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Things to do on winter holiday

Updated on March 11, 2015

Winter Holiday Tour

Winters are the best time to enjoy if you are traveling to European countries or Asian countries where there is little snowfall. This lens covers some of the best ways to spend your Winter holiday Tour if you travel to these countries.

#1 Ice Skating

Best Winter Sport

Are you interested in doing Skating in Ice. It is one of the best games which you will enjoy with your family. Most of the families go around the winter holidays for doing Ice Skating. I love doing Ice Skating

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Ice Skating needs a little bit of training before you love to enjoy it.

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#2 Ice Water Dip

Have you ever tried dipping yourself in the Ice Water? It is one of the awesome experiences you would definitely love to have if you travel to a Snow falling country. Try visiting a lake which is famous for dipping in ice and have an Ice water dip.

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Skeeing Boards

Skeeing is one of the favorite games in winter. People love Skeeing on the snow when I visited Finland. Given below are some of the best accessories for Ice Skating from Amazon

#3 Frozen Lake Walk

Have you ever been to places where lakes are frozen with extreme snowfall. When I was in Finland last year, I have the chance to view this experience. It is awesome to walk on a Frozen Lake of Ice. However there will be flags which help you to tell on which all places you can walk on the lake. So check them and have fun

Winter Jackets

It is important to have fully covered Winter Jackets when you travel to cold countries. It is better to get it from your country as the jackets are very expensive during the season.


#4 Snow Walk

Go on a snow walk to nearby places from your home. Remember to have fully protected Winter jackets and gloves to cover yourself when traveling

#5 Cruise Journey

Winters are the ideal time for cruise journey. On the cold winter nights, enjoy the beautiful cruise ride. I enjoyed the ride to Stockholm from Helsinki, Finland. Check out my trip to Stockholm on Cruise Finland Stockholm Cruise Trip

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