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European Summer Destinations - Find the Perfect for You!

Updated on October 8, 2014

The Best Summer Resorts in Europe

Let's say you sit at home and watch TV, and you see this spectacular advertisement of some European country that makes you really want to go there! But then you realize that this country has so many resorts you can choose from and that makes you really confused. Which one of them you saw on the advertisement? Which one would give you exactly what you are looking for? Read bellow to find out which European summer resorts would be perfect for you!

Summer Resort in Greece
Summer Resort in Greece

Summer Resorts in Greece

An ancient land with ever-young spirit

Greece is the country of sirtaki dance, sun, beaches, wine, Olympus Mountains "inhabited" by Gods, as well as numerous taverns and Buzuki bars, where you can have a lot of fun. It is one of the most popular summer destinations in Europe. Greeks are always ready to party and they are world famous for their hospitality.

Greece is surrounded by Aegean Sea, Ionian Sea and Mediterranean Sea and the Sea of Crete. On their coastline are located thousands of summer resorts offering unforgettable memories for their visitors. Most of them are located on the spectacular islands spread around Ionian Sea. They possess remarkable nature and amazing beaches washed by azure water. Other popular resorts are located on the mainland. Conveniently located in fascinating bays, they can offer silky sands and wonderful sheltered beaches.

Although Greece Summer Resorts are countless, there are five of them which are the most famous among the visitors of this beautiful country.

1. Santorini - you can see a picture of this resort on each tourist brochure for Greece. It is sure that it attracts immediately your attention with its white charming houses and blue-roofed churches. This island has won the award for second worldwide summer resort for 2005. Its beaches are wide and well maintained and it will be a pleasure to observe the sunset from some of them.

2. Mykonos - this island will be the most suitable place for you, if you want to combine your summer vacation with extreme nightlife. It can be called "the party island" without any doubt. It is often visited by world famous celebrities and it won't be unusual if you meet some Hollywood star during your vacation. Endless day and night parties, amazing sandy beaches and luxury hotels are just a few of the attractions here.

3. Rhodes - this island is also known as "The Island of the Knights". Those who are keen on historical monuments will leave breathless when they see the fascinating Medieval Walls, the Old City and the lovely Byzantine and Catholic Churches spread around the island. The most attractive beaches take place in the north-east part of the island and there you can also find some great hotels for your accommodation. It is also the area where are located several amusement parks, as well as a casino.

4. Halkidiki - this beach destination is located on the mainland in northern Greece. It is popular for its large, clean beaches, lush greenery and lovely villages. It covers wide territory and there you can find quiet and wild places proper for relaxations, as well as areas where all night parties are held.

5. Corfu - this is probably the most beautiful of the Ionian Islands. Besides stunning beaches nestled in charming bays, there you can find also numerous tourist attractions such Achillion Palace, the Church of Agios Spiridon, patron saint of the island, Pontikonisi islet and the Monastery of Paleokastritsa. Wonderful taverns and water parks will accompany you during your vacation here.

Greece has mild climate, highly influenced by the Mediterranean. The tourist season here starts in May and lasts until early or even middle October. The average day temperature vary from 28°C to 35°C and the temperature of the sea water depending on the region you visit can vary from 26°C to 28°C.

You won't need to spend much money on your Greece vacation. The prices are cheaper compared to other European countries. For hotel accommodation in Greece you will need around 70 Euro for a middle class hotels including breakfast. If you are looking for something cheaper you can use the services of the Studios, which you can find in all summer resorts. They offer self catering accommodation and you have at your disposal all needed kitchen appliances.

Visiting Greece without tasting its delicious cuisine is impossible. You can visit numerous cozy taverns located close to the beach, enjoy the remarkable views and have a glass of ouzo, metaxa or wine combined with Greece Salad, Souvlaki or a plate of sea fruits. For an unforgettable end of your evening you can enjoy the traditional sirtaki dance and even take part in it. And this all will be at a price of no more than 20 euro per person. Greece is a country famous with its nightlife so rest asured that by visiting it, you will have a lot of fun.

