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Spending Time In Indian Rocks Beach Florida

Updated on March 13, 2015

Indian Rocks Beach Vacations

Though we have been here several times, my fascination and love of Indian Rocks Beach never stops growing. Since we are Floridians, this sweet little mini vacation is just about an hour to an hour and a half,depending on traffic from our home. Yet away from the beatten paths of the more popular clearwater beaches, this quaint area of Florida is just what we need to relax and get refreshed.

Indian Rocks Beach

Ideal Vacation Location

Indian Rocks Beach is located on a barrier island on the Gulf Of Mexico on one side and the Intercoastal Waterway on the other side.They say that at some point you can stand and see the two bodies of water at the same time. THe nice thing about staying here is that while it is natural and rustic Florida at it's best, you are still close enough to museams and attractions to make a day trip and then head back to this little slice of heaven

Things To Do At Indian Rocks Beach

We found that there is plenty to do here if you want to be active. Charter fishing boats have trips out most days and will provide you with everything you need to have an exciting experience. Windsailing is popular with the gentle but sometimes strong breezes on the Gulf. Lots of people surf and there is plenty of opportunity for that as well. If you like water activity, then I recommend Indian Rocks Beach

In Decemeber, there is a wonderfully quaint Christmas parade that we had the opportunity to see. There is also a boat Christmas parade the same month. In April, there is a beach festival. Two Arts and Crafts events are held yearly.

Where To Stay

Lots Of Options At Indian Rocks Beach

Depending on your taste and budget, there are lots of options at Indian Rocks Beach. We like an efficiency so that we can have our breakfast in and head right for the beach. There are motels, hotels and condos to chose from. Many of them are directly on the beach. Cost varies depending on the time of year and location of the place.If you have a family, this is a great place to stay! There are food stores where you can get groceries just over the bridge. You can save a few bucks cooking your own meals and still have loads of fun . Where we stay, you can park the car and walk if you want to go out and eat. We love that feature.

Great Heron Inn

Our Favorite Place To Stay

Quaint and sweetly tucked against the beach, the Blue Heron Inn is our favorite place to stay. Yes, there actually is a blue heron that lives around the property. We especially love the Ocean view rooms. I love this place. Each room is a little efficiency apartment. They have comfortable and clean rooms. There is a fully equipped kitchen. There is a very spacious livingroom and the bathroom are very clean. We generally like our breakfast and lunch in our own place and the go out to dinner. Our point is to spend as much time as possible on the beach. You simply grab a chair and a beach towel-provided to you and spend as much time on the beach as you want. Even if you spend time in your room, the beach view and sounds are spactacular. The sunsets are more than breathtaking.

My Piece Of Paradise

Gathering Shells

My Favorite Pastime

I love to gather shells wherever I go. It's so relaxing. You never know what you are going to find, so it's like searching for treasure. Even my husband helps me look ! It's a great pastime and it doesn't cost a cent. Plus you get nature's bounty. I use my shells is Mason Jars labeled where we collected them. I also use them in crafts that I love to do. Shelling is great at Indian Rocks Beach.I will be off again in about an hour to see what I can find. Wish me luck !

Walking The Beach

We love to walk the beach at Indian Rocks. The waves and the surf is so relaxing. Because it's not a crowded beach, the birds are comfotable in their environment. They will scold you if you get too close, but for the most part, they will regard you with a mild indifference. There is always a breeze along the ocean, so no matter what time of year, it is nice.

I love walking in the early morning . Many mornings I have been alone on the beach and for me, it's heavenly

Nothing Better Than Indian Rocks Beach Sunsets

The Magnificent Sunset

Indian Rocks Beach has one of the most magnificent sunsets that I have ever seen. Everyday, folks come out just to watch nature in her glory. With the water lapping gently against the sand, you can bask in the multiple color hues of the sky as the sun lazily dips below the horizon. I never get tired of the sunsets at Indian Rocks Beach

Crabby Bills

Authentic Florida Dining

If you really love seafood, then Crabby Bills is your place to eat. It's walking distance from where we stay. we always make it our first night and last night meal. They actually catch their own seafood, so you know that it's fresh. You can either eat indoors or out. It's casual dining at it's best.

The prices are reasonable and the drinks are well made. They have entertainment nightly .

Fishing At Indian Rocks Beach

Fishing is also a favorite pastime along the shores of Indian Rocks Beach. If you love fishing you can fish right on the beach. You will need to have a Florida fishing license or you may get a fine that is quite steep You can even take your catch to Crabby Bills and they will cook it up for you with sides

You will need a boat permit to use any of the park boat launches

Indian Rocks Beaches/Parks

There are a total of 27 parks and beaches that have public access. Each one is a little different but they all share a beautiful access to the Gulf of Mexico.

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