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Seychelles Travel

Updated on April 23, 2015

Another World! Another Paradise! Yes, perfectly so! These words are meant to simply describe the Seychelles Islands, a republic in the heart of the Indian Ocean with 115 granite and coral islands. A lovely place perfect for travel destination. One should not put off the idea of coming to this beautiful place and arrange for a Seychelles travel.

Words may not be enough to describe this archipelago. Its beauty is beyond ones imagination, beyond ones expression and beyond compare. It owns a natural beauty that is eternal and lasting, possesses a tranquility that complements its own exquisite beaches along with its vast multiplicity rolling from flourishing forests down to its tepid blue ocean waters. Seychelles group of islands promises great adventure for part of it are still unexplored virgin places, untouched by man. A place just too perfect to explore, a cool place to unwind, a humid place with romantic aura for lovers or honeymooners and a great escape for busy people.

Seychelles Islands

No wonder, Seychelles travel is a perfect choice. In this travel, you will be booked for several wonderful and exciting adventures, like going through the different islands, the inner and outer islands. The Inner Islands, totaling to 43, commonly known as granitic islands, huddle together around the three main islands of Seychelles, Mahe, Praslin and La Digue. These islands form the cultural and economic centers of Seychelles, and are the main areas where most people reside. The Outer Islands, on the other hand, are mostly located far beyond Seychelles plateau. These 72 outer islands are less visited, if not haven't been visited at all, for its remoteness, which made these islands perfect habitats for many wildlife species. However, there are two outer islands, the Alphonse and the Desroches, which were developed and currently offer great accommodation facilities, perfect for guests, travelers and tourists.

Other salient itinerary of this Seychelles travel is a tour and exploration of the living museum and sanctuary of some of the rarest kinds of flora and fauna. Seychelles has national parks and natural treasures preserved in its limited landmass. Having policies that protects the environment and supports conservation of various ecosystems, Seychelles is proud to present unique specimens like the fabulous Coco-de-mer, the world's largest seed; the renowned jellyfish tree; their own paradise flycatcher and warbler. What more, Seychelles is the seat of two UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the Aldabra, largest elevated coral island and the Vallee de Mai of Praslin, which is once believed as the original Garden of Eden. Also, Seychelles looks after some amazing common species from the smallest frog to the largest island tortoise, and nurtures the only flightless bird found in the Indian Ocean.

After taking all these island explorations and adventures in this overwhelming Seychelles travel, you are sure to find comfort and satisfaction through a peaceful rest in one of the cozy holiday accommodations Seychelles has prepared for you. An array of resorts and hotels and guesthouses are there for you to choose from. All of these offer affordable, new and refurbished rooms, self-catering to your gusto.

Now, consider the value of your money and the wonderful experiences you can have with this travel. Plan now, relax and make the most of your time in another amazing groups of island, the Seychelles Islands.


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