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How To Get a Free Ticket To Japan

Updated on July 16, 2015
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This author is a former I.T. graduate turned vagabond who travelled extensively and has lived and worked in Japan for many years.

JET Program

Getting to Japan can be expensive. Living in Japan can also be very expensive. Here are some ideas to get there for free and have your accommodation paid for by having someone else take care of the monetary issues. There are a lot of schools and companies just handing out money. Many of the top English schools recruit overseas and pay for tickets, training and accommodation. Some of these include: Winbe, Aeon, ECC and the JET program.

The JET (Japan Exchange and Teaching) Program is a long-running program funded by the Japanese government. It places native English speakers into teaching positions all over Japan. If you are accepted into the program, they will fly you to Japan for free! The JET website states, "If you complete your appointment, the contracting organization will provide airfare back to your home country (provided that you depart Japan within one month of completing the term of appointment and are not entering into a new contract in Japan)".

To apply go to the JET website at:

Applicants must have a university degree, but no teaching or Japanese language experience is required. On the job training is provided. A free airfare to Japan is also provided. Jet is one of the best English teaching positions in Japan. For further details on how to apply visit the JET website at:

In Prayer a beautiful picture by Vincent van der Pas On Flickr
In Prayer a beautiful picture by Vincent van der Pas On Flickr | Source
Kinkakujindera Temple Kyoto Japan
Kinkakujindera Temple Kyoto Japan | Source

How to get a free scholarship in Japan

Another option to get to Japan for free or at a discounted rate if you’re going to college or university, is to apply for a scholarship. Check if your School offers some kind of student exchange program, either through partnerships with other schools or through grants and scholarships. Find out if your high school offers some kind of exchange program to visit Japan. If you can show that you’re eager to learn about Japanese language, culture, or history, then your school may help you to get a scholarship.

Learn some Japanese

It looks good on your resume if you’ve studied some Japanese. Make people feel like you like to learn new things, and not just going to Japan to sniff soiled schoolgirl panties from adult vending machines. Make sure not to appear to know too much Japanese, it may look bad if you’re too fluent. The point of sending you is for you to have the opportunity to improve your language skills, and they would probably rather send someone who isn’t so proficient. If you’re already good at Japanese pretend to be bad.

Learn Japanese history:

It shows you have a deeper appreciation of the country more than just at a superficial level of the things it has to offer in the present. It will give you insight, that will show in your answers when asked why you want to go to Japan. Don’t say you are interested in anime as you wont get a scholarship by showing interest in superficial and childish things.

Nearly all scholarships will probably involve you having to write an essay. Some great topics to include on your essay may include:

Intercultural sharing with Japan

Give reasons why you are excited to share your culture with people in Japan, and why you are excited to learn about Japanese culture. How has Japan affected you personally?

Relatives or Friends in Japan

Do you have a relative or a friend that makes you interested in Japan? Someone you met at college from Japan that has taught you Japanese or its culture. Do you have a relative living and working in Japan?

Historical Japanese Events

What particular historic event has sparked your interest in Japan, Maybe your grandfather fought in world war two?

Link your major to a subject in Japan

For example if you study anthropology, it can be used to show interest in the native Ainu people of Japan. If you study Biology, find a native Japanese plant species that you must study for your biology major. Small things like this will make your application really stand out.

Martial Arts

Start learning Japanese martial arts such as Kendo, Ninjutsu, Akido, Judo, Bujikan, Sumo, Japanese Kick Boxing, or Karate, and try to get a reference from your sensei stating your dedication to marital arts training.

Have you ever been to Japan on a scholarship?

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tokyo japan:
Tokyo, Japan

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