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Tepoztlan, Mexico

Updated on December 3, 2015

Knowing Tepoztlan, Morelos. Mexico

Tepoztlan is a town in the State of Morelos, Mexico located in a valley surrounded by mountains between which lies the "Cerro del Tepozteco" (Tepozteco's Hill) that give the site a mystique that has helped many people gather to perform various activities of a spiritual or healing kind or simply for relaxation and rest.

Convento de Tepoztlan Morelos

Convento de Tepoztlan Morelos
Convento de Tepoztlan Morelos

To Tepoztlan from Mexico City - by car

To Tepoztlan from Mexico City
To Tepoztlan from Mexico City

Tepoztlan is located 81.2 km (50.4 miles) about 1 hour drive, south of Mexico City, in the neighboring State of Morelos

The word comes Tepoztlan from its etymological roots of "tepozt-tli" meaning iron or copper and "tlan" which means abundance or place. Then, Tepoztlan means where abundant copper.

The village of Tepoztlan is located at the end of a small valley surrounded by high mountains and large rocks of strange shapes that make up a very special landscape. Among the famous rocks Tepozteco, a rock that rises nearly 400 feet above the town, on top of which sits a small pyramid that is visited each week by several thousand people and from which you have a magnificent view of the village and across the valley.

Source: Tepoztlán Pueblo Mágico Morelos

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    • lesliesinclair profile image

      lesliesinclair 5 years ago

      What an enticing place to visit.