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Sri Lanka Honeymoon Tour.

Updated on August 14, 2014

Selecting a calm place to stay.

There are lot of places available all around the world for you to spend your honeymoon vacation with your newly married partner. Sri Lanka is one of the best place where you can spend your vacation, as this paradise land is located in the tropical region. Round the year you have places where no snow or rain to stop your adventure. Within some hours of driving in this island nation you can reach a beach with sun light. Beautiful mountains, flowing white water rivers, scenic water falls, clean guest houes and star class hotels are some of its attractions.

Public transport, communication are at their best. In short travelling you can reach your resort on a sunny day.

Like to have your vacation in a hotel with river water running sound, to celebrate your honeymoon? Would you like to listening birds singing in the back round? Human voices? they can be listened from far away, as there are not much people around your location. This provides real privacy for you and your partner.

Hunasgiriya mountain range is one of the ideal place in Sri Lanka for your Honeymoon trip. Don't pack plenty of things to carry with you. Shaving razor, tooth paste, shampoo and many other small things are available here at low price with international standard. Ready made clothes too are available at affordable price. You can find stores that are offering branded International clothing. Here you can rent cars, motorcycles, bicycles, beach sport utilities and many more items that you may need to carry with your activities..

For your communication purpose bring your Smartphone or Tablet and here you can get your own SIM card and pre paid Wi-FI connection too.Purchasing a SIM connection (It can be standard, micro or Nano sim) is just easy as 1, 2, 3 if you can provide your passport photo copy. For US$ 10 you can get a local number SIM card standard or Nano one.It wil carry nearly Rs 700 worth calling time and free 500Mb data to be used by the internet. In some places they offer free Wi-Fi too for the benefit of the tourists.The electricity used here is 220Volts. Mobile networks operated here are under GSM and 4G LTE network too available for you to connect to the internet for faster file downloading. You can find internet cafes in your hotels, restaurant and road side communication shops. You can have either pre-paid or post paid account with the carrier. Most of the tourist prefer pre-paid method and it can be top up from any road side shop or through the official reseller. Sri Lanka still uses the 2G and 3G network through the 900 GSM band.

So if you have a small cellular phone that have tri-band facility is convenient for you to use it in any place with out fear. Unlocking of phone facility is available here, any how we don't recommend it as it may end up in hard lock and can finish the life of the phone. It is prohibited use phone while you are driving or walking, specially near to any railway track. As roaming can bring you expensive phone bill, so better to go for the local connection which allows you to have free incoming calls and free incoming text messages.

This country is very advanced in the IT sector. So it is very easy to do your office works through the internet from any part of the island. Like wise you can get the latest connectivity in all the important cities for very law price. So connecting to your friends and families through the Social media through your Smartphone and Tablets.

Hunasgiriya mountain range is located at 1490 meters above sea level is not far from your air port. You can reach there within hours of traveling. Waterfalls are running through plantations near your hotel location. At the base there is a small lake where an exclusive hotel is located. Here temperature ranges between 17- 25C by day, and around 10C in the night. You can call this as a paradise for honeymoon couples where they can have their vacation privately. You can reach here by your own transport or by contacting a travel agent. It is better to start your day in the morning and reach there by noon as most of the hotels here start their charges from noon for check in and check out. Hotel rooms can be paid in advance or you can pay it at the time of departure. You can select the room with meals or with out meals. As a newly married couple it is better to book your room with 3 meals if the bed and breakfast is not included in the package.

Couples can stay in rooms that are air conditioned or without it but will be provided with ceiling fans and mosquito nets to protect, if you need it.

Knuckles mountain range is another site here which is named as World heritage Conservation area. this is a place for bird watchers and trekkers.This is another important place in this area, which is regarded as nature attractions of Sri Lanka. It contains changing terrain of grasslands, rugged mountain peaks with running streams and beautiful waterfalls that gives the Knuckles mountain range to be a visitors paradise in an area of 18512 hectares.

Best beaches are available in the Southern, Eastern and Western provinces which can be reached by buses and trains. Also you can use private transport systems. Like other developed countries using the Expressway you need to pay money at the toll post that is located near to the exit.

You or your partner won't miss any of your favorite TV shows as nearly all the hotels offer their customers with satellite connected TV in their rooms 24 hours a day. No power cuts used to happen here as all the hotels are equipped with their own power generators in case of emergency. Also they provide Gym, Spa and Sauna too for your welfare.

