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Mara Wonders And Nature

Updated on December 22, 2014

The Maasai Mara Reserve

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A view of the mara river from the cottage verandahMaasai mara elephant at a close proximitymaasai mara giraffe at a close proximityMaasai mara Rhino at a close proximityMaasai mara lion at a close proximityMaasai mara buffalo at a close proximity
A view of the mara river from the cottage verandah
A view of the mara river from the cottage verandah | Source
Maasai mara elephant at a close proximity
Maasai mara elephant at a close proximity | Source
maasai mara giraffe at a close proximity
maasai mara giraffe at a close proximity | Source
Maasai mara Rhino at a close proximity
Maasai mara Rhino at a close proximity | Source
Maasai mara lion at a close proximity
Maasai mara lion at a close proximity | Source
Maasai mara buffalo at a close proximity
Maasai mara buffalo at a close proximity | Source

The Maasai Mara Reserve And Animals

I was on holiday to these beautiful and remote plains of Maasai Mara for a couple of days and the experience wowed me big. This is the view I took every day as we went on safari excursions. Each morning as we took in the first rays of the rising sun, we would make our way to a game drive and would take the nature walk guided by a professional naturist in the natural surroundings of the club.

Take a glimpse of the Mara river below that separates the Mara and the Serengeti of Tanzania. Ever heard of the seven wonders of the world where wild beasts and other herds cross the vicious and hungry crocodile invested river Mara? then this is it , you are looking at it even though I didn't have a powerful camera to take it all closer. I never stopped wondering why the herds of vulnerable gazelles had to graze just next to a group of hungry lions and nature confused me a little but then I realized it`s part of survival, co-existence so i believe it was taking it course as i watched in awe and pity as the lions chased the poor animals for their dinner.

As we came to the close of day, I could not help wondering how those poor gazelles had to always wonder from place to place with fear of lions gripping them and the cheeters striking. As exciting as the experience was, I just had to pity the poor harmless animals surrounded by huge hungry meat eating animals. But then again its nature for you.

If you have time and money to spare for a nice adventurous holiday, i`d recommend the Maasai Mara Safari in Kenya. It`s a fascinating most astonishing travel that will leave you craving for more such adventures.

If you love animals and have been looking to go on a holiday to view the wild side of nature, the Maasai Mara is the spot. I have been there, I have done it and I look forward to the day I will do it again.

Cotswold Wildlife

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Maasai Mara wildlife and Coltswold wildlife

Cotswold Wildlife

I recently got a chance to go to Oxford and decided to visit the Cotswold wildlife. You see I love nature. I was fascinated and in awe at the site of a wolf and penguin because it was the first time I saw them at a close proximity.

I enjoyed every moment watching the white rhino, the zebra, the snakes, ostriches ..... all species from different parts of the world. I clearly saw Britain has a love for animals because getting those animals from their own surrounding and bringing them here for those people who don't have the opportunity to travel was lovely.

If you have a love for animals and don`t have the money for a long haul Safari, Cotswold is a lovely place to visit. It is situated not far from Oxford town and a very beautiful place to visit.


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    • dodonet profile imageAUTHOR

      Dorothy Godier 

      8 years ago from LONDON

      Oh yes Peggy it was actually a memorable time and i would actually reccommend anybody who loves nature for such a trip and thank you for your comment.

    • Peggy W profile image

      Peggy Woods 

      8 years ago from Houston, Texas

      Wow...what a great trip! I would agree with you that actually getting to see the killing of one animal by others would not be fun, but getting to see them in their natural settings roaming free would be amazing. Thanks for sharing.


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