Discover Greece!

Don't Forget Your Sunglasess

They block the UV radiation that causes several serious eye problems. More importantly, they make you look pretty cool.

summer resorts in turkey
summer resorts in turkey

Summer Resorts in Turkey

Modern resorts with a strong sense of Orienta

If you are looking for luxury hotels offering a wide variety of facilities, wonderful opportunities for fun and entertainment, amazing sandy beaches, plenty of sun and turquoise waters - this all can be described in one word - you are looking for Turkey. Its Mediterranean Coast houses some of the world's famous summer resorts, while the Black Sea Coast Region has a range of lovely unharmed beaches and fishing villages.

Almost all of the summer resorts of Turkey were initially small fishing villages, fast developing due to the needs of the fast growing tourist industry in the area. However they still have well preserved their charming architecture with beautiful buildings and mosques. When you want to escape for a while from the noise of the big resorts, you can spend several hours in these quiet places, enjoying the beautiful sunset from some of the cozy restaurants or walking along the harbor.

Which resort to choose for your summer vacation in Turkey will be a really hard decision but you can find several suggestions here.

1. Antalya - if you visit this remarkable resort, you will have the pleasure to spend a couple of days surrounded by sun, deep blue sea and mountains covered with trees. This lovely combination will be additional strengthen by a great variety of modern hotels offering a wide range of facilities such as amusement parks, bars, restaurants, parks, as well as wonderful spa centers and some sport facilities.

2. Marmaris - this is one more of the famous Turkey summer resort. It is one of the liveliest cities in Turkey and there is a splendid seaside promenade favorite for the tourists. Besides amazing beaches, Marmaris can also offer you 3 water parks and a lot of places for entertainment. It is an excellent starting point for a visit to Rhodos Island. Beautiful coastline, friendly people, good fresh foods and delicious local wines, could easily compare against many European vineyards.

3. Bodrum - this city will fascinate you with its greenery and plenty of beaches. It is a perfect place for relaxing vacation where you soak sun rays or enjoy a couple of exciting water sports such as banana riding or jet ski. Accommodation is available at reasonable prices and here you can choose from a wide variety of hotels.

4. Kusadasi - it is one of Turkey's principal holiday resorts. Numerous powdery sandy beaches with warm and crystal clear waters, providing a peaceful atmosphere, allow a great variety of water and beach facilities. Windsurfing, water skiing, sailing and beach volley are only a few choices for the lovers of active life.

5. Fethiye - this charming town boasts some of Turkey's best beaches and it offers also excellent opportunities for yachting. Plenty of hotels will provide with a large choice of accommodation and Dalaman Airport makes it easily accessible. Here you can find also a couple of historical places, tombs and ancient theater.

Cyprus is also located near to the Turkish shores. The island is popular for its water sports. Cyprus diving locations are attractive for both locals and foreigners.

No matter which one of the resorts you will choose for your vacation, you have to know that the summer season here is from May to October and it is much better for you if you make your hotel booking online in advance. When visiting Turkey don't miss the chance to taste some of its traditional foods like "Doner kebab" or "Kofte".

It is a great idea to combine your summer vacation with a sightseeing tour as there are numerous attractions which you can visit, for instance Cappadocia, Troy or Pamukkale, which will show you some remarkable views so don't forget your camera.

Use Sunscreen Oil

It is extremely important, for sun radiation severely damages skin sells and causes various deceases including cancer. A lower factor will protect you and at the same time allow you to get a nice brown tan. For children a high factor is an absolute must!

Summer Resorts in Croatia
Summer Resorts in Croatia

Summer Resorts in Croatia

...and especially the magical Dalmatian coast

Croatia is certainly one of the top European summer destination in terms of uniqueness. Having a 1 777km. long coastline and conveniently located on the one of the cleanest seas of the Mediterranean - Adriatic Sea, you will have at your disposal warm crystal water and a great variety of amazing beaches. Known as "The Land of the Thousands Islands", Croatia will fascinate you with beautiful cliffs, great underwater caves, long beaches and a great variety of hotels suitable for all tastes.