Sri Lanka tourist board have its offices in most of the important European cities to offer all kind of information whenever you want to visit this paradise land. This land offers good roads for you to travel between destinations. Tourists are well respected by all kind of country folks in this land of love. Any how take much care to respect when visiting worshiping places. It is not allowed to disrespect the statues by standing in front of it and to take photos. Never enter with your foot wear. Don't make noises at public places. Spitting and smoking in public places are legally banned by the state.

Food wise you have lot of selection on dishes as western, eastern or hot Sri Lanka food along with lot of local varieties of fruits and desserts. Don't forget, Srilanka holds the world's record for the most expensive dessert served in any hotel.

What kind of dresses I will need in Sri Lanka?

As a tropical island it is better to pack your cotton clothes, sun glasses, some lotions to protect your skin from the sun light. Whenever you are going to any worshiping places try to wear long clothes with out footwear as Sri Lanka people means beach dress are meant for only in the beach. Like wise some star class hotels like their customers to come in their restaurants and bars as dressed like gentlemen and the ladies are expected to come in evening gowns.

Every where you can find Nescafe and Nestea machines that are operated by coin or by a person. they offer them in a small disposable plastic cup. Nescafe is made of coffee, coffee mate and sugar and served as hot one. Like wise Nest tea is made with tea, milk and sugar and comes as a hot one. Also you can buy pastry foods too in small boutiques on the road side.

Another popular drink available here is the King coconut. It is always available as fresh ones as it is selling like hot cakes over here. This one you can buy from any place from the vendors in the markets or road side. They are very good for hot season and drinking it will make you feel refreshed with its sweet tasty water.

Sri Lanka a Paradise in Asia.
Sri Lanka a Paradise in Asia.

Get Advice.

Find one popular guide.

You can make your travels plan by your self or by using the internet and the available books on Sri Lanka. But if you need any guidance from some expert people you can always contact Mr. Dayan Chinthaka of Negombo. He is one of the most experienced person in the round tour and motorcycle tours throughout this Island. So no harm in contacting and asking for advice from him through his email: chinthaka3624 AT

Sri Lanka banks open from 9.00 am till 15.00 pm hours. Their ATM machines used to open 24 hours next to them and special places in city centers. It is better to use the ATM located in the bank between 9.00am till 15.00pm as you can get assistance from the bank employees, if you have any trouble in getting money from the ATM. Credit cards are widely accepted in hotels, restaurants and shopping malls. Some shopping centers offers more discount when you purchase using your credit cards.

Local time is GMT +5.30, International airports: Colombo and Matala. Bank notes: Rupees 5,000/-, 2,000/-, 1,000/-, 500/-, 100/-, 50/-, 20/- and 10/-.

Take note,

This is an island with many interesting places for to capture very nice images. So bring your gadgets with you. Setting to capture large pixel images are best to view but transferring them to another gadget may be a time consuming one. So at some important sites entrance tickets to individual are required and they will be available from 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. They will cover charges for using photography, recording equipments and parking.fees. They had to be paid in US Dollars or equal amount in rupees.

Sri Lanka Beach
Sri Lanka Beach

Why Sri Lanka?

Vacation in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka is an Island surrounded by the sea. It is located in the tropical line so it offers more sunshine than the European countries. You don't get snow here, no cold season. Any time you want , you can jump in to the sea surrounded by Gold sand and Silver sand. You can go on surfing, diving, sailing or any other water sports that you may like. Or rent a bicycle and go on riding in the town or in side the villages. Or get in to a train and travel through cities or get a red Government bus and travel to places and see unspoiled land and friendly people.

People are very friendly. Most of them speak English.

International cuisine is available in all hotels and most of the restaurants. Number of tropical fruits and fresh sea food and fresh vegetables are available round the year.

Like to have a bite in to the cheesy Pizza from Pizza Hut with cold Coca Cola or like to jump in to the MacDonald for a quick bite, all are available here with the same international standard. Lot of tropical fruits , kinds of bananas and mangoes are available there to eat. As Sri Lankans are very fond of ice cream you can buy different kinds and brands of ice creams from small shops too. Drink king Coconut whenever you are thirsty where the drink gives you little more energy too to move on streets little faster.

Sri Lanka is a country with little smoke that comes out from the running vehicles as the police is very strict on the emission of exhaust gas from the vehicles. Like wise people are not allowed in public places including buses and trains.

Hotel Pool - Swimming pool

Hotel pools in Sri Lanka are well maintained to meet hygienic requirements.
Hotel pools in Sri Lanka are well maintained to meet hygienic requirements.

Lonley beaches in Sri Lanka - Beaches that offer you privacy.

As a honeymoon couple you can find privacy in many beaches that are not popular with the locals but with the foreigners.

Best beaches that are unspoiled.


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