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Louvre Museum: Facts

Updated on July 7, 2014

Rich history

Original Louvre Palace was build as a fortress against Plantagenets in 12th century just outside the walls of Paris. Its remains are still visible. It survived many wars, including World war 2, when Hermann Goering used it as one of his personal shopping places for decorating his houses.

For some time Louvre was even used as prison, later became royal residence, during French revolution became a museum, but one of the wings was used by Ministry of Finance until 1980s. Today is Louvre completely dedicated to displaying art from all over the world, attracting numerous tourists who are willing to stay in lines for many hours just to grab a moment to see the famous Mona Lisa's smile.

Art pieces are divided in eight different departments. Each is too big to be ever presented to the public at once. Did you know the complete collection consists of almost half a million pieces, but less than ten percent is permanently displayed?

(all used images are in public domain)

Some random, fun and useful facts

* It is supposedly haunted by a mummy named Belphegor.

* During reign of Napoleon Bonaparte it was called Napoleon's museum, but this name lasted only till Waterloo.

* Numerous constructing works and ideas of expanding, with non stop destruction and restoration, we can call Louvre work in progress which already lasts more than eight hundred years.

* Dan Brown listed a lot of facts about Louvre in Da Vinci's Code. Some are true, but many are not.

* Famous facade with double columns (called Colonnade) was designed by Claude Perrault, brother of famous writer Charles Perrault.

* It is closed on Tuesdays and three major holidays: Christmas, New Year's Day and Labor Day.

* Every first Sunday in month from October to March it has free entrance (with the exception of Hall Napoleon with temporary exhibitions).

* Full day access costs from 12 to 16 euros per person. It is impossible to see everything in one day, so make a good plan and expect to spent a whole day in the palace.

* There is free pass available to young people (under 18 or 26, depending on nationality and time of the day), unemployed, art teachers, disabled, ...

At your fingertips

For the first time you can see all the important paintings from the most visited museum. More than three thousand paintings from the permanent display are available to examine in full color in commodity of your own couch. Become an expert on Louvre without ever visiting the place.

The Louvre: All the Paintings
The Louvre: All the Paintings

Look, learn, grow knowledge and have fun. This can be a great gift too.


Have a virtual tour

In this documentary you will discover numerous known and unknown treasures of one of the largest (third after Metropolitan and Hermitage) and certainly the most famous museum in the world with almost nine millions of visitors per year. Without standing in lines or painful feet, with a guide and just the right light. You will not miss the crowd, which is of course the most nasty around the most popular pieces, either.

Enjoy in 90 minutes of unprecedented beauty.


There are recurring rumors about the number of glass panes used in the pyramid, constructed by Ieoh Ming Pei in 1989 when the president was Francois Mitterrand. This number was picked by newspapers after the wrong data in initial brochure and even Dan Brown used it in his Da Vinci Code. The right number is slightly higher: 673.

Masterpieces from all over the world

Although only a friction of collection is displayed at the time, Louvre can offer more than any other museum in the world. Many different collections are great resource for everybody interested in art and history.

Here, for instance, we can enjoy in oil on canvas by Fleury Francois Richard (1777-1852), one of the pioneers of so called Troubadour style, with a famous scene from the fairy tale about Little Red Riding Hood, this time from somehow unusual perspective.

Please, share your experience with the Louvre museum

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    • mihgasper profile image

      Miha Gasper 3 years ago from Ljubljana, Slovenia, EU

      @BodyHairRemoval: Indeed!

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      BodyHairRemoval 3 years ago

      Some interesting facts!

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      Miha Gasper 3 years ago from Ljubljana, Slovenia, EU

      @Charito1962: I hope you can make it!!

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      Charito Maranan-Montecillo 3 years ago from Manila, Philippines

      How I wish I could visit the Louvre someday!

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      Miha Gasper 3 years ago from Ljubljana, Slovenia, EU

      @anonymous: Thanks!

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      anonymous 3 years ago

      Excellent lens about one of the art world's great treasures.