Famous tourist destination for over 100 years, here you can find also old castles, ancient towns and seaports and all this combined with unique architecture. This is one of the reasons Croatia to take the award for top summer destination for 2005.

This country enjoys the mild climate influenced by Adriatic Sea and here the tourist season starts in April and lasts until September. The peak season is in the months of July and August and for this reason it is better to book your hotel in Croatia in advance. The average summer day temperature is in the range of 25°C and 35°C while the temperature of the water can reach 28°C. Rain is rare during summer season and Croatia will welcome you with a lot of sunny days. For this reason some tour operators can offer you to give you money back for each rainy day of your vacation.

There are many summer resorts in Croatia, situated along the 1778km long coastline, separated in 5 main areas:

1) Istria - this region is located on the small peninsula in the north part of Croatia. It has about 14 wonderful beaches and the most popular resort there is Pula. It is located in a wooded area right next to the beach. Here you will find yourself away from the hassle, surrounded by beautiful scenery.

2) Kvarner - this is the area south of Istria. In addition to the coastline it includes numberless small and big islands. The one you should definitely try to visit is Pag Island. It is very popular among young club goers and is referred to as Ibiza of Croatia. After recent changes to Croatian legislation, all night clubs here can now work non-stop, 24 hrs a day!

3)North Dalmatia - definitely the best beaches in this area are those near Biograd. Biograd itself is a modern tourist centre in the middle of the Adriatic coast. Just a hundred meters away from the city center crystal clear sea water awaits you. Numerous beaches spread in the shade of centuries old pine woods and stretch along a beautiful paved promenade south of the city center. Above beaches there are hotels and camping spots.

4) Central Dalmatia - you can choose from so many resorts here and there is no option to go wrong. Whether you prefer to be on the mainland at Split or on some of the islands like Hvar, you are sure to come upon only superb beaches, excellent service and lots of party nights.

5) South Dalmatia - in this area is located the most famous Croatian resort - Dubrovnik. As soon as you arrive you know that it deserves its title of "the pearl of the Adriatic". The city itself is amazing enough to attract visitors from all over the world - you can honestly say that it is one of the world's most photogenic cities and around each corner is another quaint alley, a beautiful church or an old wooden door that hints at a mysterious and colourful past. In addition beyond the city is a heavenly landscape of beaches, wooded peninsulas and a sea strewn with lush islands. Dubrovnik beaches cannot offer you vast sand area but you will find sparkling clear water and a clean stretch of rocks, pebbles or gravel to drown down your towel. Currently no Mediterranean Cruise is complete without a stop at Dubrovnik.

Keep in mind that most of the beaches here are rocky. This proves to be almost no problem, judging by the thousands of tourists, visiting Croatia each year. The season reaches its peak the last three weeks of July and the first three weeks of August. Hotel prices are at their highest point then and vacancies are at close to none. If you can manage to go in June however, you'll find Croatia sunny, warm and busy enough but not yet overcrowded. The crush of tourists can make a summertime visit to one of Croatia's more popular places less than pleasant. Croatia is no longer an undiscovered destination. If you are looking to avoid this you can either try a not so popular resort or come during the spring or autumn. However, summer also means party and night life along the coast. Many Music festivals animate the streets of Dubrovnik and other coastal towns in July and August. So make your decision wisely.

Action Time

You are supposed to have fun at the beach. Take some toys with you.

Summer Resorts in Italy
Summer Resorts in Italy

Summer Resorts in Italy

Timeless beauty on every step

Italy is world famous as the country of love, wine and delicious Mediterranean cuisine. However, it also possesses more than 7600km. on the Mediterranean Sea, which immediately turns it a into popular summer destination. Its mild Mediterranean climate makes Italian shores perfect for making a bronze tan for almost five months a year. Italy has a unique coastline with nooks and crannies that create quiet swimming coves and picturesque seascapes.

