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I Collect States

Updated on November 19, 2014
My two latest states visited in 2013
My two latest states visited in 2013 | Source

Actually, I collect state magnets

We love to travel. Our goal is to visit all 48 States. We are not ignoring Hawaii and Alaska but those will have to be last. I can't drive to Hawaii and Alaska is very far away. Both seem like a cruise to me.

The state collecting started when I was a child. Everywhere we went, we came home with pennants. They used to hang on my walls but over time they simply wore away. When my husband and I started traveling, we collected mugs. Today, we have mugs in cabinets, storage boxes, and closets. We can't display our treasures, we don't have enough room.

We finally got smarter and started collecting magnets. The problem with the magnets was they outgrew our refrigerator. They were also a temptation for my brother to rearrange every time he visited. Call me a purist but I like my trips to stay together.

Magnets are an old idea. We all use them to hold things on the fridge like the kids drawings or appointment notices. Business rely on them being on your refrigerator when something breaks. It's a reminder to call them first. Magnets from our travels are an instant conversation starter. It is fun to compare notes with company on the places we have been. Since we've discovered the magnetic boards, I can have as many as I want and they don't take up cubic feet.

My state magnet collecting rules

Yes, I have rules

I also collect bells and will accept them from anyone who wants to add to my collection. With states, I am a little more picky.

Rule #1 - I must set foot in the state. Two years ago, I went to Missouri. I didn't get a magnet because I had already been there. When my son, grandson, and I went to Silver Dollar City in Branson, I realized that we were a little less than 2 hours from Arkansas. You know where I am going with this. We jumped into the car and made the trip. We drove into Arkansas but the rules state that I must actually set foot there. I got out of the car in the first gas station I found and bought snacks. Oh yeah, I also bought a magnet. Check Arkansas off the list.

Rule #2 - If I can't find a magnet for the state, it is OK to get one for the attraction that I visited. I have a really cool magnet from Williamsburg, Virginia. It has a thermometer.

Rule #3 - If I forget to buy a magnet, no one can buy one for me. It's the accountability thing. Besides, it is an excuse for us to go back to the place of the missing magnet.

Magnet board - The refrigerator is clean for the first time in years

Blomus Magnet Board 50 x 60 cm
Blomus Magnet Board 50 x 60 cm

Finding a permanent home for the magnets proved to be a problem until we discovered the Magnet Board. The are lightweight and easy to hang. We have moved them from house to house and the magnets don't fall off in the move. Such a simple idea for not only magnet collections but for those you save for services and important phone numbers. They are great for kids to play with alphabet magnets too.


Another great idea

STEELMASTER Magnetic Board with Dry-Erase Pad, Pen and Magnets, 14 x 30 Inches, Silver (270163050)
STEELMASTER Magnetic Board with Dry-Erase Pad, Pen and Magnets, 14 x 30 Inches, Silver (270163050)

I wish this had been available when I started with magnetic boards. It would have been fun to document each trip with the dates. If I need another board, I may actually get one of these. I do have more states to visit.


Some favorite destinations

I have lots of favorites. I don' think there is a destination that I don't like. Here are the ones on the board. Unfortunately with a metal board there is a reflection from the flash. The one you can't really see is Silver Dollar City in Branson, Missouri.

The rest are:

Lassen National Park, Petrified Forest, The Corn Palace, Meteor Crater, Mount Rushmore, Badlands National Park, Wall Drug, Rocky Mountain National Park, Crater Lake, Mount St. Helens, Little Bighorn, Victoria, Canada, Virginia City, Mt Shasta, Four Corners, Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, Thumb Butte, San Diego Zoo, Silver Dollar City, Pike Place, Buffalo Bill's, Snoqualmie Falls, MGM Grand, Yellowstone, Painted Desert, and Winslow, AZ.

Magnets from road trips

Favorite East Coast magnets

What do you bring back from trips?

Souvenirs are always fun. I have managed to lose all my pocket knives and arrows from all the trips to Texas when I was young.

We all try to hold on to the memories of the trip or vacation. They are special times in our lives.

How do you remember trips and vacations?

See results

California destinations

I have lived in California all my life and in fact, have a blog called "Completely California". I have a lot of California magnets but that doesn't stop me from grabbing another if I go to some place new. Some of them are just plain fun like the "Olive Pit" in Corning, California. It's an olive store and we always stop there if we are going up north. .

The other magnets are:

Redding, Page museum, La Brea Tar Pits, Mono Lake, Orange Empire Rail Museum, Medieval Times, Pea Soup Anderson's, Buellton, Aquarium of the Pacific, Natural History Museum, Trees of Mystery, Big Sur, Catalina, Solvang, California Science Center, Sequoia National Park, Golden Gate Bridge, and Mission San Juan Capistrano.

Collecting magnets

I mentioned that I have magnet rules. However, there are several I missed. The St. Louis Arch is one of them. Since we are going to Missouri again, I might try to make the trip there to get it. If not, I could buy it from Amazon but that would break the rules. All the more reason to drive the extra miles to get a magnet. After all, it is a road trip.

California - Magnet
California - Magnet

I don't have a California magnet. I guess I really should but I do have many magnets for California destinations.


Yes, we still use our mugs but they take up so much space. The Route 66 mug is a favorite and when we broke one of them, I bought another on the road trip to Missouri. It's from the Owl Cafe that is right off of Interstate 40 in Albuquerque.

Comments are welcomed! - As I write this, I am drinking coffee from my Route 66 Owlbuquerque, New Mexico mug

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    • Ann Hinds profile image

      Ann Hinds 3 years ago from So Cal

      I actually got the boards at IKEA. I need another one because the three I have are crammed full. They make great wall hanging and are wonderful conversation starters.

    • KimGiancaterino profile image

      KimGiancaterino 3 years ago

      What a great collection. I noticed that IKEA has some nice magnetic boards, so I plan to get one for my Italy magnets that we collected when we got married over there. I have a bunch of winery ones too. Wow -- I'm inspired!