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Some Signs That Your Body is Crying for a Vacation

Updated on August 27, 2016

Importance of vacations

Working 40 hrs per week can take a huge toll on your body. Some of you are required to work for even longer period of time. With only two days off from work, there’s not really enough time to revitalize your body the way it should.

Therefore, taking a vacation once a year is a must if you want to work and feel better. There are various signs that can be signaling you to take a vacation. However, those signs are only known by just a small number of people. Luckily, you’re reading this blog post from which you’ll learn some of the signs that may be telling you it’s time for a vacation.

According to a study conducted by Expedia, more than 30% of American employees don’t use all their vacation days. And the reason for that is due to the fear of getting fired. On the other hand, the worldwide television station CNN is urging employees to take their vacations because their brain needs it.

Getting fired for using your vacation days would be absurd. When an employee takes a vacation this employee comes back to work feeling refreshed and ready to tackle his or her duties better than before. In this case, the employee is not the only one who’s being benefited from the vacation. After all, happy employees make happy customers. Steve Cooper, a Forbes contributor states, make more money by making your employees happy.

After a vacation, employees are usually happy, there should be no reason to fire an employee for using the available vacation’s days.

Without taking too long, let’s jump into the signs that can signal you to take your vacation.

1- Always tired at work

You may need a vacation if you find yourself to be always tired at work. Don’t get me wrong, you can be tired once in awhile. You’re a human being not a robot, if I was saying you should never be tired at work I would be lying to you. But if you’re tired everyday at your desk, then you need to do something about that and the best thing is to treat yourself to a nice vacation.

2- Can’t wake up in the morning to go to work

Are you one of those employees who are always having a hard time waking up in the morning to go to work? There are many reasons that can enable you to wake up early to go to work. It may be due to lack or too much exercising, too much caffeine, poor sleeping patterns, and so on.

But if you know you don’t have any of those listed problems and you still can’t wake up on time to go to work, it may be due to a lack of desire to your job. If you’ve got tired of your job it will affect you in many different ways. Not only you won’t be able to deliver the way you should, you may also have some difficulties in other aspects in your life.

3- Getting a glass of wine after each day of work

Oftentimes, we pour ourselves a glass of wine when we’re too stressed out. Although that does help in some level, it’s a coping mechanism that may not be healthy. You don’t want to be depended on wine to help you finish your days. In fact, abc NEWS has published a post stating that New women alcoholics: “Looking at Red Wine Like It’s Chocolate.”

What I’m trying to say here is that drinking too much wine can become a problem. It’s not a problem to find yourself enjoying a glass of wine once in awhile, but once you get to the point where you’re actually in need of a glass of wine every day, that should raise a red flag.

That should tell you there’s something causing you to be in need of drinking so often. If your job is the reason for that, then a vacation is the only remedy.

4- Always thinking about work

Do you constantly find yourself thinking about your work even when you’re at home? Thinking about your job while your mind should be free is not something you should be doing. Your mind should be refreshed every work day, but if you can’t take your job off of your mind for a minute, there’s no way for this to happen.

As a result, your productivity at work may suffer, and you know what that can lead to. Therefore, it’s important to try to do the best you can at work. In order to do that you’ll have to take good care of yourself, go away from your job for one or two weeks.

Importance of a vacation

According to a research conducted by Galinsky and Maddux, professors in business school “traveling abroad makes people have a more nuanced understanding of themselves, while at the same time they also have a better sense of who they are.”

According to Karen Matthews of Mind Body Center at the University of Pittsburgh,

“Taking time away from work and routine allows the body to replenish and repair itself.”

Although many people think that taking a vacation is just a way of enjoying life, in reality it worth more than just that. Furthermore, taking your vacation in a foreign country can help you even more. If that’s the case, knowing where to go for your vacation is as important as well. Bellow are 10 places you might want to visit in your future vacations.

1- Hawaii

2- Saint Lucia

3- Paris, France

4- Bahamas

5- Cancun, Mexico

6- Milan, Italy

7- Florence, Italy

8- Tokyo

9- London

10- Rome

To conclude

We all need to work in order to survive, but you should also know that your body wasn’t created to work only. You need to give it time to recuperate from all the hard works it has been doing.

There’s nothing better than taking a vacation once a year, it will revitalized you to get back to your job like a new person. Additionally, your vacation doesn’t have to be expensive.

In return, you’ll be happier, more productive, and your customers will be happy with you, which will also allow you have some wonderful days at work.


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