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Tent Camping On Road Trips

Updated on June 19, 2012

Finding Affordable Accommodations While Traveling

When I was recently on a long road trip I found out some ways to save money when I needed accommodations. I have thought it would be a great tips page to share some of these ideas with you.

This is my experience and I must insist you do some research before adopting any of the ideas here. This is my perspective and I hope it can help you to find affordable and appropriate lodging while you are on the road.

The Image Texsport Sequoia Pass Three-Room Family Cabin Tent (Tan/Green, 19-Feet X 9-Feet X 86-Inch) Courtesy of (see product details on this page)

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Camping out with a family can be an important memory building for the family. Take plenty of photos so you will have memories to share for years to come. Even if you go camping often, these memories are going to be treasures for a long time (especially for younger children).

Texsport Sequoia Pass Three-Room Family Cabin Tent (Tan/Green, 19-Feet X 9-Feet X 86-Inch)
Texsport Sequoia Pass Three-Room Family Cabin Tent (Tan/Green, 19-Feet X 9-Feet X 86-Inch)

Buy a personal size tent for each 'bedroom' and buy a family cabin tent for a commons area while you are camping out.


Camp Stoves Are A Must - In Case Fires Are Restricted

As I have been traveling during fire warning season I've noticed more and more campgrounds are restricting the use of campfire or are making them prohibited. So, while you are camping you are going to want to carry along a camp stove that will be the right size for the number of people you are cooking for.

Even if you are simply warming up water for some instant meals, when there is a restriction on fires, you will need a camp stove to get the job done.

When You Need A Hotel -- Find Coupons! - Some Times A Room I Priceless

But it doesn't need to break the bank. There are many places to find coupons for hotels and motels. I found coupon books at rest areas, welcome centers, tourist information offices, and once right in the lobby of the motel I was hoping to stay at.

Coupons often have expiration dates and location restrictions as well as blackout dates. So, while I was driving all around the country I would hope to stay in a motel when these restrictions were not an issue. Otherwise the campground is perhaps the best choice.

I have saved as much as $40 on a room by using a coupon. Which was a great discount since I was on a really tight budget for the journey. My road trip spanned over two months so I was in need of a room occasionally (in between staying in camp grounds, with friends or family, or a few hours sleeping in my car -- see 'when you need a nap' later on this page)

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When you are sitting in the car and want the best reader you can find, then, the Kindle Book Reader is what you are looking for.

Which Is Your Favorite Travel Tip Or Resource?

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  • ILoveNature profile image

    ILoveNature 5 years ago

    I like to use coupons and I look for other specials - like buy one night, get one free in hotels or motels.

  • ToyTown profile image

    ToyTown 5 years ago

    camping on a road trip sounds like a lot of fun! Every day an adventure - although I'm not sure I'm up for the tent life... I'd be willing to give it a shot again. Camping when I was a kid was such great times!

  • profile image

    ohcaroline 5 years ago

    Have your food separated and packaged individually by the meal really helps when you don't have much room to do your campfire cooking. Preplanning is a must.