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The Top 5 Destinations For Solo Travel

Updated on May 6, 2016

Temple in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Are you thinking of venturing out of your comfort zone and taking that leap of faith into the unforgettable experience of solo travel? Traveling solo offers many advantages and new experiences to the brand new or even seasoned traveler. Initially, I’m sure you have many questions about choosing the right destination for you. Fear not, this guide will offer you the Top 5 International Destinations for Solo Travel.

1) Thailand

This amazingly diverse South East Asian country has a variety to offer to the solo traveler. First off, traveling solo could put you back a little more in terms of the expenses, as you have no one to share the bill with. Hostels in Thailand offer cheap accommodations that can range from $5-$20 USD per night depending on your needs and standards. Also, safety and security here are not at all an issue even for the female solo traveler. Thai people are known for their incessant smiles and friendly personas that make you feel right at home. Proper three course meals here in Thailand will only set you back $3-$5 USD, so take yourself out and people watch the day away! From beautiful beaches, to unique nightlife, Thailand is number one on this list for Solo Travel Destinations.

2) Spain

Make your way over to Europe where you can experience the flares of Spanish Culture. Hostels here are packed with solo travelers doing gap years, friends backpacking the entirety of Europe or professionals on sabbaticals. You will have no problem meeting friends as a solo traveler. The nightlife has so much to offer here with the dancing culture, late night drinks and meals that turn into social events. Being social in Spain will be a piece of cake for the newbie solo traveler as you will have endless opportunities to mingle with other travelers. Traveling throughout the country is easy to do so be sure to make your way around the capital of Madrid and over by the coast to Barcelona and Valencia. Don’t forget to catch a futbol match with your new group of friends from the hostel!

3) Australia

This country screams SOLO TRAVEL! Though, you may want to consider couch surfing or doing a work exchange in order to offset the high prices for accommodations in this country. Australia has a wide variety of outdoor excursions that you must be sure not to miss. Aussie land is the ideal destination for the solo traveler who loves outdoor adventures. A great way to see all of this spectacular country has to offer would be to gather a group of travelers from your hostel and rent a car to drive around the whole of this magical destination!

4) Argentina

The allure of Argentinean culture is awaiting the solo traveler. From the bustling metropolis of Buenos Aires to the phenomenal landscape of Patagonia, the country of Argentina has everything from beach to city to mountains. You will find reasonably priced accommodations here as well as many other solo travelers making their way through all of South America from top to bottom. Take a tango class in a trendy barrio of Buenos Aires or go down south to experience the glaciers of Perito Moreno in Patagonia country. Enjoy the warmth and friendliness of Argentinean people, but be careful not to fall madly in love with this country and never return home!

5) Puerto Rico

If you are looking for that solo Caribbean escape, Puerto Rico is the place for you. This enchanting island has a marvelous cultural experience to offer. Music and dancing until late hours of the night, island escapes filled with scuba diving and snorkeling and a fusion of Latin and American food choices will keep you busy. Enjoy some reggaeton music at a disco after indulging in the local dish of Mufongo. As a solo traveler, hostels will have many opportunities for you to book excursions through them that way you will find yourself in a group of other travelers to share the experience!


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    • CYong74 profile image

      Kuan Leong Yong 

      2 years ago from Singapore

      Nice list! I've tried both Thailand and Spain, and you're right. They are very geared towards solo travelers. The hostel I stayed in Barcelona was actually quite impressive.


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