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My Swaziland Travel Memories with My Family

Updated on November 25, 2014

Best Swaziland Travel and Holidays Ever!

Paul, my husband, was born in Mbabane, Swaziland in 1941. His parents were very lucky to get permits to live there after escaping Nazi Germany in 1939. They were 2 of 100 immigrants granted citizenship to a very welcoming country.

My family and I have returned to Mbabane, the capital of Swaziland, many, many times over the years.

This picture is of our two daughters, Beverley and Felicity enjoying the Royal Swazi Spa Hotel. They just loved their father telling them stories about Swaziland and showing them all the places of interest.

The Kingdom of Swaziland

A small country in Southern Africa

Swaziland is a small landlocked country in Southern Africa, bordering Mozambique and South Africa. It gained its independence from Britain in 1963. The official languages are Swazi, which is a Bantu language, as well as English. The most common religion is Christianity.

A picture of our family in 1973 crossing the border from South Africa into Swaziland and us looking forward to a wonderful vacation.

Places of Interest

Scenic Drives

Small as it may be, Swaziland is a very exciting tourist destination with its art and craft outlets and traditional markets and wildlife reserves. At Mlilwane Game Reserve tame birds and animals are free to come and go and wander through the camp grounds. Mkhaya Game Reserve offers visitors the opportunity of viewing game in open Landrovers with guides.

A major attraction for the visit to Swaziland is The Royal Swazi Sun Hotel complex, in the heart of the Ezulwini Valley, between Mbabane and Manzini. Swaziland also hosts a large number of internationally renowned hotels and a number of thermal springs where visitors can relax and unwind, like my favorite, the Spa at the Royal Swazi Sun.

Swaziland offers many scenic drives. North of Mbabane, the road to Luve is known as Pine Valley with a series of waterfalls on the Black Umbeluzi River and the granite heights of "Bald Rock".

The drive to Piggs Peak, in the north is one of the most scenic in the country. The Malolotja Nature Reserve lies to the west of the road and here, after a steep walk, you can view the Malolotja Falls, the highest in Swaziland.


Capital of Swaziland

Mbabane is the capital and largest city in Swaziland. It is the commercial center for the surrounding areas. Mbabane, and Swaziland itself, thrive on tourism and sugar exports. Tin and iron are mined as well. The nation's administrative center moved from Bremersdorp (now known as Manzini) in 1902 and this caused Mbabane to grow.

The average annual temperature is 15°C (59 deg. F) in July and 22°C (71.6 deg. F) in January. The seasons are the exact opposite to the United States as Swaziland is in the southern hemisphere. Mbabane's closest border crossing to South Africa is Ngwenya-Oshoek.

Swaziland - The Perfect Choice

A Luxury 4 Day Weekend

As Chairman and as Organizer for the Rolls Royce and Bentley Owners Club of South Africa, my husband Paul and I decided to share our love

for Swaziland with the members of our club. What an enormous response and excitement there was in accepting this invitation.

We had The Rolls Royce Division of Grosvenor Motors Johannesburg, in conjunction with our club, organize this 4 day weekend. The whole weekend was quite superb and magical. From the Royal Swazi Hotel and Spa, the guests rooms, the gifts in each room, the entertainment, etc. etc.

Magical Swaziland - The Beautiful Rolls Royces & Bentleys - there were 50 cars

It was a weekend immensely enjoyed by us all. Wonderful memories for all attending to cherish for a lifetime.

Beautiful Swaziland - Swazi Dancers

Enjoy this video - It might be a little long, but very well worth watching. It really shows you what Swaziland is all about.

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    • Gayle Dowell profile image

      Gayle Dowell 5 years ago from Kansas

      I've been to Tanzania and Zimbabwe, but not Swaziland. Great lens.

    • artbyrodriguez profile image

      Beverly Rodriguez 5 years ago from Albany New York

      Thanks for telling us about Swaziland. It sounds like a wonderful place to visit.

    • profile image

      antoniow 5 years ago

      Fantastic lens, well done!

    • LornsA178 profile image

      LornsA178 5 years ago

      Very interesting place to visit. Weather seems perfect.

    • Inkhand profile image

      Inkhand 6 years ago

      Very interesting.

    • goo2eyes lm profile image

      goo2eyes lm 6 years ago

      once again, i enjoyed the trip to swaziland.

    • profile image

      julieannbrady 6 years ago

      What an incredible place to visit! Have heard lots about Swaziland from movies, but never really knew too much about the place ... what about the cuisine?

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      How wonderful it must be to visit Swaziland. Looks like a place I would just love to see for myself. Thank you for sharing, I enjoyed your article and photos. :)

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      I love your Swaziland Travel lens. It brought back some great memories for me. Thank you!

    • junecampbell profile image

      June Campbell 6 years ago from North Vancouver, BC, Canada

      Thanks for this highly informative lens. I knew next to nothing about Swaziland before I discovered this page.