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Top 10 Airline Approved Pet Carriers 2015

Updated on November 29, 2015

Top 10 Airline Approved Pet Carriers Reviewed

You are getting ready to go on your well deserved vacation with your pet, but you need to pick out one of the Airline Approved Pet Carriers. It is important that your cat or dog flies just as comfortable and safely as you do, but with so many different choices out there it can seem overwhelming to pick just the right one. I know how you feel because when I took my cat on vacation my wife and I did not know where to turn in order to find trusted pet carriers. So after we came back from our trip I was motivated to put together an online resource for dog and cat owners that help them prepare their dog or cat to fly on a plane.

I hope you find great value in the hours of research I did for you, and please make sure to leave your feedback on what airline approved pet carrier you use for your pet.

Airline Approve Pet Carriers - How To Have Your Pet Fly With You - A Great Consumer Reports Pet Travel Video

Airline Approved Pet Carriers - Bergan Comfort Carrier - For Pets Up To 22 Pounds

The Bergan Comfort Carrier is a one of several airline approved pet carriers that will easily fit your small to medium cat or dog. The dimensions are perfect that they allow the carrier to easily fit under your seat on the airplane. This is a huge benefit over traditional carriers that require you to check your pet in and have him/her fly somewhere else on the plane.

Airline Approved Pet Carriers - Petmate Kennel Cab - Softsided + Perfect For Small Dogs and Cats

The Petmate Kennel Cab is not only perfect for dogs, it is also one of the highly rated airline approved pet carriers. Petmate designed their kennel cab with your pet's needs in mind. There are screens for adequate ventilation so you can rest assured that your pet is not running out of air or is having trouble breathing. There are also two zippered openings that you can use to get your pet in and out. This one has just about everything you can ask for in a pet carrier.

Airline Approved Pet Carriers - Petmate Pet Taxi - A Budget Version of the Kennel Cab

A Budget Version of the Kennel Cab

If you don't travel often and are just looking at inexpensive airline approved pet carriers than the Petmate Pet Taxi may be just what you are looking for. It has similar features as the Kennel Cab, but the Petmate Pet Taxi delivers just enough to get your pet from point a to point b. One word of caution is that make sure that your pet is under the 20 lb mark otherwise it may be a very tight squeeze.

Airline Approved Pet Carriers - Sherpa Original Deluxe Carrier - Available in Three Sizes: Small, Medium, and Large

Sherpa makes a few airline approved pet carriers and one of the most popular is the Sherpa Original Deluxe Carrier. This carrier comes in your choice of three sizes so you can get a bag that will fit your dog or cat perfectly. This pet carrier really shines in the comfort and style category. This carrier was built with a comfortable carry shoulder strap and is lightweight, so you won't get worn out carrying your pet around the airport with you. If you travel this one gets the job done with style.

Airline Approved Pet Carriers - Sherpa Sport Sack - Medium Size, Red w/ Reflective Sliver Trim, Fits Dogs and Cats

On our list of airline approved pet carriers the Sherpa Sport Sack is the only one that can claim the title of being not only airline approved, but subway and train approved as well. The Sherpa sport sack pet carrier has a very modern look to it. The mild red color matched up with the reflective silver trim gives it a distinct look that is not often found in the pet carrier market. If this one fits your style then make sure that your pet will fit in it. The maximum weight of the Sherpa Sport Sack is 12 pounds, so it is important to check this out before ordering.

Airline Approved Pet Carriers - Sherpa Sport Sack - See it in action!

Airline Approved Pet Carriers - Sherpa Ultimate Pet Carrier - Fits Dogs and Cats, Wheels for Pulling, 19" Long x 11.5" high x 11.75 " wide

Safety and comfort come first with the Sherpa Ultimate pet carrier. Of all the airline approved pet carriers listed this one may just be the best of the best for your pet. As long as your pet will fit the length and weight requirements for this pet carrier then both you and your pet are in for a treat. Sherpa made the ultimate pet carrier to be stylish, comfortable, and safe. One of the greatest assets to this one is that it has wheels on it. Now as you are navigating the airport with other luggage you can easily pull your pet along. There is a reason everyone raves about the Sherpa Ultimate pet carrier, and now it is your turn to do the same.

Airline Approved Pet Carriers - Sherpa Sport Sack - Shoulder Strap and Reflective Trim

The Sherpa Sport Sack pet carrier is the perfect option for small cats and dogs. It is just big enough to give your pet enough room to be comfortable without bogging you down with a big bag. This is one great airline approved pet carrier that is sure to go the distance.

Airline Approved Pet Carriers - How To Travel With Your Pet

Some Other Useful Pet Travel Supplies

Airline Approved Pet Carriers - Super Pet Guinea Pig and Chinchilla Pet Carrier - Guinea Pig Pet Carrier and Chinchilla Pet Carrier

Most airline approved pet carriers seem to always focus on cats and dogs while other pets are left out. Well they are left out no longer, so if you are looking for a Guiena Pig pet carrier or a Chinchilla pet carrier you are in for a treat. The Super pet carrier will solve your traveling problems once and for all without completely breaking the bank.

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Top 10 Airline Approved Pet Carriers - Tell Us Your Story

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    • Max Globe profile image

      Max Globe 3 years ago

      As an active traveller and a cat person, I can tell that this is a very useful lens. I'm planning to travel to the US next year, so this will come in handy, thanks)

    • KathyZ1 profile image

      KathyZ1 4 years ago

      Nice lens

    • mel-kav profile image

      mel-kav 4 years ago

      Wonderful review. I have a big dog, I can't imagine her in a crate carrier in the cargo section of the plane. I think I would only travel with my dog if I could keep her in the cabin with me. I recently flew AirTran, and they did allow small pets on board - there was a woman who had her cat with her.

    • profile image

      mindi-elliottgibson 4 years ago

      Sorry but I have to disagree with your top 10 list. Depending on what airline you flew. None of these carriers allow for your cats to stand, turn around or have room for a water and food. Were you taking them in the cabin with you???? Delta has strict guidelines and so did American. Also the thought of my kitty not being able to move around for 5 hours stuck in a miserable bag does not look comfortable to mt