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Selling WorldMark Credits on eBay

Updated on September 14, 2014

So, You're Interested in Selling Your WorldMark Timeshare Credits....

As we've all learned during the last few years, real estate is only worth what someone is willing to pay. eBay is the most active market for WorldMark by Wyndham credits, where they are priced daily. Find out below how much they are worth.

How Much are My WorldMark Credits Worth?

I'm sorry to see you want to sell your credits. I think WorldMark by Wyndham is one of the best timeshare vacation deals available. However, I'm happy your researching your options.

So, let me preface this with a little analogy:

When you buy a new car, as soon as its driven off the dealership's lot, it's value drops by as much as 25%. This is because it cost the car dealership thousands in advertising dollars to get you to walk onto their lot. The price drop is their markup they used to pay for that advertising.

The same thing happens to WorldMark credits. (Who do you think paid for all those free 2-day vacations to Las Vegas that WorldMark provides to anyone willing to sit through a sales presentation?)

What you paid for them during that high-pressure sales meeting isn't what someone else is willing to pay. So, please be aware that you will not profit from selling them. And, in fact, you should prepare yourself for selling your WorldMark credits between 25% and 50% below their retail value.

I know that this is hard to believe, but if you need to sell your WorldMark credits fast, it's important to know.

How should I price my WorldMark Credits on eBay?

Did you take out a loan from WorldMark to buy your credits? Do you still owe WorldMark for this loan? If so, plan on the buyer assuming your loan and getting just a penny bid for all your credits -- unless your loan is nearly paid off.

Are you going to use a timeshare broker? They charge about $350-$500 for their service. Make sure this is excluded from the bidding (i.e. you need to let the buyer know they're paying this in addition to their final bid.)

WorldMark by Wyndham charges $150 to transfer Worldmark credits from your name to theirs. Same with the timeshare broker fee, specify that this is assumed by the buyer in addition to their eBay bid.

So, if I were an eBay buyer looking for WorldMark credits, this is how I'd price an offer. Let's assume you have 10,000 credits, still owe $5,000 on your loan, and are using a timeshare broker.

10,000 credits x $1 per credit = $7,500 (i.e. you're probably only going to get 50% for each credit)

less your $5,000 loan = $5,000

less the $400 broker fee = $4,600

or I'll pay you about 45 cents per credit.

But wait you used (borrowed) all of next year's credits? I'd take another 6.5 cents per credit off for making me pay next year's maintenance dues and not being able to take a vacation with my new WorldMark Credits. (That's what non-renewing WorldMark credits sell for on eBay.)

Also, if your behind in your maintenance dues, you'll be penalized for that, too. Say you owe WorldMark $500 in back maintenance dues, that's another 5 cents less I'd bid per credit ($500 / 10,000 credits)

(Yes, I know you purchased these 10,000 WorldMark credits for well over $20,000 but that's only what WorldMark sells them for, not what the secondary market is willing pay you for them.)

Can't accept this low of an offer? Then use a Reserve Bid (minimum bid threshold) as part your eBay offer and/or use their Buy It Now to set a price you feel comfortable with.

However, selling secondary WorldMark credits is a buyers market and, until you lower your seller's "expectations," you'll keep renewing your eBay auction until, someday, you find a buyer willing to pay what your asking. But at least you'll have a some vacation credits to enjoy until that happens!

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What do you think? - What else would you like to know? What else would be useful?

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