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The British Abroad

Updated on June 22, 2015

British people living abroad

You see, it's not really our fault that we have wanderlust.

We are an island nation and throughout the centuries we have bobbed around the world - sometimes causing mayhem, sometimes establishing colonies and generally creating a now-depleted Empire.

It's in our blood.

Some of the world's greatest explorers in history were from the United Kingdom.

Hundreds of years ago, off they went, those forefathers of ours - singeing the King Of Spain's beard, discovering Australia, having mutinies on the Bounty, Dr-Livingstone-I-presume-ing - all that good stuff.

And that was just the chaps we know about. Throughout Britain, countless unknown blokes were setting sail on fishing boats, travelling the world as traders or popping over to India for a spell with the mem' sahib.

We're travellers, we explore, it's hardwired into our brains. We end up all over the world, up mountains, below the sea and even in space. So,what I'm doing here is getting together collection of articles about the wandering Brits - the English in Ecuador, the Scots in Singapore, the Welsh in Western Samoa (that was a tricky one) or the Irish in Indonesia. Or even, Brits being Brits, the Yorkshireman in Kent (now that's a culture shock).

Do you have an article for me to add here? Let me know.

Food in America
Food in America | Source


This tells about the trouble I had when I moved from the UK to the USA.

Why? Well, although we're supposed to speak the same language, we don't.

Join me as I stomp around the supermarket looking for ordinary ingredients & muddle through the complexities of chips, crisps and homefries.

Read on

Life for an Englishman in Spain
Life for an Englishman in Spain | Source

Here's a great article from peterb6001 who, as a Brit, has spent a long time living in Spain.

Now there's not a lot of distance between the UK and Spain (I've driven there many times) so are there really cultural differences?

Oh yes...

Read more

An Englishwoman on dining in the USA
An Englishwoman on dining in the USA | Source

I identify with this one.

This article - which actually made me splutter Diet Coke all over my keyboard - is from ErinMellor who highlights some of the differences between dining out in the United States and in the UK.

Love it.

Find out more

A British family dining in Key West
A British family dining in Key West | Source

Three generations of an English family are in the Florida Keys.

Two are vegetarian. One is vegan who only eats gluten-free meals.

One is a nine year old.

One is a bloke who won't consider a meal unless it contains a hunk of meat and who won't eat 'foreign muck'.

Will they starve?

Read more

England's favourite food
England's favourite food | Source

There's one food that almost every British person who lives abroad really misses.

And unless you're British yourself, you probably don't know what it is.

I have had British house guests in the USA who have had withdrawal symptoms after just a couple of days.

What on earth could it be?

Find out

The Shipping Forecast
The Shipping Forecast | Source

Now this is a strange one.

All over the world, largely thanks to the internet, British people can listen to BBC Radio.And there's one programme that's guaranteed to warm the cockles of our hearts.

It makes us feel soothed and secure.

And yet it's not remotely what you might think it is.

Find out more

Things Brits shouldn't say in the USA
Things Brits shouldn't say in the USA | Source

Are you British and going to America?

Or maybe you've got American guests in the UK?

There are so many differences between the two 'languages' - even though they are supposedly the same.

Read this and avoid trouble.

See more

What about the other side of the coin?

Oh yes,I'd love to hear from you too. Have you lived or visited Britain and written about it on this site? Was it weird? Was there culture shock? Let me know - I want to include your articles too.

Further reading

Emigrating to Florida
Emigrating to Florida

If you go to Amazon, you'll find that there is a huge number of books dealing with emigrating to a new country - or even visiting for a while.

It's so easy to get into trouble simply because of language and other differences. I found this out the hard way.

Wherever you're moving to - or from - you'll find a book that can help you prepare.

Quit Your Job and Move to Key West - The Complete Guide (Quit Your Job and Move to...)
Quit Your Job and Move to Key West - The Complete Guide (Quit Your Job and Move to...)

Doesn't that sound like a dream?

Imagine if you could get away from the office and the boss and live in idyllic Key West.

Well, it might seem like dream but there are many people who have done just that - or moved to other places that we usually think of as perfect vacation locations.Meet them here and find out how they did it.


© 2014 Jackie Jackson


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    • DreyaB profile image


      4 years ago from France

      What a great portfolio for some brilliant pages. I've had fun all night! :0) Yes, I know, I don't get out a lot... ;)

    • Expat Mamasita profile image

      Expat Mamasita 

      4 years ago from Thailand

      Thank you for adding a link to my lens. I have tweeted, FB'd, G+'d and pinned!


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