You will find a lot of charming Italian summer resorts combined with lovely architecture of the surrounding cities and here are some ideas which of them to visit.

1) The Amalfi Coast - this beautiful place is located south of Napoli. Its breathtaking mountainous beach once was a small fishing village. It has well preserved its unique charm until today, and besides enjoying its stunning beaches most of the visitors come also to visit its wonderful attractions. It will offer you some great accommodations and numerous cozy restaurants and fascinating boutiques are at your disposal.

2) Sardinia - this is the second largest island in the Mediterranean Sea and its coast is renowned for its crystal clear water, golden sands and long beaches. Here you can find some of the most luxury hotels in Italy. The relief is various and you will have at your disposal sand dunes, aquamarine inlets and strange rock formations, as well as marvelous lagoons. A great idea for a perfect ending of your day is a dinner with the specialties of the local Mediterranean cuisine and a glass of Italian wine. This place is perfect for a romantic holiday.

3) Sicily - crystal waters, sandy beaches and plenty of water activities are the things with which Sicily will attract you. This is all you may need for a fascinating summer vacation. Enjoy the beautiful views which Aeolian Islands can offer you and have the most unforgettable vacation which this beach paradise can offer you.

4) Veneto - it houses some of the most beautiful beaches of the Adriatic Coast. Its location close to Venice determines it as a much visited summer destination. It is awarded to possess the clearest waters in Italy and this makes it preferred also by the foreign tourists. Vento is popular for its tourist attractions, as well, so you can combine your summer vacation with a sightseeing tour.

5) Tuscany - this place can offer you long line of beaches. These beaches are certified as "Blue Flag" Beaches, which means that they have extremely clean waters. They are surrounded by beautiful villages and behind you can see the background of the Apuan Alps, known for its famous marble production.

The best time to visit the stunning beaches of Italy is from May to September. July and August are the peak months so if you decide to visit the country in this period it is better to book a hotel room in advance. Besides amazing beaches, Italy is also world famous with its attractions - the Coliseum in Rome, Vatican City, Verona - the home of Romeo and Juliet, romantic city of Venice and many more beautiful places. No matter which destination you choose for your vacation, be sure that you will have plenty of moments to remember for a lifetime.

When in Rome

Being in a foreign country could be a nightmare if you don't go prepared. Informing yourself about the place you are about to visit may save you a lot of troubles.

Summer Resorts in France
Summer Resorts in France

Summer Resorts in France

Love is in the air, oh, summer wine

Are you ready for unforgettable vacation in the country of Eiffel Tower, Triumphal Arc, French chansons and fine wine? If you are, please don't forget your swimming suits and towels, because French summer resorts will offer you plenty of silky beaches, endless days of sunshine, turquoise waters and numerous opportunities for fun and entertainment. From the warm crystal blue water of the Mediterranean Sea, to the long, sandy beaches of the Atlantic Ocean and the picturesque coastline along the English Channel, French beaches are varied and plentiful. They are also world famous for their liberal attitude towards bathing attire, so you can find a lot of nude beaches there, as well.

There are more than 200 beaches along the French sea cost and be sure that all of them are worth a visit, however we all know that it is impossible for one holiday. For this reason below you can find several suggestions where to spend your summer vacation in France.

1. St. Tropez - this beach city will seem familiar to you because of the movie of Louis De Funes "Le Gendarme de Saint Tropez" which is one of the French Cinema masterpieces. Nowadays this charming town is famous as one of the hot spots of the French Riviera. It is favorite place for some world famous Hollywood stars. The harbor is full with mega expensive yachts, as well as a great number of restaurants and some of the most luxury hotels in France.

2. Cannes - this city is popular with the annual film festival which attracts a lot of international celebrities. During the summer months here flock crowds of tourists to enjoy the town and its picturesque beaches. Cannes's beaches are divided into 32 sections and some of them are private while others are public. Its promenade, La Croisette, is a favorite place for the visitors and alongside are locates plenty of boutiques, restaurants and luxury hotels.

