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That's So Sam

Updated on August 17, 2016

Africa or Bust

June 25, 2016


Today is the day that I thought would never come, the day that seemed like a distant dream, today is the day that my 7 family members and I embark on our journey across the world on our African adventure. INSANE.

Leading up to this day, I have been consumed with mixed feelings of both anxiety and excitement. Excitement for the adventure and incredible sights, culture, and people I will see and experience. Anxiety for the fact that I am traveling to a third world country and have no idea what to expect. Upon departing, I am overwhelmed with all that I will be leaving behind. I basically have all necessities inside a backpack and an oversized suitcase: clothes for the 2 weeks, my camera, my passport, and myself, of course. Leaving my phone, laptop, and all meaningless objects behind scares me. Being literally off the grid for 2 weeks in a foreign country has me terrified, but it's all apart of the experience right?

It's a Friday morning. Alarms are going off, coffee and breakfast are being made, and 8 people are running around the house OCDing about if all necessities for Africa are packed and secured. After 20 minute showers (I know California is in a drought but it was our last hot shower until who knew when), a family breakfast, and more OCDing about our suitcase and if we all packed what we planned to, our limo driver pulled into the driveway. It's safe to say that our driver was not feeling our excitement and was getting rather annoyed with the fact that we were using the champagne glasses to drink water out of, taking an immense amount of selfies, singing along to the radio, and being overly excited for the trip that was about to become our reality.

After circling the airport a time or so, we had finally reached the international departures. We had about 2 hours at the airport before we boarded our 10 hour flight to Amsterdam. Yes, you read that right, 10 hours. The flight to The Netherlands was long and uncomfortable. Amsterdam is 8 hours ahead and with my flight anxiety, there was NO way I was falling asleep on the airplane. Between airplane food, the mini bottle of wine, and the endless amount of movies offered on the flight, somehow, I did survive.

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2AM Pacific Time, 10AM Central European Time and we have officially landed in The Netherlands. Say whaaaaaattttt! I've never been to Europe, the only time before this that I have left the country was back when I was 10 when my family and I spent time in Canada at Niagara Falls so, the excitement of being in Europe (even if it was for just a 2 hour layover), was very real. The airport was filled with European trinkets, chocolate, famous Netherland delicacies, and the stereotypical Euro outfit, socks and sandals - which may been sported by both tourists and locals, I was too jetlagged to differentiate.

It's 12PM. Flight number ??? to Nairobi, Kenya is being called to board. 7 more hours of flying is ahead of me, I don't know if I can handle this, let alone if I am even cut out to endure this. Goodbye to the world that I have known for the past 21 years of my life, drinkable water, electricity, cell service, and daily showers. Hello to the experience of a lifetime, that will change me forever, that I will forever speak of and tell stories of. Bon voyage. Africa or Bust!

xoxo, ❥ Sam


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