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Top 10 New Orleans Attractions

Updated on November 22, 2016
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If you make a list of New Orleans tourist attractions, it will be a big list, since the city is a melting pot of French, African and American cultures, tradition and lifestyle. So, the city has plenty of things to do and places of interest to spend a great holiday. Nicknamed as the "Big Easy", this is one of the most culturally diverse cities in the USA. Though being hit hard by the Hurricane Katrina in 2005, the biggest city in Louisiana still remains as one of the most lively and popular tourist destinations in the United States.

So, it is hard to list down 10 attractions of this city of Louisiana from the big list of the attractions around the city. However, according to the interest of the visitors, here is a small list of 10 tourist attractions in New Orleans.

1. French Quarter

French Quarter is the oldest neighborhood in the city founded in 1718. This is probably the most popular place for the tourists. French architecture and history can be found throughout the area with interesting buildings, museums, cathedrals and strip of local cafes, hotels and restaurants. Just casually stroll around the area or take a guided tour and explore the French Quarter, the center of art, music and history of the city.

The following map and the table mention the most interesting places in and around the area.

Places of Interest in French Quarter

Jackson Square:

get directions

St. Louis Cathedral:

get directions

The 1850 House:

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French Market:

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Bourbon Street:

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Preservation Hall:

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The Presbytère:

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The Cabildo:

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Name of the Attraction
Type of Attraction
Opening Hours
Admission cost
Jackson square
Park/Public square
700 Decatur St.
Open daily
St. Louis Cathedral
615 Pere Antoine Aly.
Daily 8:30 am - 4:00 pm
The 1850 House
Historic building/Museum
523 St Ann St.
Tue – Sun | 10 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Adults - $3. Students, senior citizens, active military - $2. Children 12 and under - Free
French Market
Shopping area
1235 N Peters St.
Open daily
Bourbon Street
French Quarter
Open daily
Preservation Hall
Live music venue
726 St Peter St.
Daily 6:00 - 10:00 pm
$15-50 (based on seating category)
The Presbytère
751 Chartres St.
Tue – Sun | 10 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Adults - $6. Students, senior citizens, active military - $5. Children 12 and under - Free
The Cabildo
Historic building/Museum
701 Chartres St
Tue – Sun | 10 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Adults - $6. Students, senior citizens, active military - $5. Children 12 and under - Free
Click thumbnail to view full-size
The 1850 HouseFrench Market EntranceSt. Louis CathedralStatue of Andrew Jackson located in the center of Jackson squareMusical instruments inside the Preservation Hall French style building in the French Quarter
The 1850 House
The 1850 House | Source
French Market Entrance
French Market Entrance | Source
St. Louis Cathedral
St. Louis Cathedral | Source
Statue of Andrew Jackson located in the center of Jackson square
Statue of Andrew Jackson located in the center of Jackson square
Musical instruments inside the Preservation Hall
Musical instruments inside the Preservation Hall | Source
French style building in the French Quarter
French style building in the French Quarter

2. Frenchmen Street

One of the best live music venues in this city is the Frenchmen Street. This is a 3 block stretched street in the Marigny neighborhood. The oldest and the liveliest section of this street is in the Faubourg Marigny neighborhood, near the French Quarter river side. Besides live music in the clubs and on the street, this street is home to many cafes, restaurants, bars, bookshops and art stores.

Live band performance in Frenchmen Street
Live band performance in Frenchmen Street | Source

As the best place for live music, you're likely to hear any kind of music like jazz, blues, reggae and much more. Also, there is an art market called the Frenchmen Art Market, where you can find a distinctive range of local art and crafts. Stop by at this market and collect some souvenirs of New Orleans art.

This street is also famous for its Creole cottages lined up in some portions of it. The Creole cottages reflect the architecture of 18th century, which stands out New Orleans from the other metropolitan areas of America.

Audubon Aquarium of the Americas
Audubon Aquarium of the Americas | Source

3. Audubon Aquarium of the Americas

This is an aquarium run by the Audubon Institute, which also maintains the Audubon Zoo, Audubon Butterfly Garden and Insectarium and Audubon Park. Standing massively by the bank of the river Mississippi, this underwater world features the sea creatures of the Americas.

The aquarium is divided into several sections like Great Maya Reef, Gulf of Mexico, Amazon rain forest, Mississippi River, Stingray Touch pool and many other small sections. This is obviously a great place for fun and learn for all.



Name: Audubon Aquarium of the Americas

Attraction type: Aquarium/Aquamarine exhibition

Address: 1 Canal St. New Orleans, LA 70130

Phone: (504) 581-4629, (800) 774-7394

Opening hour: Tue - Sun | 10am - 5pm

Admission Cost

Adult - $24.95 (plus sales tax)

Child (2-12) - $18.95 (plus sales tax)

Senior (65+) - $18.95 (plus sales tax)

4. Audubon Park and Zoo

Located in the Uptown neighborhood, the Audubon park offers a wide variety of activities to spend a day with family and friends. This is a favorite place for picnicking, family outing, recreation and relaxation. The park has old big oak trees, greenery, jogging path, lagoon, picnic spots. It also has several playgrounds, soccer field, tennis court and golf course.

Audubon Zoo is located in the Audubon park covering 58 acres. The zoo houses around 2000 animals with some endangered species like whooping cranes, Amur leopards, orangutans, white tiger; and white alligators. It also organizes animal feeding show and presentation.

The park and the zoo is a great place to spend a whole day with nature in New Orleans.