3. Nice - this can be your staring point to explore the beaches of "Cote D'Azure". Although Nice's beaches cannot offer you sandy shores, there you can find lovely stretch of beaches covered with smooth pebbles and stones. Some of the beaches are paid and others are free of charge but you will find wonderful amenities including chaise lounges and umbrellas for a reasonable fee.

4. Monte Carlo Beach - this lovely beach is located in a sheltered bay, surrounded by beautiful nature. While lying on the beach you can enjoy the beautiful views towards the Alps Mountains and medieval French villages. Monte Carlo' beaches can offer you plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities, including skiing, water sports, catamaran trips, yachting and swimming in the Mediterranean.

5. Porquerolles - this is the biggest of the three Islands of Or and there you can escape from the noise of the big city. There are no cars permitted on the island and you can use bike for your transportation. Due to its status of a national park, the nature is well preserved and here you can find wonderful white sand beaches with amazing splendor.

Summer season in France lasts around five month, from May to September. Summer is also the period when a lot of colorful festivals take place. Why don't you combine your summer vacation with Tour de France or Bastille Day? The best way to travel around is to rent a car. They may seem a little expensive but you can get a lower price online. It is the best way to travel around in France.

Dress Accordingly

You most probably need to make some changes in your style when you go to a summer resort. Oh, well, shopping is not so bad after all.

Summer Resorts in Spain
Summer Resorts in Spain

Summer Resorts in Spain

The number one tourist spot in Europe

No wonder why Spain is the most preferred tourist destination in Europe - it has perfect climate, tons of historical and cultural monuments, a really long coast line on the Mediterranean and even a few islands. Furthermore, Spanish government have made tourism one of Spain's main national industries and put great efforts in developing tourist services, facilities and infrastructure to make it attractive for foreigners. The Spanish hotel star rating system has requirements much more demanding than other European countries, so at a given rating Spanish accommodations worth higher.

Again, the summer resorts here are literally all the way along the coastline. I will name just a few, considered the most visited and well-developed. For any of these it is best if you make a hotel booking online in advance, it is hard to find a good room at the peak of the season.

1) Costa Del Sol - by coming to the Sun Coast you can expect many miles of sandy beaches, a wonderful climate with more than 3,000 hours of sunshine a year, extensive sports and leisure facilities, relaxed atmosphere and excellent food. If that's not enough to excite you, then how about the fact that on the Costa del Sol you is the biggest concentration of golf courses in Europe. And if you also believe that it wouldn't be Spain without the fiestas, rest assured you will witness one during your stay here - there are over 3000 fiestas in this area every year, including fairs, pilgrimages, carnivals, mock battles between Moors and Christians and religious processions. It may be wise to look for a car rental in Costa del Sol, because the distances here are quite big and this will give you the freedom to see anything you like without paying too much.

2) Mallorca - that's the largest of Balearic Islands, located in the Mediterranean Sea off the southeast coast of mainland Spain. Mallorca is a large island and if you want to see all of it you may need to use the services of a car rental Mallorca.With its warm and sunny climate, its mix of old architecture such as the castles of El Diablo and El Santueri and new entertainment facilities, as well as its endless list of astonishing coastal resorts catering for both families and singles, this island can be appealing to anyone. Cala Millor Resort is a large resort with one of the most spectacular beaches on the island and it's just fabulous for water sports. With amazingly long beaches with soft golden sand it is for those who like their vacations days lazy and the nights quiet. There are plenty of good quality restaurants and a fine choice of music bars but also quieter bars and those catering for families. Just a small number of clubs are open and not until late hours.

3) Ibiza - summer is an endless party on this Mediterranean island. Needless to say, the conditions are absolutely flawless for having the perfect summer vacation. The whole island is committed to tourism and most of the people you are going to see here would be tourists like you. The most famous beach is Playa d'en Bossa, which is also the longest on the island. It is well-known for the never-ending beach parties, but families with children would also enjoy their stay here thanks to golden sands that shelve gently into clean seas plus the fact that there are thousands of attractions and activities, especially water sports.

