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A Day Trip On Your Motorcycle With Your Pet ... How Sweet It Is!

Updated on October 3, 2014

We Ride Everywhere

Some cool ideas about taking a day tour. We take our pet with us everywhere. He rides in his Boo Boo Coach which his Daddy built for him and can be viewed and purchased at We love to's our way of life. We go and see everything we can.

One of our favorite rides is out to the Gulf Island Beach. Which is a 9 mile ride off of any main highways out to the Gulf. It's absolutely beautiful out there in Citrus County, FL. You ride on a nice winding road that runs between the marsh waters and ends at a boat landing and beach. There's a observation deck overlooking the Gulf. Another nice putt is up Hwy 19 to Cedar Key...great ride through uncongested roads. If you like to ride try central and north Florida...for me it's the best with miles of beautiful scenery!

Just Me Enjoying The Smell Of The Salt Air On The Gulf
Just Me Enjoying The Smell Of The Salt Air On The Gulf

Standing On The Deck With The Gulf Behind Me

This pic was taken on a spring day and a little cool in central Florida hence the leather's but a great day for a putt out to the Gulf. That's one of my favorite rides. I love the smell of the salt air as we ride down that winding road that ends looking out over the Gulf Of Mexico.

We always take our dog Boo Boo with us. He rides in his carrier, comfortable and safe with his doggles on. People every where we go stop to see how cute he looks sitting in his "Boo Boo Coach" stylin'...he actually looks like he's smiling! They love to take pictures of him on the bike. He takes it all in stride but then he loves people and he loves his day trips as much as we do!

Google Maps - A Mini Vacation Destinations!

If you live close give these a look see.

show route and directions
A markerBeautiful sand beach on the Atlantic Ocean -
Daytona Beach, Florida
get directions

B markerOne of Florida's oldest Cities, shopping for collectables and the ocean to enjoy -
St Augustine, FL
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Cedar Key, Florida

Pelicans & the smell of salt air. A relaxing ride on hwy 19 through the country ending in some nice cafe's on the Gulf of Mexico.

A markera quaint Key with dining, lodging, boat access to the Gulf Of Mexico -
Cedar Key, Florida
get directions

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Got Gloves?

Put Some Snacks In Those Saddle Bags!

A little something for the saddle bags for when ya stop to check out some great scenery!

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    • Ninche profile image

      Ninche 5 years ago

      I like it! Boo Boo is really cool and it's great that he's riding with you.

    • Pam Irie profile image

      Pam Irie 6 years ago from Land of Aloha

      It's so great you are able to take your BooBoo along for the ride. :)

    • profile image

      JennySui 6 years ago

      I never experienced it but i might be a good feeling to travel with your pet.

    • LadyCharlie profile image

      LadyCharlie 6 years ago

      @ajgodinho: Thank you very much for liking my wishes to you!

    • ajgodinho profile image

      Anthony Godinho 6 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      Cool that you can take Boo Boo with you guys on your rides...pretty cool Boo Boo coach. :)