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Skippers Canyon and 7 Devastating Mistakes

Updated on December 6, 2012

Here is a list of mistakes you definitely should omit when visiting Skippers Canyon

I start with the countdown - from the least devastating mistake to the ones that I consider the worst. This list was compiled by real incidents I could experience during the past couple of years while offering sightseeing tours into Skippers. I thought it might be useful to know...

here we go:

No 7: You have no Insect Repellent on you

Not a bigy, but still...

We can tell when it's Sandflies-weather! It's usually not windy and it's right before the rain comes. Sandflies LOVE this kind of environment and keep 'attacking' us humans in order to get some free lunch or afternoon tea.

It's not really the end of the world, I mean to be bitten by those nasty beasts. But anyway... it's not nice! Me for one, I get bigger-than-normal hives if one of those little things bites me and it itches... terrible!

So if you happen to travel into Skippers during those conditions, then you are best off taking some repellent with you. We usually have a spray on board, but this would be your number 7 mistake to omit when visiting Skippers Canyon.

No 6: You don't have your Sunnies with you

particularly in Summer, this can hurt your eyes.

Sunglasses and Sunscreen for this matter should be on you while travelling into Skippers. The sun here in New Zealand can be very intense and tire your eyes after a while. So please make sure you have some Sunnies with you.

and no: we don't provide them, but if you leave them behind and we find them in time, we do offer a free delivery-back-to-the-hotel service :-)

No 5: You don't wear proper clothing this sound sooo dreadful

Look, it's not. All we observed was that at times people don't have a jacket with them or do not have a sun hat. During the shoulder seasons of Spring (September, October) you would want to have a jacket with you. It's still a bit cool in the morning but warms up during the day. The same is true for Autumn (April, May) when you want to have an additional layer of cloths on you.

If you travel in Summer, you might want to have a hat or a cap because the sun is quite strong. If however you don't have one, you could always buy a Skippers Cap of us - this even makes a perfect souvenir.

No 4: You only wear Sandals

God forbit ...

Look: Skippers Canyon is only accessible by 4WD vehicles. We do offer this - done!

Skippers Canyon is accessible only through Skippers Road. This mountain road is a historic relic and unsealed. It is a mountain road. On our tours, you get to walk on this road and therefore you should wear proper shoes - and no sandals, please...

But don't worry - it is save to walk on this road. But it did happen in the past, that someone looses his or her footing just for a moment and slips. In case that someone gets hurt, we do carry a First Aid Kid with us and can certainly assist in those incidents.

So make sure you have good shoes on you!

No 3: You don't choose to visit Skippers in the first place

... I can only shake my head...

I know, I know: New Zealand and Queenstown for that matter have soooo many things to offer, that it can be difficult for you to choose from the best things to do.

Some people say that Skippers Canyon is 'only' another beautiful area and they have seen so many breathtaking spots in New Zealand that they can surely pass on this one.

Yeah, it's true: New Zealand is one big living National Park and it's true that Queenstown has more adrenaline-triggering activities on offer that pure sightseeing or nature tours. It is also true that Jetboats and Bungy Jumps can be done elsewhere in the world, but Skippers Canyon is truly unique to only this one spot on the planet.

No 2: Your Photo Camera runs out of batteries

Always recharge during the night

Now you might say "this is clear" - yes, it is, but still - here and there we have a visitor on board who runs out of batteries after 2 or 3 hours. It usually happens to those people who love to take many, many, many pictures and give their camera a real workout. But for whatever reason, they forgot the spare battery in the hotel room or they simply run out of juice...

What should I say?

But stay with me for the final mistake some (only some - not many) visitors do...

No 1: You don't have enough memory space

or even worse: you forgot to put your memory card into your photo camera!

No please don't laugh! This is not funny - just imagine: we take you to one of the most beautiful places you could visit in New Zealand and you love it. You truly love the place and take pictures without any end. And you even take short videos of the area and you are excited by the sheer imagination to show those pictures to your family back home.

And then - you realize your worst nightmare: you forgot to put your memory card into the camera! Oh no! There is nothing, absolutely nothing we can do about this, except to try to comfort you and urge you to enjoy the ride without taking any pictures.

As I said, please don't laugh - it happened! And you don't want to try to do this without a memory card.

Yes, the bridge you see in this commercial is Skippers Bridge. It used to be a platform for Bungy Jumps but it is not any longer.

...and no: you don't have to do THIS while on our Skippers Canyon tour :-)

...and when you are ready - then have a look at how easy it is to book one of our tours

What are your thoughts?

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    • LynetteBell profile image

      LynetteBell 4 years ago from Christchurch, New Zealand

      Those sandflies are not very nice at all! Lovely area. Don't forget to credit pictures on your lens. Just note if they are your own:)