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A Survival Shelter Is Vital To Your Chances Of Survival

Updated on March 17, 2015

Wilderness Shelter . . . Finding It Or Making It Is Crucial To Your Survival

Most survival experts and survival manuals will tell you that you must have shelter within three hours of becoming lost or stranded in the wilderness, this is excellent advice, and should be heeded.

However, shelter is subjective, it can simply be getting under some foliage to protect you from the hot sun, behind a tree to break a cold wind and even your clothes, hate and gloves are shelter.

Once you realize you are lost, you must stop and evaluate your surroundings, running from tree to bush because you think you recognize them and thinking the trail or campsite is just ahead, is counter-productive.

Panicking and running in circles will cause you injury, use up energy and dehydrate you faster.

Wilderness Shelter
Wilderness Shelter

Example of a Wilderness Survival Shelter

The conventional wisdom is to stay in place and allow rescue personnel find you, unless it is dangerous to stay in place.

You must have a shelter made before dark. Walking in the woods at night is dangerous; you can encounter nocturnal predators to include dangerous snakes, walk off a cliff or fall into a gorge.

Ideally, you would have some tools and materials to make shelter building easier such as an axe, machete, rope/cordage and a rain poncho.

This shelter can be made from forest debris without tools.

Note the support poles form an "X" which provides the support. The support poles are leaning against another pole that runs to the ground down the middle, holding the shelter upright. Once supported add poles and pine boughs to fill in the sides. The ground cover is green vegetation and pine needles.

An Emergency Wilderness Shelter
An Emergency Wilderness Shelter

An Emergency Wilderness Shelter

You can use natural formations for shelter such as this rock crevice.

You can lean sticks and pine boughs to close off the entrance. Use vegetation as ground cover.

Quick Emergency Shelter Tip
Quick Emergency Shelter Tip

Quick Emergency Shelter Tip

This shelter can be constructed in literally a matter of minutes using a rain poncho and any pole found in the forest.

The sides can be secured to the ground with small stakes or you can use rocks or logs to weight the tarp and hold the poncho on the ground.

Build an Emergency Wilderness Shelter

Make An Emergency Shelter With Your Poncho
Make An Emergency Shelter With Your Poncho

Make An Emergency Shelter With Your Poncho

This is another example of a shelter using your rain poncho.

Poncho Shelter

Learn How To Make An Emergency Camp Cot

Please Leave a Comment - Would Love To Hear If You Have Ever Built A Wilderness Shelter!

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    • stephen downing profile image

      stephen downing 

      5 years ago

      As a child I lived near an old overgrown quarry. We use to make lots of shelters or camps as we called them. All made from the natural resources available growing there. Bringing back happy memories, Thanks!

    • Frednun1965 profile image

      Fred Alb 

      6 years ago from Uruguay

      Many great survival tips.

      Extremely useful to be prepared!


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