time are you really saving by driving fast? In today's day and age everyone wants things instantaneously. They want their food by the time they pull up to the drive-thru window (after ordering JUST 30 seconds ago) and they want to see those 15 extra lbs. shed overnight. But is driving fast in the snow worth it?


Ok, so you've done all the research and found the perfect Breckenridge lodging. You've driven hundreds of miles and are finally closing in on your destination. Up until now it's been dry and you've had clear roads. The cruise control's been set on 75 and you can almost taste the freedom from not having to hear "Are we there yet?" one more time. So far so good! As you start to enter the mountains a little of that white stuff begins to appear on the road.

Now is when everyone starts to get a little antsy. The teasing of the snow on the road reminds them that they are almost there. However, this is when you must fight against your inner urges to drive faster and not hit the gas pedal, but the brake. For more often than not the SUV's and the cars that contain the impatient driver (Who is driving 10-20 mph over what the conditions safely allow) are found later on down the road, spun off in a ditch.

This ends up costing them HOURS out of their day when they were only going to save minutes in the first place, by driving too fast.

Plan Ahead!

So what can you do to keep yourself from being that guy/gal that's stuck in a ditch on the side of the road? The 5 P's! Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance. Ok, so I might be stretching the use on this one but I think the overall idea is worthy of mention. It's simply this: if you plan ahead (give yourself more time for the commute) then it will keep you on the road since you won't be in such a hurry. If you've already secured your Breckenridge lodging then you're not going to be in a rush to get there and find a place to stay. If you pack some food in the car to snack on then you won't become a slave to your stomach and try and creep the speedometer up. I think you get the idea. Just put a little more thought about what might cause you to get in a rush and eliminate those things (e.g. make regular rest stops so your not pushing the limits on your bladder and as a result, once again, pushing the gas pedal). And remember: When you've done all these things to get to the mountain safely and it finally comes time to strap on that snowboard or click into those skis, THAT's when you let it rip!

Safe Driving!

Winter Driving Safety

More Information

Here are a few other resources for safe winter driving.

Mountain Travel Necessities

Anyone driving up to the mountains should have at least a basic emergency kit.

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      ShamanicShift 6 years ago

      You do make a cogent, prudent point -- here's a Lucky Leprechaun SquidAngel-Blessing -- I hope you return to write MORE!