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Updated on April 6, 2014


THE MAYAS AND KUKULCAN IN CHICHEN ITZA is a site to talk about the meaning of the feathered serpent (Kukulcan) and the Mayan Ball Game in that specific area. CHICHEN ITZA is near to Merida and close to Cancun. Chichen Itza, Merida and Cancun are in Yucatan, Mexico.

Chichen Itza is a magical place where Kukulcan comes down every year. Merida is a nice city with a lot of tourists. Cancun is a beautiful place to take vacation and that is for sure!

The Mayas were in Mexico, Central America and the north part of South America. They left several enigmas: The serpent, the year 2012, their buildings, their science and much more!

Usually the Mayans' myths are misunderstood. Many people believe they were a mix of savages and genius. Savages for the so called human sacrifices and genius because of the pyramids, cities and science. How can a bunch of savages be so smart at the same time. There is a huge contradiction. Nobody can understand any culture without understanding the meaning of the serpent and the meaning of the human sacrifices.

Understanding the ancient myths is a need to improve our own modern societies. We can learn from all the cultures and all wisdom spread around the planet. LIFE IS A PROCESS OF LEARNING AND KNOWLEDGE HAS NOT A LIMIT.


People are very interested in the Mayas, especially for the year 2012 and the prophecies. First they never said it would be the end of the world or the end of times I hope you go to the link above to check about it.

Nevertheless, it is good that people are getting interested on them because they have too many things to teach us. They left behind many enigmas that eve our science cannot explain; for example in DECEMBER 21st/2012 the sun will get into the GALACTIC PLANE and that was the starting point of a new cycle or BACTUN. How did the Mays new about getting into the Galactic Plane if they had not technology and they had not telescopes? But the MAYAN ASTRONOMICAL OBSERVATORY is similar to the modern ones!

CHICHEN ITZA is so beautiful and the Pyramid of Kukulcan is magnificent! It is a huge calendar with 365 squares around it (Meaning the days of the year). The four sides represent the four stations (Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter), but not just that; according to different cultures (Aztecs, Incas, Greeks and the wisdom from India), we have to pass by four ages or stages; they are the Golden Age, the silver Age, the Cooper Age and the Iron Age. We are supposed to be in the Iron Age and a big change will happen to get back into the Golden Age! This calendar is so special that is able to predict the precise day of an equinox or solstice! They say this calendar is more accurate to the one we use now.

Where are the Mayans? Where did they go? What happen to them? Those are other enigmas. There are several theories, but remember: THEY ARE THEORIES! Aztecs new people from the other side of the sea would come to conquer them. Montezuma was warned about it. So, did the Mayas new about that too? Maybe they left their cities because of that. Why not? The matter is: It is an enigma still!

Something interesting is that their main god was: KUKULCAN, which means PLUMED SERPENT OR FEATHERED SERPENT. Why they had a serpent as a god? Well, to understand this better we need to understand the meaning of the serpent!


The serpent has a double meaning: POSITIVE AND NEGATIVE. It is a dual symbol. What does it mean? You need water to live and actually you are 70% water, but water can kill you too. Fire is good to cook food, but it can kill you too! So the serpent is the same. On one hand it kills you and on the other hand it gives you life! How is that?

One is the snake which crawls on the ground and other one is the serpent which can fly! The first one kills you, the other one gives you life!

You can see, on the picture, a man coming out from the mouth of Kukulcan. He is coming to life from Kukulcan!

Let's remember MOSES who freed his people from Egypt. He made his staff to become a serpent to show God's power and that is what the burning bush told him to do. The pharaoh told his wizards to do the same and they did; but the serpent of Moses ate the snakes of them! (Moses' serpent is positive and the others negative).

Moses and his people were free, but they were complaining. So Jehovah, according to the Old Testament, sent snakes to bite them. Many got sick and others die. Moses asks Jehovah for a solution and he was commanded to put a serpent on a pole. Everyone who saw or touched the serpent on the pole was free of sickness! (The snakes made them sick, negative; but the serpent on the pole cure them, positive)

The snake which crawls on the ground is the one who talked to Eve in the Garden. KUKULCAN, which means PLUMED SERPENT (was called QUETZALCOATL by the Aztecs, KUNDALINNI in India and so on), is the serpent which can "fly." Flying represents the ability to go to higher levels of consciousness and higher levels of energy!

For more about the serpent read my article: THE SYMBOL AND MEANING OF THE SERPENT (Please check the link below)



Kukulcan’s Pyramid (Called "El Castillo" by the Spaniards) is the main attraction, but...the site is big enough to enjoy other beautiful places as the small temple dedicated to Chaak (The god of rain), the Astronomic Observatory, the Temple of the Warriors and other things.

