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This »old house« in Germany could become your next »Must have«!

Updated on September 16, 2013

Seven stories, part seven: Humans like these should be my future owners - if I could have a wish

I am satisfied with »my« humans. But sometimes I remember all my previous owners and operators, which made me to the todayâs »Landhotel Grünes Gericht« and who possibly could it be in the future.

In the last few hundred years, I »old house« got a good impression of the humans who cared me. Someone saw me as burden, others as amusing chance for a changing in Neuhausen (Ore Mountains, Germany). Judge today for yourself about me »Landhotel Grünes Gericht«: Which of these natures would you be in the case of a common future with me?

© Landhotel Grünes Gericht - Enjoy my precious inside with all your senses!
© Landhotel Grünes Gericht - Enjoy my precious inside with all your senses!

I wish you could see »my« Neuhausen and the Ore Mountains with my »immobile« heart

This »old house« is closely connected from time immemorial with the health resort Neuhausen, the region of the »Silver Ore Mountains« and the »antiqua Boemiae semita« (Bohemian paths).

You are right: No great feat for a property. But the humans, who had built me and created me to the today’s »Landhotel Grünes Gericht«, shared this connection very different. Burden and dead hand I was for that who wanted nothing but get away. Others shared my enthusiasm, stayed here and saw me as a part of this lovable spot of the Ore Mountains, as enrichment for themselves and others.

The second type of humans took pleasure in me, the region and the creative opportunities with my operation as »Landhotel Grünes Gericht«. All further of these natures realized the idea to show this connection guests from far and near in an amusing way. Such bustle got me dreaming of »my« favorite humans. They love me »old house« and our location. They build a heartily connection to the old and new history of the country and its people. And: They have ideas for me and our guests, always again new and inviting.

My Nutcracker-suite (Landhotel Grünes Gericht) - Enjoyment and vacation in the Ore Mountains (Saxony, Germany)

© Landhotel Grünes Gericht - What about breakfast in bed?
© Landhotel Grünes Gericht - What about breakfast in bed?

Education and practice in restaurant management bring life in me »Landhotel Grünes Gericht«

I like teamwork best, and I love it to host happy people.

Therefore, »my« owners in the future are in twos in my »immobile dreams«. A hotel manageress or restaurant manageress and here hotel manager or restaurant manager and / or two well-educated cooks find me on their search for an object. They recognize that I will develop me even more beautiful under the wings of such a well-educated pair. The two have the above called heart blood, exact knowledge in hotel operation and a lot of ideas for me.

Maybe I »old house« am a second try for »my« humans. The two know (please let me dream on), how a hotel operation could well-function or not. But now they see me »Landhotel Grünes Gericht«. Recognize by profession the touristic potential of my theme rooms. Feel in my walls and the health resort Neuhausen so comfortable to stay here. They know, how to connect for tourists the well visited neighborhood to Seiffen at the Schwartenberg with my events in Neuhausen. Guess what? So much creativity would not be my first change to the better.

If you have read my confabulations till today, you can see a common theme. Each of my changes has improved my attraction both for guests from everywhere as also within the Schwartenberg region. Why not build a (dreamed) future on such a nice tradition?

© Landhotel Grünes Gericht - Celebrate your events as they occur!
© Landhotel Grünes Gericht - Celebrate your events as they occur!

I hate to say it, but I »old house« will also cost money

Again and again in an »immobile life« can things happen, which only save me with financial expenditures

At this point I admit: The thought, that a fire or a too risky idea of a builder could break me to the ground a second time, makes me frightened. But in the same utopia there are clever hotel managers with their heartily connection to house, resort and region. Surely they will manage it, to protect me against eventualities. For this purpose they invest again and again small sums in order to preserve me in my today's nice state.

At this juncture I am in perfect condition. So it is enough time to prepare such modernization plans. Oh, I am sure to know »my« humans! They preserve me successfully in the meantime. Our guests do not spend big sums but enough for all pampering offers in me »Landhotel Grünes Gericht«. So will my utopia yet continue for a very long time. In any case I wish further mentions in chronicles and in many hundred years an opportunity to tell new generations of people about the heyday and the »old house« in Neuhausen in new splendor.

Valse des Fleurs Blumenwalzer - My sweet farewell - Maybe I see you soon in Neuhausen (Ore Mountains, Germany)?

© Landhotel Grünes Gericht - one of my exclusive theme rooms, the rose dream suite
© Landhotel Grünes Gericht - one of my exclusive theme rooms, the rose dream suite

My dream, your dream?

That would be the perfect symbiosis between people and »Landhotel Grünes Gericht«

Each new beginning is starting at you human with a vision. This part of my »immobile dream« I can clearly see before my inner eye. These who carry forward my further hostel operation, will tackle my preservation with playful visions. They bring events into my walls, have new ideas for new arrangements to my dream themes and take care to spread the tidings about me »Landhotel Grünes Gericht« like a wildfire.

Oh, it is so wonderful to dream! I wish with all my heart (oh yeah, especially such an »old house« has one) yet many Centuries always as alive as my past and as preciously as my present time. Did you know? My neighboring community Seiffen is a center of Ore Mountains wood carving art and in touristic meaning one of the twenty best visited communities in Germany - and this year after year.

With mixed feelings I say »Goodbye« - This is our farewell - for now but not for ever!

© Landhotel Grünes Gericht - My culinary highlight for your palate, eyes and soul: The »Valse des Fleurs dessert«
© Landhotel Grünes Gericht - My culinary highlight for your palate, eyes and soul: The »Valse des Fleurs dessert«

Yes, I smile with hidden tears. It was very nice to chat with you. This is the end of my seven stories. I am sure: This way you have never learned something about travel and places and »old houses«. I hope you have enjoyed our hours? Good bye till once in Neuhausen!

I look forward to welcome you! Or aren’t you stimulated now to take a closer look at the »Silver Ore Mountains« with its possibly record breaking Neuhausen and the chatty »Landhotel Grünes Gericht«, a rural hotel in regular operation and fully functional?

Check it out: This »old house« (me) in Neuhauen (Ore Mountains, Germany) will become the next »Must have« on your travel bucketlist!

Please feel invited to tell your friends about my »old-house-stories«! - Your »Landhotel Grünes Gericht«

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