4) Tenerife - the largest of the Canary Islands, located in the Atlantic Ocean, with mostly steep shores but also about 70 fine sand beaches is another highly preferred summer destination. You should aim for the the south of the island, which is hotter and drier and has many well developed resorts. One of them is Playa de los Cristianos, which can offer fine beaches of golden sand and crystalline water, close to a picturesque fishing-village. Its outstanding infrastructure makes it one of the most attractive places for visitors. Try not to miss the Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, which has been declared a Festival of International Tourist Interest and lasts 10 days.

5) The Costa de la Luz - this is another area on the main land, but its shores are on the Atlantic Ocean. So far it has remained untouched by mass tourism in many places and is a great choice for those looking to escape from the crowd. This doesn't mean there aren't modern summer resorts with marinas, golf courses and a wide range of entertainment. In addition to the fine beaches, clear water and endless dunes of silky sand you will find several nature reserves along the coast, including Doñana, the largest national park in Spain.

Summer Resorts in Portugal
Summer Resorts in Portugal

Summer Resorts in Portugal

Nothing like the ocean waves

Cities with ancient and contemporary attractions, colorful medieval villages, charming seaside towns, ancient castles, romantic palaces, and a rich architectural and archaeological heritage - this is Portugal. Constant sunshine, green natural parks and mountains, grand rivers, and a vast coastline - all these will assure you one unforgettable experience in the land of the famous explorer Vasco da Gama.

The best time to visit Portugal for your summer vacation is the period between late April and early October. Of course there is a peak season and it is in the months of July and August. The average day temperature is around 26 °C and the humidity is low which will provide you with plenty of sunny days.

Portugal's beaches are regarded as some of the best beaches in Europe. Here is also located the famous Pena Longa Resort.Those of them located on the Atlantic Coast will offer you great opportunities for surfing, while those located on the Algarve are more suitable for family vacation and offer a great number of facilities. They are also renowned for their "blue flag" status and beauty.

Here are some ideas, which of them to visit:

1. Costa del Sol - Sometimes called Estoril Coast, after the name of its major resort, Costa del Sol offers to its visitors plenty of fine palm dotted beaches and a lot of amenities. Two are the most significant resorts here - Estoril, which we already mentioned and Cascais. This place is attractive center for thousands of tourists, especially those coming from northern Europe. Costa del Sol in Portugal is a different area than the Spanish Costa del Sol.

2. The Algarve - With 200 km shoreline and more than 300 days of sunshine per year the Algarve has become the number one holiday region of Portugal and one of the most popular holiday destinations in Europe. Extremely clear water, spectacular cliffs with hidden creeks, endless sand beaches, protected by dunes and a mild Atlantic breeze make this place so special. For your accommodation you can find a great variety of hotels and if you book online your hotel in advance you can get really discounted rates for your vacation.

3. The Beiras - this area can offer you some of the greatest beaches in Europe overlooking the Atlantic. Beiras shoreline boasts immense lagoons and beach dunes opening onto large pine forests. Swimming is not recommended here because the cold current from the north significantly cools the water temperature.

4. Costa Verde - this is a lush area with some fabulous beaches and wonderful places to visit nearby. It is also famous as Green Coast and includes several vibrant resorts that have often been the holiday destinations for the city dwellers of Porto and the Portuguese from north and central Portugal.

5. Ria Formosa Beaches - Far from the madding crowd, this is a different way to enjoy the beach. You can eat cockles, clams and shrimps caught fresh in the pots of the nurseries beneath the water, while befriending the local fishermen. Beaches of Ria Formosa are well renowned for their mild and not very hot climate. If you like to entertain here you can find a large number of bars, cafés and restaurants which run along the riverfront and are also dotted around a couple of blocks inland.

