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Top 10 Gadgets For Camping In The Wild

Updated on December 16, 2012


Hi all, I love camping and I know that there are many of you that also like camping, that's why I made this article for all of you that are into it, maybe you just want some tips and advice on what accessories and gadgets I can tell you about that are very useful to have with you when camping.

That's why today I am going to show you the top 10 gadgets for camping and I am going to talk about them briefly and tell you about my own experiences, benefits and where you can get these gadgets easily right here on this site. It's always worth to look into it, maybe you will find something really useful you have never thought about before! So I hope I will be helpful and give you some good tips on these. Enjoy and have fun!

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1. A Tent

A tent is probably something you have if you love camping and is the most important part of camping, because everyone needs shelter.

And for those that doesn’t have a tent I have added some really good choices of tents that are large enough for several people or a tent just for yourself and someone else.

These tents are really good quality tents if you are interested in having a comfortable vacation.

Now this Coleman 17-Foot by 10-Foot 8-Person tent is an AMAZING tent if you want to go somewhere and have a lot of space and it can fit up to 8 people, this tent is for a nice, relaxing, comfortable sleep.

This Mountain trails current hiker 6-Foot by 5-Foot 2-Person tent is AMAZING if you want a tent just for yourself or one more person with you.

This tent is a very easy tent to carry and is ideal for mountain hiking or just camping.

2. WoodGas Camp Stove

WoodGas camp stove is probably one of the coolest things I like about camping. With a WoodGas camp stove you can make a fire simply by putting any kind of wood that you can find around while you are in the wild. It works by gasifying the wood, which means allowing in just a tiny amount of air at the base of the stove to partially burn the wood, converting it into a mixture of gases including hydrogen, methane which makes the burning effective. Then you simply use a pan or a pot to make anything from a steak, soup, pasta, tea and of course coffee :) , or maybe you just want to keep warm around it. So it’s an amazing gadget to have when going for trips and camping.

WoodGas Camp Stoke Small

3. GPS Navigator

A GPS navigator is a really useful and clever thing to have, because with a GPS you can explore and find places really easily and know the way back home.

GPS is such a great gadget. I have a GPS navigator and with it I always find places that I want to visit and I don’t have to worry about carrying a map or getting lost. I added a really good GPS navigator that I use just below!

For your GPS or other electronics - USB Battery Pack

USB Battery Pack is a very important accessory when you want to charge something including, GPS, phones, cameras and many more.

Its a very useful gadget to have especially if you carry electronics with you that you know will need charging.

4. Backpack For All Needs

Having a big backpack like the Berghaus Torridon 65 is just awesome especially when you want to have space for dirty clothes, water, food and other stuff! This backpack should have enough space for all of your camping tech.

I love the Berghaus Torridon 65 because it’s adjustable in all the right places because it has the "A-Trek" system which allows you to customize it to your appropriate height. This backpack is really comfortable and easy to carry around.

5. Water-Proof Socks

I use these water proof socks when I go to any vacation or camping, water proof socks are amazing when you are in an area that is wet.

It’s really nice when the ground is wet and your feet are dry, a lot of people that camp love these socks. So if you go to wet and humid places I recommend these socks because its heaven when your feet are dry while in a humid and wet environment.

SealSkinz Water-Proof Socks Medium

6. Water Proof Gloves

Water proof gloves really do come in handy too, just like the water proof socks. Water proof gloves are so useful when you want to touch something wet or dirty because your hands will still be dry and you can wash these gloves very easily from dirt.

7. A Handy Knife

Having such an important gadget as a good knife is crucial when camping, especially in woods and forests.

I have this knife with a fire starter, and I will tell you its important to have a gadget like this because you might need to get some firewood for your camp stove so that you can cut the wood into smaller pieces so that you could get the fire going quicker, a knife is very handy for many other things like cutting food, unscrewing little bolts and many other good uses for it.

8. Quality Sleeping Bag

A nice, quality sleeping bag is the nicest thing you can have after a tiring day of adventures. This is a good quality and average adult size (almost good for any size, unless extra large person) sleeping bag that is very comfortable to sleep in and really warm. A good sleeping bag is very important if you want to have a comfortable, warm and pleasant night somewhere in the wild.

9. A Good Headlamp

A good headlamp comes really handy when you don’t have fire for light and you need to find something, for example firewood in the dark, or just to see where you are going if you are lost or just exploring during night.

10. A Good Thermos For A Nice Cup Of Something

And last but definitely not least, a good thermos that is leak proof. There is nothing better in the world then to have a nice cup of coffee when you have arrived at your camping place. This Thermos can hold heat extremely well.

Share your own experiences, ideas and thoughts!

So hey these were my top gadgets for camping, I hope you enjoyed this list and had fun! But what about your thoughts, experiences and ideas on these gadgets? You are all welcome to comment, discuss and share your ideas below on the comment page! Enjoy and have fun!

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      Takkhis 5 years ago

      Useful lens, thanks for sharing.

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      kcsantos 5 years ago

      Cool and useful stuff. Thanks for this!

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      anonymous 5 years ago

      GREAT list of gadgets! Really helpful!

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      ChillyBilly1 5 years ago

      Great page, great list of gadgets, really useful!!

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      zygistudio 5 years ago

      Good job! Really useful collection of gadgets for camping.