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Study in Norway

Updated on June 3, 2014
New Akershus University
New Akershus University

Why Norway?

Studying in a foreign land is one of the best experiences you can have in your lifetime. For most people, studying abroad means studying in the United States of America or in the United Kingdom. The primary reasons are, these have very high standards of education, and use English as the language of teaching. But you could follow a different path, a path that is less taken, and choose to study in Norway. The Kingdom of Norway, a beautiful and sparsely populated country in northern Europe, is home to some of the best universities in Europe and the world, several of which also have a long history. If that doesn't interest you, how about the fact that in most public universities, education is free, even for foreigners who come from outside the European Union. Norway is a place that has a rich culture, and there are several towns that are teeming with students. This is a place that has one of the highest standards of living and health-care. Deciding to study in Norway is definitely worthwhile.

University of Oslo
University of Oslo
University of Bergen
University of Bergen
University of Natural Sciences at Akershus
University of Natural Sciences at Akershus
University of Troms
University of Troms
Norwegian Institute of Technology
Norwegian Institute of Technology

The best universities/colleges in Norway

Education in Norway follows the Bologna process, which is why the degrees you get from the colleges/universities in Norway are well recognized in all of Europe, and the United States. Considering this fact, here is a list of the best institutions in Norway (not in any particular order.)

  1. University of Oslo - This is one of the oldest universities in Norway, and is considered the third best Scandinavian university. It has a huge campus, full of greenery and calm, right in the middle of Oslo, the capital of Norway. This university holds the distinction of being older than the constitution of Norway. It offers courses in almost all the fields a modern university can offer (like engineering, medical and arts.) It has some of the best facilities in Europe, and its alumni include a couple of Nobel laureates.
  2. Norwegian University of Life Sciences - Situated in Ås, this is another university that is over 150 years old. Some of the best courses in biotechnology, agricultural sciences and genetics are offered here. It has a vast campus that is beautifully landscaped. The student housing facilities too are considered very good.
  3. University of Bergen - It is located in the scenic and beautiful town of Bergen. This university is highly ranked internationally. It offers several courses in a variety of fields which include law, medicine and natural sciences.
  4. University of Tromsø - This institution holds the distinction of being the world's northernmost university. Tromsø has a sub-arctic climate which means you really have to be adventurous to decide to study here. It offers a variety of courses in health sciences, medicine and technology, along with a few exotic courses like studying the Saami culture, telemedicine, and arctic studies.
  5. Norwegian Institute of Technology - This technical university is located in Trondheim. If you want to study engineering in Norway, this is the place to be. It offers the best courses in architecture, civil, mechanical and electrical fields of engineering. It has been the alma mater for several distinguished personalities.

You must also know this

Despite not having to pay any tuition fees, students need to shell out a lot of money to manage to survive during their stay in Norway. Norway is one of the most expensive countries in the world, which is not surprising as it also offers the best facilities and comforts. However, you do not have to despair, as there is a quota scheme that allows students from various countries, especially the developing ones, to study in Norway with a scholarship if they return to their home countries after the course, or a loan if they decide to stay back in Norway.

You might also want to consider the Erasmus Mundus programme if you are thinking of pursuing a Masters degree, which is a popular way to get a scholarship, that lets you study in universities in Norway and several other European nations.

Almost all the popular universities offer many courses in English, but knowledge of Norwegian is essential for a comfortable life in Norway. Don't despair yet, for Norwegian is a language that is very similar to English, and should not take one too long to learn its basic usage.

Finally, Norway is a cold place, with long winters which have very short days, and in some regions winters with hardly any daylight. If you are a person who just can't manage without lots of sun and warmth, this is not the place to go to.


Now you know the most important details of studying in Norway. If you decide to study there, you might very well decide to stay on. You can search for jobs after completion of the course. In fact, studying in Norway will open up the doors to several other European nations as well.


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    • Tanja Wanderlust profile image

      Tanja Wanderlust 5 years ago from planet earth

      Nice Hub dear! I heard that Tromsö is the place to study. They really offer any subject to study and the social life seems to be absolutely awesome, BECAUSE it is so cold and dark. I will tell you which uni I chose for my exchange year :)

    • BlissfulWriter profile image

      BlissfulWriter 6 years ago

      I agree it is a nice place to live and study. Only problem is that I have to learn Norwegian. It is quite difficult to learn a foreign language.

    • jdavis88 profile image

      jdavis88 7 years ago from Twitter @jdavis88hub

      Not going there, but interesting content, liked the pictures. Nice hub.