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Tips for Renting a Limousine

Updated on November 15, 2012

Tips for Renting a Limousine

Many think that renting a limousine is only for the rich and famous. However, the majority of people who rent them are just average people you like you and I. While the price can be expensive, there are deals to be found that can make you have an unforgettable night. After spending several years in the limo business, I would like to offer some tips on renting one for the night.

Occasions for renting a limo

There are many different occasions that people use to rent limos. The most popular one is for weddings. The larger limos can hold up to 25 passengers with comfort making it easy for the entire bridal party to stay together. Proms are also a popular occasion to rent a limo. Divided up among friends, the price can be very reasonable and it gives parents a piece of mind knowing that a professional chauffeur will be doing the driving that night. Other occasions that are used to rent limos are bachelorette/bachelor parties, birthdays, anniversaries, sporting events, concerts, and night on the towns. Limos are also used in the corporate world to take clients around.

Choosing the Right Limo

If you have decided on renting a limo for the night, the next step is choosing the limo that is right for you. For simple events such as anniversarys and birthdays, a Lincoln Towncar stretch limo would probably be a good choice. Exotic limos such as the H2 Hummer would be better fit for parties and nights on the town. Hummers are also extremely popular for weddings.

Cheap Limo Services

Finding a Good Deal on a Limo

While some limos can cost as much as $250/hr, you can get a much better deal by doing some easy shopping around. Some sites give you the option of letting the companies bid on the prices to you helping you save money. But be careful, before you book any limo, make sure that you see pictures or visit the limos first. Many companies run old beat down limos that are falling apart with no A/C for a good price to get you to book it with them.

Types of Limousines

The most popular limousine on the road today is the Lincoln Towncar stretch limo. Other cars that have been converted to limos are the Chrysler 300 and the Dodge Charger. SUVs are very popular to convert to limos since they have a strong body. Hummers H2, Escalades, Navigators are the more common type. The new fad in the limo business is party buses. Some are factory made while others are custom made. They have really gained in popularity in several parts of the country. The rare stretch is the Rolls Royce. If you find a company that has one, be prepared to pay a premium for it.


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    • profile image

      eileengray 4 years ago

      Nice read! The most important thing to consider is to book early to ensure that you get the right limousine and one thatâs equipped with all the facilities that you need. Itâs important to determine how many hours youâll need in advance. You need to choose one, which will fit the number of people who need to be traveling in the limousine.

    • surfin4dough lm profile image

      surfin4dough lm 6 years ago

      Great lens. I love riding in limos, and it really does make a big difference when you have a good driver who understands what you want.