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The Cascade, Wishaw

Updated on August 21, 2014

The Cascade was a Pub on the Coltness Road

It can not have failed to escape the attention of anyone living in Coltness, or regularly passing along the Coltness Road, that the Cascade has been closed completely since early 2009. There was for a time much speculation as to what would happen to it, followed by the growing rumour that it had in fact been acquired by Tesco and would be opening as a Tesco Express store. This is a rumour which was of course based on fact and the Cascade has now been fully refurbished as a Tesco Express.

My first thought was to delete this site entirely. Then I reconsidered. I thought that I would leave it and its photographs in place, as a permanent monument to the Cascade and all who drank in it over the decades.

The Former Cascade Pictured the Day Before it Opened as a Tesco Express (Photo taken 5th September 2010)

The Former Cascade Pictured the Day Before it Opened as a Tesco Express (Photo taken 5th September 2010)
The Former Cascade Pictured the Day Before it Opened as a Tesco Express (Photo taken 5th September 2010)

The Public Bar

A place to meet with friends, unwind and relax...

The public bar in The Cascade is spacious, bright and welcoming. It is just the sort of place to go to enjoy yourself following the rigours of a hard working day or week.

The bar itself is located over to your right as you enter. It is well stocked with a variety of wines, spirits and soft drinks, as well as - naturally - beers on tap. Take your pick from Guinness (including Extra Cold), Strongbow Cider, Stella Artois, Tennent's Lager, Carling Lager Extra Cold, Tennent's Special and Tennent's Light. The bar prices are extremely competitive and over and above this fact, there is even a further 10% discount offered to OAP's on all draught beers and spirits.

There is of course standing room and very comfortable stools for those who prefer to do their drinking and socialising at the bar itself but there is also comfortable seating and tables around the perimeter of the room for those who find this more to their liking. There is also a large TV screen upon which live football will be shown from both the Scottish and English Premierships. During all SPL and Scotland matches, pints at the bar will be reduced to 2.00 and pies will be served free of charge at half-time.

There is a pool table in the far corner of the bar for those who are interested in a little friendly competition as they sip their pints. Here you will also find an ATM, the jukebox on which to play your favourite sounds and the door leading to the beer garden, which although maybe not ideal for sitting in as winter bites, it does afford smokers a place to go rather than having to stand on the public street.

The Smoking Ban Scotland (2006)

How effective or otherwise has it been?

There can be no doubt whatsoever that pubs and clubs were the establishments most affected by the ban on smoking in all public buildings, introduced in Scotland in March 2006. In the months following the ban, there were many tales of publicans claiming to have gone out of business as a result of the legislation. I can genuinely see where this may well have been the case.

Two years and more down the line, people have had a chance to adapt and get used to the ban, but now that the "dust has settled," how many would agree with me that it is time for a formal review of the legislation and a consideration both of how effective it has been and how it is continuing to affect (or discriminate against!) people from all walks of life.

The Lounge Bar/Restaurant

Plush and relaxing - see for yourself!

The lounge bar and restaurant is adjacent to the public bar and is the place to go for perhaps a quieter drink and to sample and enjoy some of the fine food offered on The Cascade's menu.

Those who may know this pub of old but haven't been in for a while can surely not fail to be impressed with the extent of the refurbishment work which has been performed. As these pictures only begin to show, the lounge has received even more attention than the bar and is now a place of comfortable surroundings by anyone's standards. Why not come along soon and find this out for yourself?

During the week, food is served in the restaurant from 10am until 2.30pm and again from 5pm until 8.30pm. (Except Mondays, when food is not served.) It is served on Saturday from 10am right through until 8.30pm, and on Sundays, from 12pm until 8pm.

The lunch menu includes a tasty variety of baked potatoes, paninis, wraps and toasties/sandwiches for those who prefer not to face a big meal at this time of day but also includes an impressive selection of dishes for the hearty appetite.

Starters include - among other things - Vegetable Spring Rolls (2.80), Chicken Pakora (2.95) and a mixed platter for two, incorporating Breaded Mushrooms, Garlic Bread, Potato Wedges, Spring Rolls and a choice of Dips (6.95). The main course dishes include Home Made Steak Pie with Chips/Potatoes and Vegetables (5.60), 6oz Rib Eye Steak, with Onion Rings, Mushrooms, Tomato, Chips and Peas (6.95) and Chicken Curry, Rice and Popodoms (5.60).

The evening menu's starters include Prawn Cocktail with Marie Rose Sauce (3.95), Salsa Nachos topped with Melted Cheese (3.25) and Chicken Liver Pate served with Plum Chutney and Oatcakes (3.10). When it comes to the main course, you will find an impressive variety of steaks on offer, from an 8oz Rib-Eye (9.95) to a 8oz Fillet (12.95). All are served with traditional garnish and a choice of chips and potatoes. There is also a wide variety of choices from around the globe, including Tagliatelli Carbonara with Garlic Bread (7.95), Chicken Supreme Stuffed with Black Pudding (8.95) and "Between the Sheets," which is Pan Fried Chicken, Peppers and Onions bound in a Creamy Fajita Sauce and served between two Tortilla Wraps (7.95).

Between now and the end of March 2008, free tea or coffee is served Tuesday to Friday when two or more people dine, a free bottle of house wine is provided when two people enjoy a two course evening meal and a free desert is provided when you enjoy a Starter and Steak Main Meal.

Different specials will also be available from time to time and of course both hot and cold beverages are available either before, during or after your meal.

I hope something above appeals to your taste buds and that you will come along soon to The Cascade to see the extensive menus in full and try the food out for yourself.

*Prices are correct at the time of writing and will be kept as up to date as is practical and possible.

The Cascade's Function Suite is available for hire for a whole host of different purposes. Whether it be for a birthday or a wedding, a Christening or a funeral, this private venue will cater for the needs of anything from 10 to 110 people. It is available for hire at a price of 100.00 per event but this fee is waived if you to choose to feed your guests by selecting one of the buffet options available. There are a number of suggested buffet menus, ranging in price from 2.95 to 7.95 per person, as well as dedicated Christening/funeral options ranging from 3.50 to 9.50 per person. Why not give The Cascade a call on (01698) 386881 to discuss the specific details of your requirements and obtain a tailored quote?

The function suite also has its own, private bar, as well as a spacious, slightly sunken dance floor for you and your guests to let your hair down and enjoy yourselves on any appropriate occasion. Get in touch today to book your forthcoming event and let The Cascade's staff organise and provide for whatever you and your guests may require.

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I hope you have enjoyed reading about and perhaps visiting The Cascade and that you can spare a few moments to let me know your impressions in the space below:

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    • profile image

      anonymous 9 years ago

      a few of us will be traveling through to your place on 5th july 08 hope the food n drink is

      as good as they say.

      if not we,ll certainly let you know.

    • profile image

      anonymous 10 years ago

      Hey there. recently been to cascade for first time in years. WHAT A DIFFERENCE!! staff were great. food was fantastic. service was first class, and resturarant looks great. After our meal we went into main bar area and enjoyed a quiet drink with a few laughs. A very pleasant evening and would highly recommend to anyone.Made my night special. THANKS CASCADE STAFF!!!

    • profile image

      anonymous 10 years ago

      I know someone that works there