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Spouse Incentives - Style Room Shopping Tours in NYC

Updated on September 18, 2014

Fashion-Related Spouse Incentives in New York City

Is your corporation or business looking for spouse incentives for the next big working vacation? If you are coming anywhere near New York City you must explore the much sought-after spouse incentive of a Style Room Shopping Tour Experience. This incentive will have spouses thrilled and employees grateful.

It means a lot to your employees to know that their spouses are truly going to enjoy themselves and have a positive experience thanks to the company. This can mean some very happy employees.

Imagine a spouse getting to spend the day shopping, and imagine them saving a ton of money and being taken behind-the-scenes in the New York Fashion District to meet designers and see what really goes on in in a showroom. It's a great incentive!

On each of the Style Room Shopping Tours the participants are part of a group and the group gets to go to several designer's showrooms. These designers sell their accessories and their clothing lines directly to some of the trendiest stores in NYC. These are designers that sell to Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue!

Keep reading to learn more about Style Room Shopping Tours and exactly how they work. photo credit

How Style Room Spouse Incentives Work

A tour gift certificate can be given or a group of spouses can be gotten together and taken together on a tour. The groups can be very small - this is considered a personal, or luxury tour - or the groups can be average or even large. Style Room will work with your needs.

With a group of spouses, the day can even be turned into a party. Cupcakes and drinks can be provided.

Regardless, the way the tour works is the group will meet the leader in the lobby of the first showroom stop. The doors of the showroom will be opened and the group will get to step straight into the world of fashion, seeing first-hand what really goes on.

The group will visit 4 to 5 showrooms and possibly meet the designers that are the heart of everything. You'll always remember a designer's name whose hand you got to shake and whose voice you got to hear personally.

There is normally no more than 4 blocks of walking. Participants will want to dress fashionably, but comfortably. Everyone will want to look their best because the people you meet and see will all be looking their best.

Never-worn samples and current season merchandise will be available for sale at the incredible discounts. Credit cards will normally be accepted but it is good to have cash on hand too, in case.

Most important, the purpose of a tour is to really enjoy the world of fashion, up close.

Ready To Give Your Employees The Ultimate Spouse Incentive?

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Corporate Spouse Incentives in New York

So when you go to New York City, what do you do? You shop! Right?! New York and shopping are synonymous, and if a corporate shopping tour spouce incentive can afford participants the chance to get designer clothes and accessories for 50% or more off of retail prices don't you think they would jump at the chance? That's right, the discounts are generally 50% to 80% off what you would pay if you walked into Neiman Marcus and bought something off the shelves.

You can get the same clothes and the same jewelry and the same handbags, but for so much less. So, that bracelet that your friend bought on her last trip to New York for $20? You can get it for $4. That's amazing right?

Not only that, but there is a reason why Style Room Shopping Tours are called an Experience. They are an experience. A shopping tour is something you can tell your friends about and they will be so impressed! Anyone who is at all into fashion would love to hear about the designers that you meet on your tour and about exactly what goes on in their showrooms.

That's why reality TV is so big right now - because people want to know more about things they don't see on a daily basis. They want to see what goes on backstage and how the stresses are handled and how buyers actually dress every single day. This is the kind of knowledge and experience a Style Room Tour can provide.

Ever Been on a Spouse Incentives Fashion Tour?

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    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      never been but i've heard of karen, and where she goes, i would follow...

    • profile image

      webdevelopmentservices 5 years ago

      Waoww Spouse incetives fashion.. It looks good

    • Heather426 profile image

      Heather Burns 5 years ago from Wexford, Ireland

      No, but I want the spouse incentives! too bad I hate New York.

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      aishu19 5 years ago

      Man I should get my hubby to get a job in New York!! Never heard of a spouse incentive fashion tour before!!