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The Future of Air Travel

Updated on January 5, 2016

Beam Me Up Scotty

When I was younger, well I must confess, age has nothing to do with loving the Star Trek Series and for me that's all the related series that have been aired over the years. Now I suppose you have wondered many times about the futuristic gadgets that were used on the Starship. They were all necessary and fully functional devices that fascinated all each and every night. They were necessary devices that got them to many galaxies and territorial states ruled by friends and foes. Oh we all dreamed that someday we would have a handheld device for personal communication, one that didn't require a 50 foot curly cord that would get us from the kitchen to the bathroom and still be able to talk on the phone. Well that show inspired Martin Cooper and Motorola was the first company to produce a handheld mobile phone. It looked a little clunky but on 3 April 1973 we had our first cell phone.

I suppose you also remember Doctor Leonard "bones" Mccoy and his hand held scanning device that could pinpoint a problem in a human and not so human body and fix the disease quickly and efficiently. Well most of the time, sometimes it was a bit of a challenge if they encountered something foreign from a far off galaxy. So inspiration led to invention and we now have MRI's, C.T and P.E.T scanners. So do you see the logic behind my thinking? I'll let you think about that and to where the good old Starship will take you next. I would like to recognise for this wonderful photo of the starship enterprise.

The New System of Air Travel - Janice Rand - Transporter Chief - USS Enterprise - Move Over Here We Come

Galaxy Photo from
Galaxy Photo from

Now I suppose you are saying right about now, this guy is a little over the top with this idea. Take a human body and disassemble it cell by cell and then somehow beam it to another place and put it all together again? The great physicist Dr. Sheldon Cooper thinks its possible L.O.L! Just seeing if your still awake and reading this lens with a great sense of scientific discovery swirling around in your brain are the possibilities that a transporter for travel could be possible.

The Transporter - What is it?

Living human bodies, as well as inanimate objects, are molecularly dematerialized, transmitted to their destination up to 40,000 kilometers away, and then rematerialized in two to three seconds.

Is it feasible?

This would take spectacular computing power, far beyond anything possible today. One intriguing estimate of what it would take to teleport a 150-pound human involves calculating the amount of processing power necessary, and that quickly gets into unimaginably high numbers, consisting of ones followed by dozens of zeros just to count the person's atoms. Each atom would need to be scanned and recorded. One imaginative commenter estimated it would take a year to record the necessary data to transport a human. Another calculated 22 million years. And then there's the reconstituting of that person's body on the other side. That would be one long trip.

Similar real-world technology

So far, scientists tinkering with quantum mechanics have been able to transport one molecule a few feet, so maybe transporting a human is not impossible. Given the growth of computational power, the ability to crunch such enormous numbers may occur faster than anyone could anticipate. Consider this: robotic spacecraft with accurate enough sensors to allow telepresence. The Information was taken from a web site ( very interesting I might add you might want to visit )

OK so it is far away in the future and your frequent flyer points are not in danger of being obsolete any time soon either. But this is what dreams are all about, just ask anyone who wants to make this world a better place.

Star Trek - Travel The Universe and Beyond

O.K let's explore the universe together, the transporter is away off but we are making progress so our dreams of what will be in the future will be the realities in life for future generations. Perhaps a great grand son or a great grand daughter will be the one to crack the code of transporter travel.

Star Trek Into Darkness (Blu-ray + DVD + Digital HD)
Star Trek Into Darkness (Blu-ray + DVD + Digital HD)

The Dreams of space travel and adventure are just a DVD away.

Star Trek The Next Generation Deluxe Shirt Costume
Star Trek The Next Generation Deluxe Shirt Costume

You can be in with Sheldon and Leonard with one of these. I know everyone watches this comedy show but if you missed it then its the Big Bang Theory.


What Was Your Favourite Star Trek Series - Star Trek Dare To Dream

Star Trek
Star Trek

Let's See Which Star Trek Series Sent You To The Galaxies and Beyond

See results
Star Trek: Legacy - Xbox 360
Star Trek: Legacy - Xbox 360

Never Played it but looks interesting.


New Video Module

This is Interesting to Watch

Enjoy this Video Clip

Lets Look For Spock

Special moments on Star trek Enjoy!


Let's Hear From You and Your Thoughts on Tele Transportation - Do You Think a Transporter can be Invented

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