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Ten things American's should NOT do when they visit Ireland

Updated on October 12, 2014
Newgrange Co. Meath Ireland Oldest Building in the world
Newgrange Co. Meath Ireland Oldest Building in the world

What all Americans should know before they visit Ireland

Now this is nothing personal but some American's really are the world's worst tourist, and seem to think if you have an Embassy in the country you are fine and safe. Its not that you cause trouble but some think that they are untouchable.
You can see some American's walking down the street from a mile away and they just have mug me written all over them. But now with a little help you will be fine.

First a little bit of information about Ireland.
We have Castles - golf courses - Even the oldest building ever built Newgrange which is in Ireland. Plus if you want history and culture you will find it all here and loads more.
BUT what some American's forget is we also have muggings - rapes - armed robberies - drugs & drink problems. So if you are coming to Ireland just remember the face's and places may look different but the same crimes happen here just like any other country.

1 : Chequered trousers

Yes the good old chequered trouser's Leave it at home its' not in fashion over here and I don't think it ever was or will be. All it will do is make you stand out like a sore thumb plus make you a target for muggers.

Garden leprechaun
Garden leprechaun

2 Looking for leprechauns

You would be surprised at how many American's will buy a map showing were the best places are to find leprechauns. It's ok to buy one for a souvenir but you always get the one American who try's to follow the map.

A Good old pint of Guinness
A Good old pint of Guinness

3 Guinness

Not everyone in Ireland drinks this and believe it or not a lot of people over here don't even like it. So if you try a pint of Guinness and you don't like it. That is ok we have other drinks. So don't try to pretend that you like it just get a different drink like Budweiser you might of heard of that one.

Aran Sweater Great for a cold winter's day. But not summer time in Ireland
Aran Sweater Great for a cold winter's day. But not summer time in Ireland

4 Aaron Sweaters

Now don't the American's just love these jumpers. Buy as many as you like. But before you put it on, have a look around you. No one is wearing them you will see Tommy Hilfiger - Calvin Klein - Armani plus other designer names and loads of non designer clothes. But no Aran sweaters so save your sweater for a cold day at home.

Warning Do Not wear in Ireland
Warning Do Not wear in Ireland

5 Fanny Packs

There's only one thing you can say about these. And that is don't even think about putting one of these on. If you have to ask why than maybe you are just a lost cause.

Streets of Ireland
Streets of Ireland

6 Beggars

They won't do nothing to you but if you want to give money away give it to charity. Because most of these beggars on the street are part of organised gangs. So your money is not going to help the person on the street but into the pocket of some wealthy gang leader

7 Be proud to be American

Yes be proud of yourself and being American. All the things I said about dressing right are just to help you not to get mugged. But when you are out enjoying yourself just be yourself you are an American you might have a great great grandparent from Ireland. But you are now American. Don't make excuses about wars or other things most Irish don't give a rats ass about any of that. American are the most welcome tourist to Ireland and its not just because of the dollars you spend you are actually liked over here.

8 The word awesome

This word used to be one of the most annoying things you could hear out of an American's mouth. But you will find that a lot of Irish now use this word. Once the word is not used in every sentence no one will take any notice now.

9 Bono & U2

When you are out in the pub and talking to an Irish person. I will now save you the trouble of asking the question (Do you know Bono and what is he like to talk to?) Now I would be 99.99% sure that the person don't know Bono or ever had the pleasure of meeting him

10 Don't Expect A Mythological Land

If I traveled to mid western America I would not expect to find Cowboys & Indians still fighting. So when you come over here don't expect to find us all digging the turf out of the bogs during the day. Than by night find us meeting at the crossroads doing Irish dancing and drinking Guinness. You might still see the odd fight at the crossroads but the dancing is long gone.

Now come and enjoy your holidays

What Happens When You Ask An Irishman A Question

Some driving times around Ireland

From Dublin to Cork Takes About 3 hours

From Dublin to Galway takes about 2 hours

From Dublin to Killarney takes about 4 hours

From Dublin to Belfast takes about 2 hours

From Cork to Killarney takes about 1 hour

From Cork to Blarney takes about 20 minutes

From Cork to Belfast takes about 5 hours

From the very top of Ireland to the very bottom takes about 7 to eight hours.

A lot of people ask where you should stay in Ireland. Well it don't really matter because Ireland is not very big. So you can drive to almost any point in a few hours.

The Train service in Ireland will only get you to some of the main parts

5 out of 5 stars from 1 rating of Ireland

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    • FlourishAnyway profile image

      FlourishAnyway 4 years ago from USA

      The tour bus guides sure don't help in dispelling myths much. They trump up the Guinness and sweaters, the leprechans and mythology. Interesting read. Occasionally you can find a cowboy here!

    • Roguewolf76 profile image

      Roguewolf76 4 years ago from Kentucky

      Hopefully here in the next few years will be visiting soon, although I do have to say even though I read the tips I wouldn't dare do any of that. Just silly really.

    • Janellegems profile image

      Janellegems 4 years ago from United States

      Great hub and great information to know. I hope to visit Ireland next year.

    • Christine Miranda profile image

      Christine Miranda 5 years ago from My office.

      Love it! My 4x gr grandparents married in Randalstown, Co. Antrim, Ireland in 1830. Would love to visit Ireland in the future and will be sure to keep your suggestions in mind. And yes, I voted this "Awesome!"