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Special places to visit in Western Australia.

Updated on September 19, 2014

Welcome to Special Places in Western Australia.

This lens is about many of  the delightful areas of Western Australia.

Many of these are accessible by car, yet are still unspoilt.

Come join me on a journey to WA and experience the rugged beauty of the western part of Australia. 

About Western Australia.

Western Australia is vast and makes up a third of the continent.

There is everything here from outback deserts and mountain ranges to pristine beaches and tall timber forests.

Most of the coastal roads are sealed and provide easy access to quiet locations and stunning scenery.

Take someone with you though - (you'll want someone to share your experiences with).

Road tripping in Western Australia.

Set some time aside to see the sights.

Perhaps the best way to see WA is by car.

Allow yourself at least a few weeks to get a taste of Western Australia and don't rush your travels.

You can for example do a trip from the city of Perth and wander down along the coast via the town of Margaret River and Albany then to Esperance and then return back to Perth Via Kalgoorlie which will cover a good chunk of the state.

There are many excellent spots to camp along the way for example between Albany and Esperance (a five hour drive) it is well worth breaking up your trip and stopping off at places like Cheynes beach and Bremer Bay and staying overnight.

My top picks for Western Australia.

One of my absolute favourite areas of WA is the Southwest corner.

The Southwest of Western Australia (shown by the green area on the map above) is in magnificent contrast to the drier red rock and gorges of the northern area.

Below are my top picks to visit on your travels.

Busselton and the Geographe Bay area. Great beaches, wineries and the home of Simmos Icecream!

Margaret River area including Gracetown and river itself where you can enjoy the town, rugged coastal views and some nice beaches.

Pemberton - beautiful Karri trees

Augusta- on the southern most tip of WA with a quiet town, light house and spectacular coast.



Albany (My home town where I grew up, and the surrounding areas such as Two Peoples Bay, Cheynes Beach and Bremer Bay). Known for it's beautiful beaches, scenic town and many tourist attractions.

Although not really part of the Southwest, you cannot miss out Esperance and the stunning beaches including Lucky Bay, and Twilight beach as well as the Cape Le Grand National Park. I had the privilege of living in Esperance for a little over 3 years and still miss it from time to time.

Traveling tips.

How to get the most from your holiday.

Western Australia is a big place.

To enjoy the area you need to allow yourself lots of time to cover the distances involved and it is possible to miss some of the nicest areas simply by sticking to the one road.

Some of the best kept secrets are the beaches and nature reserves and many of these are via gravel roads.

Be aware that you need to take it easy when driving down these as some can be quite narrow so be prepared to slow down or pull to one side if you encounter others traveling the other way.

If you are walking through bush make sure you have good footwear and are conscious of where you walk - particularly in summer since Australia does have it's own selection of poisonous snakes. Snake encounters that lead to being bitten are rare and most will simply go away if you leave them alone.

Be aware of fire restrictions during summer and don't light fires during designated times of the year.

Esperance. - For some of the whitest beach sand in the world.

WA - Going North.

Western Australia - windsurfing.

Western Australia Websites.

Includes links to travel bookings, places to see and general travel tips.

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    • mymusic1234 lm profile image

      Mark Spivey 2 years ago from Australia

      Thanks for the comment.Yes it can seem that way, but in reality Australia is one of the safest places to visit. Snakes and sharks usually disappear as soon as they can. Still some of the locals here like to spin a yarn or two about deadly koalas, giant mosquitos etc just for some fun.

    • mio cid profile image

      mio cid 2 years ago from Uruguay

      I love to watch Australian documentaries on TV .Visiting is another story I have the idea deadly snakes are stalking people all the time and a great shark will make you his lunch as soon as you set foot in the water.

    • profile image

      anonymous 8 years ago

      Great lens, great to see another person sharing their love of trave and writing about it.

      Good recommendations on the Western Australia Hot spots but you’ve missed one of our jewels the last frontier – The Kimberley. Please visit my Blog for all the information you need about travel in the Kimberley.

      Kimberley Adventure tours Blog

    • profile image

      kimmckay 9 years ago

      Hi! I really liked your lens. WA is such a special place... People may be interested in my lens on motorhome travel in the

    • profile image

      anonymous 9 years ago

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