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Things to Do in Prague: Rent a Pedal Boat

Updated on May 10, 2012

Rent a Pedal Boat on Prague's Vltava River for a Memorable Experience

When the weather is nice in Prague, there's nothing better than grabbing a bear (pivo) and renting a pedal boat on the Vltava river. Renting the boat is one of the most affordable and memorable experiences you can have in Prague. Viewing the city's beauty from the river provides a completely new perspective of the skyline and extraordinary bridges.

So as you look for things to do in Prague, make sure you build time in your itinerary to take a pedal boat out on the river (unless, of course, its winter).

Renting a pedal boat on the Vltava river on a nice day is one of my absolute favorite activities.

How to Rent a Pedal Boat in Prague

  1. Take a tram or walk to Slovansky Ostrov. The tram stop Narodni Divaldo. If you need help planning your transportation, visit this link.
  2. Walk onto the island and around its boarder. You will find many boat vendors so choose one that has the boat style you prefer.
  3. You will pay by the hour. The cost is approximately 200czk. You are required to fill out one form and leave one ID card with the attendent which will be returned with the boat. The boat may fit 4 or 5 people for the same price.
  4. The boat attendent will explain to you the rules and boundaries. Be sure to follow these or you may face a fine or go over a waterfall!
  5. Relax! Enjoy leisurely pedaling around the river. Take pictures and video, have a picnic, bath in the sun. Be sure to watch the time to make sure you make it back within the allotted time.

Here's of video someone filmed from the pedal boats on the Vltava river.

Golden Praha

Golden Praha
Golden Praha

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