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5 Must See Attractions In Naples

Updated on July 26, 2013

About Naples

Naples, with a population of three million people, is a historic city in Italy best known for its largest city center in Europe and its many attractions including historical museums, palaces and castles, and amusement parks, gardens and villas. The city is home to many historical buildings and monuments dating thousands of years back. It is also popular the world over because of its Neapolitan cuisine including specialties like the pizza, the lemon liqueur, and coffee. The Pizza, which is a popular and well-liked Italian fare, originated in this city.

Attraction of Naples

People check out flights to Naples because they not only want to see this colorful city but also wish to enjoy its pleasing climate. Most days of the year are colored by magnificent sunshine and hence attract many tourists from around the world who are starved of this bounty. If you are tired of blizzards and snowstorms, then visit this Italian city by checking out numerous cheap flights to Naples available all year round.

Top 5 Attractions in Naples

Some cities are naturally beautiful, others are vibrant and fast-paced, and there are some others with interesting places to visit. Naples is every one of these things and even more. The sites to see in Naples have been divided into seven groups: sports, outdoors, museums, amusement, cultural, landmarks, and performances. If you are looking for cheap flights to Naples, you will find the following information quite handy. In the lines to follow, we have compiled a list of top 5 must see in Naples.

1. The City Center: Naples' city center has been named as World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Many people who visit Naples, either for business or pleasure, want to stay at the Renaissance Naples Hotel Mediterraneo located in the city center - an ideal place to live in for a few days.

2. Naples National Archeological Museum: If you are fond of Roman artifacts and historical objects from Renaissance times, then do visit this place when you are in Naples for a business or family tour.

3. Philharmonic Center for the Arts: This center offers a variety of shows and arts events with amazing performances by famous artists from around the world.

4. Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary: The place offers many activities for tourists who look for flights to Naples including birdwatching, hiking, and viewing amazing wildlife. Many romantic couples have chosen this interesting place to get married and make their big day a memorable one.

5. Naples Fishing Charters: Offering the best fishing adventure in the whole world, Naples Fishing Charters is definitely a must see attraction in the city even if you are not fond of fishing. The adventure is a guided one so that everybody in the family can enjoy it. Couples with kids who visit Naples take their kids to this place to have loads of fun.

Getting To Naples

Thousands of tourists visit Naples annually to see its 2,800 years old history. Naples International Airport is one of the oldest airports in the world and is quite popular. People who wish to come to Naples often search for cheap flights to Naples by visiting the official website of more than 30 airlines working with Naples International Airport. At these websites you can also find details of terminal facilities offered by the airport staff including driving directions. The airport is also home to Charming International Hotel for those who wish to stay here for a few days before moving to their next destination.

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      Pete007 4 years ago

      Great lens - I visit Naples last year en route to Pompeii. Great pictures.