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Seattle's Real-Life Ghosts and Ghouls

Updated on September 12, 2014

No Fakes Here... This Is the Real Stuff!

Seattle's first settlers arrived in 1851 so much of the oldest history of the city isn't actually that old. The European and American arrivals moved in and essentially built much of the city's waterfront right on top of the ancient burial ground of the Native Americans who had been living at the site for a few thousand years. An auspicious beginning... like something right out of the script for POLTERGEIST!

This city has some ghosts, both literally and figuratively, and many of them are less than 100 years old. If you don't find all the Halloween trappings to be all that scary, here's are some real life creepy places and people to check out! Haunted buildings, real-life ghouls and more are there just waiting to be explored... if you dare...

Seattle's Ghostly History

The Fremont Troll - one of Seattle's favorite ghouls

Found under the bridge in the neighborhood of Fremont (Seattle's self-proclaimed center of the universe) is the Fremont Troll. This one-eyed monster has gotten his hands on a VW and is slowly crushing it. If you sneak up very carefully, you can somet
Found under the bridge in the neighborhood of Fremont (Seattle's self-proclaimed center of the universe) is the Fremont Troll. This one-eyed monster has gotten his hands on a VW and is slowly crushing it. If you sneak up very carefully, you can somet | Source

First Female Serial Killer

Seattle can lay claim to being the home of the first female serial killer in the US thanks to the lifework of Dr. Linda Hazzard. The faddish diet doctor was big on fasting and enemas to cure whatever might ail you, and while there is proof she contributed to the starvation deaths of just over a dozen people, it's been suspected there were many dozens more who perished due to her prescriptions over the decades she practiced alternative health medicine.

The Wah Mee Massacre

thirteen killed in Chinatown in 1983

On February 18, 1983 three gunmen walked into an illegal gambling den in Seattle's Chinatown and gunned down fourteen people in their attempt to rob the establishment. Thirteen died but one survived and successfully testified against the gunmen.

The site still stands to this day. Due to Chinese superstitions, nothing has been done other than to seal up the building, and the outside was repainted. The inside, believed to be infested with the ghosts of those who died, is exactly as it was after the murders. Visitors to the discrete alleyway can even walk up to the window right next to the entryway and take a peek through the dusty glass, alongside bullet holes in the front facade.

Exploring the Ghosts of Seattle - local ghost tours

Seattle offers up a variety of educational and entertaining ghost and murder tours. You get to explore the dark side, sometimes on foot and sometimes in a van. Bring a flashlight, good walking shoes, and a healthy sense of curiosity. And maybe a friend or two.

Lakeview Cemetery - where founders to present-day citizens rest in peace (we hope...)

Lakeview Cemetery
Lakeview Cemetery | Source

Lakeview Cemetery is the final resting place of famous and infamous and ordinary Seattlites alike. For some of them, especially the early city founders, this was potentially their 4th resting place as many of Seattle's first cemeteries were actually located downtown and those were closed and all the bodies moved to new cemeteries. Then that real estate was rezoned for development and the bodies got moved again... And then again.

Princess Angelique, daughter of Chief Seattle, has a grave at Lakeview but some people doubt she's really there. The Native American daughter spent most of her adult and senior life at Pike Place Market and her ghost is still sighted by people there. Some feel she was actually buried there, some think just her spirit is still there.

When kung-fu movie star Bruce Lee died, his widow Linda returned to her native Seattle and had him buried in Lakeview. The two of them had met when Lee was enrolled at the University of Washington. After son Brandon Lee's freak death on the set of the horror movie THE CROW, he was buried next to his father.

Does Seattle Grow Serial Killers?

One of the most gruesome facts about Seattle is that a significant numbers of prolific serial killers seem to come from this area. Two of the most notorious are Ted Bundy and Gary Ridgway (Green River Killer) but there are also many more.

What freaks you out more: non-corporeal creepy (ghosts) or corporeal creepy (real-life murderous ghouls)?

Do you go for Ghosts or Ghouls?

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      Kathryn Grace 5 years ago from San Francisco

      Living or dead, deranged creatures are creepy.