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The medieval Kastelli and nearby Santorini hotels

Updated on September 10, 2014

Why Santorini ?

The creation of natureâs wrath combined with great history, folklore legends, great Cycladic traditional and picturesque settlements and colourful nightlife all surrounded by the endless blue of the Aegean Sea and the magnificence of the Mediterranean climate.

The above could be said that can describe in a very rough way the magnificent and so lively amalgam that Santorini is!

Human evolution and thirst for life proved to be stronger than the almighty volcanic explosions that took place during the islandâs history, with the Caldera being a great evidence of the natureâs destructive force!

On this moon-like dark volcanic soil landscape, human presence is evident with the myriads of beautiful white-brushed traditional houses that pop up on almost every corner of this distinctive volcanic island. It could be said that every house represents the victory of life and creation over destruction and death! The warm hospitality of the locals and the picturesque small settlements make the traveller feel like being lost in time in a rather paradox but yet so appealing environment.

Santorini Hotels... - famous all over the world !

Veggera Hotel... a posh neo-classical complex...entrance
Veggera Hotel... a posh neo-classical complex...entrance

Santorini hotels are a great proof of the island’s tremendous tourist boom over the last decades creating an every growing number of regular and returning visitors.

It is widely promoted by those visiting Santorini that Santorini hotels are definitely a great accommodation experience and if you will add up to this the fact that the volcanic landscape and the beautiful majestic sunsets create a rather dreamy and definitely uniquely romantic atmosphere, then it is no wonder why this island enjoys such a great popularity.

If you are looking for a great accommodation choice among the finest of Santorini luxury hotels, then Veggera Hotel in Perissa seems like a great place to check in.

Looking among the finest Santorini luxury hotels ? - Check in to Veggera Hotel !

Veggera Hotel ...spacious comfy rooms with lush views
Veggera Hotel ...spacious comfy rooms with lush views

Veggera Hotel is located in Perissa, a beautiful seaside settlement. Surrounded by serene nature consisting of trees and colourful flowers, Veggera Hotel seems like the ideal hotel unit to accommodate any needs you may have. From the very first time that you check in you feel a great vibe of carefree and relaxed emotions.

Leave all the routine to the experienced and high skilled staff of the hotel and focus your energy on enjoying regenerating sleeps at the hotel’s spacious rooms and comfy beds overlooking great landscapes while diving and relaxing at the swimming pool. On the other hand, if you fancy a dive into the blue waters of the Perissa beach, then the great news are that this beach is only few meters away from the hotel’s premises.

just few meters away from Veggera Hotel!

Perissa Black Sand Beach - Santorini, Greece
Perissa Black Sand Beach - Santorini, Greece

Perissa beach is one of the most cosmopolitan beaches on the island with the dark-sand beach being its main characteristic as well as the fact that it is a rather lengthy well organized beach offering to its visitors a great variety of water sports!

So, after choosing to stay at Veggera Hotel, one of the finest Santorini luxury hotels, one of the places that you should definitely visit while on the island, is the settlement of Emporeio.

Emporeio, Santorini... a great medieval place place to visit
Emporeio, Santorini... a great medieval place place to visit


the picturesque medieval settlement!

Santorini hotels are well known all over the world for their great transportation infrastructure. And of course, Veggera Hotel is not exclusion to this fact.

Just 100m away from the hotel, you will find the bus stop from where there are regular bus routes to various important spots of Santorini, one of which is Emporeio.

Emporeio, is a beautiful medieval settlement just roughly 3,5km (or about 6-10 minutes driving distance) south west from the Perissa settlement. It is the biggest village on the island counting during the summer more than 3,000 residents.

People from the nearby places come to Emporeio for shopping and is a great place to check out its small souvenir shops and various taverns, bars and restaurants.

Probably, the most important sightseeing of Emporeio is the medieval Kastelli, a pure masterpiece of medieval architecture which is preserved in a rather good condition for quite a lot of its buildings have been restored or repaired by their owners, although they are not inhabited all year-round.

Kastelli, Emporeio... Well preserved remains of a once almighty medieval fortification
Kastelli, Emporeio... Well preserved remains of a once almighty medieval fortification

From the moment the visitor enters the Kastelli via the impressive "door" understands it is a small maze of very narrow streets on the side of which you may find side stairs that climb almost vertically to small landings. There are doors in a row, overhead bridges between houses, arches, domes-all structured with plasticity characterizing the consistency of volcanic soil that they are made of. The irregular moulded formats impress anyone who experiences this unique medieval experience. The Kastelli belonged to the type of fortified settlement that was created by developing from the original core outwards around which developed fortification walls. The settlement was built a short distance from the Goula (medieval, fortified independent building which was the residence of the ruler).

A great date to visit the settlement of Emporeio and Kastelli is the 22nd of October, when the great festival of Saint Avaricious (the patron saint of local wines) takes place every year.

Kastelli, Emporeio by night during the Greek Easter celebrations
Kastelli, Emporeio by night during the Greek Easter celebrations

Discover the medieval beauty of Santorini by visiting Kastelli in Emporeio. Check in to Veggera hotel and find out yourself why people get in love with this island and with Santorini hotels!

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