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A Guide To Pubs In Scarborough

Updated on March 29, 2014

This lens is all about pubs in Scarborough.

The town of Scarborough, UK is a small town with a very high number of public houses, bars and clubs. Going on size the town has a lot more than it should and this lens has been created to show the best of them and eventually all of them.

The towns bars and pubs enjoy a steady trade throughout the year as the student population keeps them going through the off season. During peak season pubs in Scarborough are busier and the most popular involve a queue to get in. The big chain pubs have taken over somewhat during the last few years but surely this can't last, Scarborough pubs are all very different. If you fancy a nice quiet drink you can take your pick from some good old English public houses or dance the night away in the towns so-called super pubs.

Visit the website:

Crown Tavern - Scalby Road

Indigo Alley - North Marine Road

Lord Nelson - Foreshore Road

Mist - St. Thomas Street

Visit Mist Bar's website.

Newcastle Packet

Olivers - St. Thomas Street

Scholars Bar - The Cresent

Soltz - Vernon Road

The Barracuda Bar - St. Nicholas Street

Visit The Website.

The Britannia Inn - Eastborough

Visit the group on Facebook.

The Britannia Inn, Scarborough

The Castle Tavern - Castle Road

The Commercial - Falsgrave Road

The Golden Ball

The Hole In The Wall

The Lord Rosebery - Westborough

The Northway - Northway

The Old Vic - Westborough

The Pickwick - Huntriss Row

The Scarborough Arms - North Terrace

The Ship - Falsgrave Road

The Spa - Victoria Road

The Sun Inn - St. Thomas Street

Visit the group on Facebook

The Sun Inn Pub Scarborough

The Wellington - Castle Road


Pub Crawls In Scarborough.

Scarborough has an excellent reputation for pub crawls as the town has so many pubs and bars so close together. Most in the town center are within 1 minute of each other with those on the edge of town a couple of minutes apart.

Pub crawls in Scarborough are varied in size and number of pubs.

Long Crawl 1.

Not for the faint hearted!

This one is more of an afternoon into evening crawl as it takes in 15 pubs and ends up at a nightclub. As pub crawls go there is no plan but all the pubs listed, visited in order, will lead into the town center nightclubs. This crawl takes in more of the traditional type pub with a few bars nearer the end.

Start Time 1800

This is just a guide and if you are planning to take in all the pubs on this route I would recommend around 15-20 minutes in each. If you find a pub you really enjoy, stay and just miss out the next one or two.

The Crown Tavern

The New Tavern

The Tap And Spile

The Commercial

The Ship

The Old Vic

The Alma

The Spa

The Nelson

The Prince Of Wales

The West Riding

The Castle Tavern

The Wellington

Itis Itis

The Mist

The Sun Inn

Boleyns Nightclub

Long Crawl 2.

This crawl starts in the same place as the long crawl 1 but is an even mix of traditional pubs and modern bars. It takes in 17 pubs and bars and ends at the same nightclub as the long crawl 1, this is the most popular club and caters for a variety of music tastes.

The Crown Tavern

The New Tavern

The Tap And Spile

The Commercial

The Ship

The Old Vic

The Lord Rosebery

Snowys Bar

Storm Bar


Red Square




The Baracuda Bar

Blue Lounge


Boleyns Nightclub

Beach/Town Crawl.

This crawl starts on the seafront and is best during the summer months or a Sunday afternoon. It takes in 12 pubs and does not end up at a nightclub, although a taxi up town to a club is always an option.

There is no set start time and can be walked in the order below or backwards, entirely your choice but the order below heads downhill!

Indigo Alley

The Scarborough Arms

The Shakespeare

Turks Head

Golden Last

The Merchant

The Britannia

The Dolphin

The Lancaster

The Golden Ball

The Newcastle Packet

The Lord Nelson

Short Town Crawl.

This crawl starts and stays in Scarborough's town center. Start time is entirely up to you as the bars nearer the end open till late, although I would recommend between 1930 and 2030.

Taking in 11 bars and ending at a nightclub, although choice of nightclub is up to you but Boleyns is the towns most popular.

The Lord Rosebery

Snowy's Bar

Storm Bar


Red Square




The Baracuda Bar

Blue Lounge


Boleyns Nightclub

More About Scarborough

Looking for more pubs in Scarborough or where else to go for drinks in Scarborough please consider visiting:

Pubs in Scarborough

Whats your favorite pub or bar in Scarborough?

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    • profile image

      Scott 2 years ago

      Indigo Alley for me, just love the range of bands they have on.