Audubon Park entrance
Audubon Park entrance | Source
Bicycling in the park
Bicycling in the park | Source


Name: Audubon Park and Audubon Zoo

Attraction type: Park / Zoo

Address: 6500 Magazine St, New Orleans, LA 70118

Phone: (504) 861-2537

Opening Hour: Tue - Fri | 10am - 4pm

Sat & Sun | 10am - 5pm

Admission Cost

Audubon Park:


Audubon Zoo:

Adult - $19.95 (plus sales tax)

Child (2-12) - $14.95 (plus sales tax)

Senior (65+) - $14.95 (plus sales tax)

5. Mardi Gras World

Mardi Gras is the biggest festival in Southern Louisiana. It takes place between the month of February - March. The main attraction of this festival is the parade with different floats, masks and costumes that people carry out throughout the streets of New Orleans. Although it is not a yearlong festival, but you can see the center of Mardi Gras preparation where the floats, masks and costumes are made.

Mardi Gras World is a 300,00 sft working space where the floats are made for the Mardi Gras parade. It is located along the Mississippi and a popular tourist attraction.

Parade floats inside Mardi Gras World
Parade floats inside Mardi Gras World | Source
Mardi Gras World viewed from outside
Mardi Gras World viewed from outside | Source


Name: Mardi Gras World

Attraction type: Museum/Workshop

Address: 1380 Port of New Orleans Pl., New Orleans, LA 70114

Phone: (504) 361-7821, (800) 362-8213

Opening Hour: Tue - Fri | 10am - 4pm

Sat & Sun | 10am - 5pm

Admission Cost

Adult - $19.95

Student with college ID - $15.95

Child (2-11) - $12.95

Senior (65+) - $15.95

6. City Park

This is a fun-filled public park in the northern part of the city. A wide range of fun activities for kids as well as the grownups spread out over 1,300 acres in the City Park. This is one of the largest and most visited urban public parks in the USA. This is a magical place with a lot of activities to keep you and your family busy all day.

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Entrance to the "Storyland" children's area, City Park.City Park greenery
Entrance to the "Storyland" children's area, City Park.
Entrance to the "Storyland" children's area, City Park. | Source
City Park greenery
City Park greenery | Source


Name: City Park

Attraction type: Recreation and amusement park

Address: 1 Palm Drive, New Orleans, LA 70124, USA

Phone: (504) 482-4888

Opening Hour: Daily 24 Hours

Admission Cost


-Children under 3 and Friends of City Park members: Free

7. Lake Pontchartrain

Although it is called a lake, actually this is an estuary which is connected to the Gulf of Mexico. With an area of 630 square miles, this lake is an awesome place with a quite environment and ideal for boating, fishing and watching life on the lake. It has a 24-mile causeway spanning over the lake through which connects Mandeville and the North Shore.

Lake Pontchartrain Causeway
Lake Pontchartrain Causeway | Source

8. Mississippi River Front

Mississippi river has an important role in developing the city of New Orleans. The city has been grown up by the bank of this mighty river. So, don't miss to take a walk along this river or a steamboat cruise. The riverfront has a mile long paved path adjacent to the French Quarter. A great place for a picnic of po-boys or local seafood, a jog or just to catch a cooling breeze on a typically humid New Orleans day, this mile-long stretch of the riverfront is also the setting for many community celebrations and special events.

You can also take a steamboat tour on the river to experience the Mississippi and view the city’s skyline and intricate French Quarter roof-scape from the river.

Click thumbnail to view full-size
New Orleans Riverwalk Segway TourMississippi River frontThe Riverwalk
New Orleans Riverwalk Segway Tour
New Orleans Riverwalk Segway Tour | Source
Mississippi River front
Mississippi River front
The Riverwalk
The Riverwalk | Source

9. Garden District

This is an elegant neighborhood in New Orleans city. Its pristine gardens, lined up century old oak trees, well-preserved mansions and houses have made the Garden District as one of the country's most lovely neighborhoods, and a popular destination for visitors. You can take a guided tour by bus, carriage or walk or just stroll the oak-lined avenues to explore the neighborhood on your own.

Some of the popular sites to visit in the Garden District are -

Trolley bus in Charles St.
Trolley bus in Charles St. | Source
History board placed in the Garden District
History board placed in the Garden District | Source
Name of the Attraction
Claiborne Cottage
2524 St. Charles Avenue
Briggs-Staub House
2605 Prytania Street
Our Mother of Perpetual Help Chapel
2523 Prytania Street
Women’s Opera Guild Home
2504 Prytania Street
“Cornstalk Fence” House
1448 Fourth Street
“The Rink” Garden District Bookshop
2727 Prytania Street
Lafayette Cemetery
1400 Washington Avenue
Commander’s Palace Restaurant
1403 Washington Avenue
“Benjamin Button” House
2705 Coliseum Street
Koch-Mays House
2627 Coliseum Street

10. Hurricane Katrina Memorial

In 2005, New Orleans was struck by the monster hurricane named Katrina. The city was devastated by the hurricane and many people died. A cemetery was built for the people who died in this disaster.

Katrina Memorial Cemetery
Katrina Memorial Cemetery | Source

Katrina Memorial is located on the Canal Street and you will notice the memorial from the street as it is next to the main road. Have a visit to this memorial while you're in New Orleans and pay homage to the victims of Katrina.

All these attractions are just a highlight of the New Orleans attraction. There are more places of interest dotted all over the city. Take your time and explore this tourist friendly American city at your own pace and you may discover many things that are not mentioned in any guide book online media.

Happy traveling!

© 2016 Saeed Ahmad


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