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Forever and Always Love, Guimaras

Updated on June 2, 2016

Guimaras Travel for a Day and a Half

Travel to Guimaras, Philippines is via Iloilo City either by plane or by boat from key cities such as Metro Manila, Cebu City, Cagayan de Oro, Davao City in the Philippines or you can reach Iloilo City from Hong Kong or Singapore via Cebu Pacific (

And when you reach the gateway which is Iloilo City, make a stopover and stock up on food essentials such water and bread. We as a group decided to pass by SM City first and get the necessary food to survive e.g. bread, water, chips, sandwich spread, etc. Which is a good thing since we are not sure where we want to stay in the province. Yes. It is possible to go to this Island and be adventurous!

But as I have experienced a lot of travel beforehand, I know better than to go and not book a room to sleep even if were prepared to sleep by the beach and under the stars. So, armed with a tourist map of Guimaras Island - you can get a flier for free by the DOT (Department of Tourism), I scanned the beautiful spots with hotel accomodations and called one to book an overnight stay.

Go to Ortiz Street where the pier is conveniently located, grab a ticket for Php14.00 and you will arrive by Jordan, Guimaras roughly around 30 minutes tops. Yes! You would not be paying any terminal or environmental fees. You are good to go! Quite the opposite of its sister Island, Boracay... but grab this oppportunity to go to a Boracay like Island without all the hassle!

There are a lot of tricycles, vans and jeepneys to go around the Island. Do not be afraid to ask. The people are all friendly and ready to help you out. You can enjoy their eat all you can mangoes when you come to their festival during May 11 - 22 each year (schedule may vary during the month of May).

We stayed at Punta Punting and enjoyed the relaxed and low key atmosphere of sand, sea and games! (Just borrow their volleyball!).

There are a lot of activies around the Island that you can enjoy aside from island hopping, diving, swimming, windmills watching, mountain hiking, and so much more.

Be brave and enjoy the 7,107 islands of the Philippines. Enjoy going around Guimaras! Where you can find your heart can heal and rediscover your forever and always.

Sunrise at Guimaras, Philippines

Punta Punting Beach Resort
Punta Punting Beach Resort

Punta Punting, Guimaras, Philippines

A markerSabang, Guimaras, Philippines -
Sabang, Sibunag, Guimaras, Philippines
get directions


Windmills at San Lorenzo, Guimaras, PH

By the roadside of San Lorenzo
By the roadside of San Lorenzo

Roadtrip at Guimaras

Going to Sabang via shortcut.. still rough roads!
Going to Sabang via shortcut.. still rough roads!



Friends Forever

Travel when you can because it broadens your horizons and uplifts your spirits!
Travel when you can because it broadens your horizons and uplifts your spirits!


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