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Need a Vacation? Try a "Stay-Cation" Instead

Updated on July 7, 2011

Don't go out of town, stay home and have fun!

What exactly is a "stay-cation"? Its a popular new alternative to a traditional vacation! As opposed to vacations where you incur a lot of expense with hotel, airfare, and transportation, a stay-cation can give your pocketbook a huge break. It can also give you motivation to tour your own city, even possibly learning things about your city that you never knew about. Local museums, amusement parks, fairs, and attractions can all be part of your first stay-cation! Stay-cation literally means "stay at home vacation" which means that you stay in your home city and find local events and attractions to fill your vacation time. This can definitely keep your vacation expenses down without sacrificing all the fun and excitement you would normally have on a traditional out of town vacation. Not to mention that you are still in the comfort of your own home!

Google can help - if you are not familiar with your city, google it! Use keywords like attractions, entertainment, night life, family fun, etc. included with the name of the city you are researching. Once you have found a few places of interest, you can plan your own stay at home vacation, and save hundreds, even thousands of dollars! You might just be surprised at what your town or city has to offer!

Reasons to plan a stay-cation:

  • Rising cost of gasoline
  • Less stress
  • Less hassle
  • Less travel
  • Less expense
  • Convenience and comfort of staying at home

Benefits of a stay-cation:

  • All of the above!
  • Staycations can also help your community's economic growth as well!

Ideas for Stay-cations:

  • Trips to amusement parks, museums, theaters, concerts, zoos, lakes, etc.
  • Camping
  • Fishing
  • Picnics
  • Family reunions
  • Block parties
  • Visit local vineyards - some vineyards have on-site restaurants that host wine-tastings
  • Local festivals
  • Local events

As you can see there are many opportunities to explore within your own town. There are many, many more options not included here! You can also visit the local chamber of commerce and pick up a guide of local events and attractions.

The next trip I plan will be a stay-cation!

If you have other ideas for stay-cations, please feel free to post them here! I welcome all ideas!


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    • delobar profile imageAUTHOR

      Dee Sharp 

      7 years ago from East Texas

      Thank you MimiKat! Yes with the gas prices, its a great idea, and as you said, its a great way to rediscover their hometown.

    • MimiKat33 profile image


      7 years ago from Northeastern NY State, USA

      That idea seems to be what everyone is doing this summer, to not only save money but to rediscover their own local areas. Good Hub


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