When we see the Mayan Astronomic Observatory (Called "EL CARACOL" in Spanish, which means SNAIL SHELL) we see how similar it is to the modern ones. I mean the architecture. The difference is: Modern ones have those amazing telescopes and Mayas did not have them. NO? How did they know about all the astronomical events of the modern era? How did they know about the specific date (December 21st/2012) when we will cross the Galactic Plane? Whatever they had a telescope or not, the point is they knew too much!

They used to called "EYES" to the galaxies. We know now that usually galaxies have the shape of an eye; they are ovals with a circle in the center, like an eye. How did the Mayas knew it if you can not see them with the naked eye?

EL CARACOL and everything left by the Mayas are enigmas to us. It is really easy to be surprised by the Mayas and their wisdom. I bet we will have more surprises in the future.

Yes, I know people think they wee savages because of the brutal human sacrifices, but actually they were not.




The players were not able to hit the ball with their hands or feet. The objective was to make the ball go through a ring on a wall. The winner (some people say the loser) was beheaded at the end of the game.

Nevertheless, this way to play the ball game does not match the dimensions of the court game in Chichen Itza. The rings are too high and there is no way to reach them without the use of hands, so there, an exception was made, they could use their elbows in order to hit the ball strong enough to go into the rings. Well, this is a way to hold the idea of a physical and brutal game!

When we understand HUMAN SACRIFICES were not part of the original teachings but, a distortion of them, then we understand the Mayan Ball game did not have that porpoise in the beginning.

According to ancient teachings all cultures pass through four ages or stages (Gold, silver, copper and iron). The first two ages are nice; but the other two, specially the Iron Age, are the age of chaos and destruction. Aztecs were, when the Spaniards came, in the Iron Age and they became barbarian; but it does not mean they were always the same way. We have to mention that THE ELITE OF THE MAYAS WERE GONE when those men from the other side of the ocean came.

So all this stories about THE "BLOODY" MAYAN BALL GAME and the human sacrifices have a meaning , which was misunderstood when the Iron Age came. We explain the meaning of the Human Sacrifices and we encourage you to read about it, just click on the picture above.

Ancient Mayas, Aztecs, Incas and all culture had a glorious past; they had a glorious origin. Nevertheless, Saturn destroys everything and everybody, even his suns! Please refer to the four ages and you will find a section for THE SPACE-TIME MACHINE AND SATURN (Time).

One question: why are seven serpents (See picture above) coming out from the neck of the beheaded warrior?


Schipper Maya Pyramid Paint-By-Number Kit
Schipper Maya Pyramid Paint-By-Number Kit

Think how wonderful it will look in your house!

A Mayan Pyramid right in your living room or your own room! WoW!

It really will look amazing!



Kukulcan or Quetzalcoatl has three aspects:

One is the intelligent cosmic principle which created everything.

The second aspect is the Kundalini or inner main energy which must be developed within a special human being.

The third aspect is the person who developed that energy and therefore is called Kukulcan or Quetzalcoatl.

So, Kukulcan, in the third aspect, is a title given to a person. It was not only one Quetzalcoatl. Actually it was a school to teach to become one. Nevertheless, it was not easy to become a Quetzalcoatl. Please read the myth of Quetzalcoatl.

Obviously, those teachings had to do a lot about meditation, control of the mind, Kundalini Yoga and more. Remember: NOBODY CAN DEVELOP THE KUNDALINI WITHOUT LOVE FOR HUMAN KIND. All the great Masters spoke about loving other beings. Buddha, for example, spoke not just about loving human beings, but even animals and plants.

AHIMSA, the philosophy of non violence, is part of all the Masters teachings. What Masters, those who became Quetzalcoatl or Kukulcan; those who transformed themselves into real humans, full of love and comprehension for others.


How many secrets does Chichen Itza have? How many marvelous things does it have? That is why it is a magical place and the energy in it is so special. Not wonder why thousands of people go to see it and feel it!

The more you know about Chichen Itza the more you want to be there! It is a place where you can enjoy and feel the energy of the ancient Mayas!

Remember: YOU NEED AT LEAST A FULL DAY TO ENJOY CHICHEN ITZA. It has many sites where you can spend time and learn a lot! Chichen Itza is a main place to go for those who love the Mayan culture. You will find the Mayan Observatory, the Convent (Named by Spaniards, but it was not a real convent), an small temple dedicated to Chack (The god of rain) where you will see on top of the door a priest seated in Lotus flower (Buddha’s’ asana or position to seat for meditation), the biggest court of the Mayan ball game


Legends Of The Plumed Serpent: Biography Of A Mexican God
Legends Of The Plumed Serpent: Biography Of A Mexican God

This is a good book to read about legends and myths of the Plumed Serpent (Kukulcan for Mayas and Quetzalcoatl for Aztecs).

Now you can learn more about THE FEATHERED SERPENT!



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