Besides beaches and tourist attractions, Portugal is also famous for its cuisine. So what's better that ending your vacation in some of the lovely restaurants having a fresh fish meal and a glass of Portuguese wine?

Summer Resorts in Bulagaria
Summer Resorts in Bulagaria

Summer Resorts in Bulgaria

Try something different

Bulgaria is tourist destination which offers a lot of hidden treasures. Charming monasteries nestled in century-old forests, beautiful national parks housing wonderful waterfalls, ancient ruins, well preserved Revival villages and the hospitality of the local people will make you feel special.

Bulgarian Summer Resorts will fascinate you with silky sand beaches and warm waters of the Black Sea. Along the Bulgarian Black Sea coast are located several summer resorts which can successfully compete with the most famous European once. Here you will find prime quality service and a great number of facilities at really reasonable prices.

Here are several suggestions for your memorable vacation. Let's start from north to south.

1. Albena - this resort is excellent for you if you are traveling with children. It's not very busy and there are a lot of green areas, as well as numerous opportunities for fun and entertainment with your kids. It is not the typical resort full of bars and discos but if you are fan of such kind of places you will find enough of them. Besides its wonderful beaches, Albena can offer you also horse riding lessons and if you like golf, there are several quite good courses in the vicinity. A great idea is to visit the charming town of Balchik with its marvelous limestone cliffs and the Botanical Garden housing the Palace of the Romanian Queen Maria.

2. Golden Sands - this is the oldest resort on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast and it is a perfect place for relaxation and entertainment. Surrounded by thick forests, there you will find more than 200 hotels, most of them with a category of four and five stars. Fascinating beaches, great opportunities for exciting water sports like banana riding, jet skiing and paragliding, tasty food and wonderful bars, restaurants and disco clubs will assure you memorable vacation. The water park "Aquapolis" will increase your adrenaline with plenty of water slides.

3. St. Constantine and Helena Resort - this resort is calm and offers great wide sand beaches. It is a perfect place for those looking for tranquility and relaxation. Surrounded by lush greenery this place is great for family vacation. The major city Varna is just 8km. south of the resort and there are regular transport connections so you can spend several hours there sightseeing, shopping or having a cup of aromatic coffee in some of the lovely cafes located across the center.

4. Sunny Beach - this is an endless source of entertainment. Numerous night clubs, discos, hotels, amusement and water parks are ready to satisfy each tourist' requirements. The life here starts early in the morning and finishes with the first rays of sun. Besides great beaches and luxury hotels, Sunny Beach is a great starting point for a couple of interesting tours. It is located in a short distance of the Old City of Nessebar , declared as a "a museum-town, an archaeological and architectural reserve", as well as UNESCO World Heritage Site and also the city of Bourgas.

5. Duni Holiday Village - this complex was created under a project of Bulgarian Government. It has the appearance of traditional Bulgarian village and its construction was teamwork of historians and architects. There you will find five luxury hotels having a large number of facilities. The complex has its private beach and your transportation from the hotel to the beach is assured by shuttle bus. For your entertainment you have at your disposal tennis court, dance lessons, gymnastics and aerobics, archery center, Spa Center and many more. Nearby is located the beautiful town of Sozopol and it will be a great experience for you to spend a day there.

380 km marvelous stretch of beaches, calm and safe sea, clear water and healthy air, fine golden sand and natural dunes, mineral water springs, blue flag winning resorts, holiday villages and campsites will be enough to make Bulgaria your favorite summer destination. Average air temperature in the summer resorts is about 28°C, water temperature about 25°C. There are more than 240 hours of sunshine in May and September and more than 300 hours in July and August, so don't forget your sun cream.

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      Excellent lens. A lot of work was put on and I hope that it pays back. I enjoyed every part of it and I bookmarked it for future reference. Thanks for sharing:-)

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      Sunny beach,Bulgaria :* :* :* Wonderful place for entertainment !

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      Nice of you to feature all these lovely summer resorts in Europe in one lens. I deeply appreciate it. Thank you so much.


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