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Top 10 Tampere Tourist Spots

Updated on May 1, 2017

Tampere Tourist Spots

Tampere, Finland is one of the best tourist and sightseeing places in the world. There are some really good places in Tampere one would like to visit during their Europe trip. This hub covers information about Top 10 Tampere Tourist Spots you would love to visit during your Travel to Tampere.


#1 Travel to Tampere

How to reach Tampere

Tampere is one of the best places where you can reach by bus, train and also by air. There are flights available in the morning and evening from Helsinki airport. You can travel any time to Tampere through their bus and train transport systems which is one of the best in the world.

Buses from Helsinki airport are available every hour till 11pm in the night and from 5.30AM in the morning. Not sure about the trains but as far as i remember, there are trains almost 24*7. It takes30 minutes from Helsinkit to Tampere by flight, 2 hours by bus and 90 minutes by high speed train


#2 Tampere Weather

Best places to live

Tampere weather is similar to other European countries. You would love the weather from June to October during spring. If you are a snow lover, then you can visit in the end of December to first week of January. After that temperature decreases to -30 degrees. So if you are looking for a Tampere Trip, June to October is the best time. Even Christmas time is also awesome as Christmas celebrations are awesome in Tampere

Tampere is one of the top tourist spots around world. Do give a time to fill the poll

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#3 Tampere Guides - Guide books to Tampere

There are some really good books that tell you about Tampere and how it evolved as one of the best places in Europe. Nokia is one of the popular companies in Tampere. Even there is a place called Nokia in Tampere.

You can find the Tampere tourist Guide and the travel information to Tampere in bus station. It is available for free and have all places which are mentioned in this hub.

#4 Route Map to Tampere

Google maps help you to travel very easily when you are going around Tampere. Even though Tampere is small city, it is better to have Google map with you when traveling around Tampere or from Tampere to other cities like Helsinki.

A marker -
get directions

Domestic Transport in Tampere

Transport in Tampere

In Tampere, Domestic transport is one of the best I have seen around the world. I have traveled all around the world, but the perfection maintained by local buses in Tampere is the best. You can also hire a cab in Tampere, but I recommend to take local buses in Tampere. All buses start from the City Centre of Tampere and you can get buses to all places in Tampere.

If you are staying for a long time, take bus pass for 45Euros or 1.5Euros per one place

Tourist Spots in Tampere - Top Tampere Tourist Spots

Tampere has some beautiful tourist spots. Given below are some of the Top Tampere Tourist Spots which can make your trip more enjoyable

  1. Pynikki Tower

    Pynikki Tower is one of the best places in Tampere. Located at heights of Tampere, you can have a beautiful view of Tampere from top of pynikki tower

  2. Lakes in Tamper:

    Lakes in Tampere are beautiful and georgeous. You can love to go around the lakes and spend your time around during your stay in Tampere

  3. Shopping Malls in Tampere

    There are quite a good number of shopping malls in Tampere. Especially near to city centre, you can get anything you asked for there from food to clothing

  4. Museums in Tampere

    You would love to visit museums and shopping malls in Tampere as they are good places to pass time

  5. Skeeing

    In winters Skeeing and Cold water dip are somethings which you would love to do in Tampere. Also you can have a walk on the frozen lake. Beautiful experience in the snowing weather

Winters in Tampere

Don't forget to carry Jerkins and gloves in Tampere during winters as it is extremely cold. Given below are some of the top Jerkins you can have with you during your Europe tour

Top Tampere Links

Given below are some of the useful Tampere Tourist Spots links and Links related to public transport and weather report in Tampere.

If you are looking for the best tourist spots in Tampere, read the article 5 Best Travel Spots in Tampere.

Also don't miss out the famous tourist spots like Pynikki Tower. Some of the best pictures for Tampere are covered in Top Tampere Pictures

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