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Top Travel Related Sights to See and Go Ahhhh

Updated on March 25, 2009

These are record setting travel sights to behold

This article is to describe the most record setting travel sights in the world today. Enjoy this tour of the most amazing travel related wonders to explore.

The coldest hotel

There are several hotels made of ice: In Norway, Sweden, Canada, Finland and Romania are the more well known ones. The original ice hotel is in Kiruna, Sweden. It is entirely made of ice and guests can only stay in the winter season during December and April. It is rebuilt every year, with slightly different architecture. Everything in the hotel is made of ice. The River Torne creates a thick ice layer every winter and this is used as the source of the hotel. The water is very crystal clear and it makes for an amazing design. In addition to the hotel, there is also a bar created from ice. If you want to heat up before going to the hotel, you can go into a sauna located outside (with hot water of course).

Ice hotel Suite in Sweden. Photo by: Marsumic

Largest Swimming Pool

The largest swimming pool is in San Alfonso del Mar, Chile. It is 1 km long (0.62 miles),115ft deep it contains 250,000 cubic meters of water. To give you an idea of its size: it is equivalent to about 6,000 swimming pools put together. It took 5 years to create at a cost of 1 billion Euros and maintenance fee of 2 million Euros per year. How can it get so much water in there? It uses computers to filter and suck water from one end of the ocean and pumps it out from the other side of the swimming pool back to the ocean. This pool was created by Crystal lagoons and its founder Fernando Fischmann, a real estate tycoon. The pool uses a pulse based disinfection system which leads to 100 times less chemical used than traditional pool systems. Fernando is in process of building additional pools in Argentina, Panama, and of course, Dubai.

Biggest pool in the world located in Chile

Biggest commercial airplane

The biggest commercial airplane is the Airbus A380. This airplane has two decks, wider seats (and you thought it would never happen) and it can hold 525 passengers in its standard configuration. It has a very wide cabin to allow places to gather such as social areas. Don't let its large size fool you. It also has environmental friendly additions. In fact, it burns 12% less fuel per seat than an ordinary airline. Among other innovations include its ability to bring more fresh in with its four air outlets (as opposed to 2 for regular airlines) as well as having better filters for better air. It also produces less CO2 emmissions to help the environment. In terms of noise, it cuts down cabin noise by 50%! You may finally be able to hear the movie you are watching! The Airbus A380 made its first commercial flight via Singapore Airlines on 25 October 2007.

Eiffel Tower. Photo by franz88

France tops as the most popular travel destination in the world. In France, romance is in the air, once you visit it, you'll know why it's the number one destination in the world. Paris is world renown for its beautiful attractions such as the Eiffel Tower, Disneyland Paris, and countless monuments throughout the city. The French Alps with its awe inspiring views are a glorious place for skiing. If you love museums, the Louvre Auditorium is the most famous museum in the world. Those who visit it claim its the best. There is also a full calendar of festivals and events to celebrate year round. Finally, the food is incredible: from a freshly baked baguette to an amazing wine. What more could you want from a vacation?

Photo by artsnap

The award for the best overall airport in the world belongs to Hong Kong International Airport. It is a fairly new airport that was finished being built in 6 July 1998 at a price tag of $20 billion dollars. Why is this airport considered one of the best? A survey is done annually to passengers by WORLD AIRPORT AWARDS. The survey is given on 40 categories. Everything from Airport accessibility, check in facilities, courtesy, baggage delivery times, ATM facilities, and many other factors were taken into account. The makers of the survey, tried to make sure no extraneous factors affected the survey such as being voted by real travelers and not allowing sponsorship of any kind. Hong Kong airport beat all of them after everything was considered.

Biggest cruise ship in the world

The world's largest cruise ship will be out in fall 2009. The name dubbed Project Genesis will be 1,181 feet and will carry 6,400 people. The current largest ship is the Queen Mary 2 from Carnival which is 1,132 feet and carries 2,620 people. Project Genesis ship's three main propellers will help to move it 360 degrees on independent bearings. The total cost of the project will be 1.24 billion. Some of the Royal Caribbean Ships already have pools, ice skating rinks, shopping centers, water parks and more. I wonder what they will put on this one... how about a building?

Tallest Skyscraper

Burj Dubai located in Dubai is currently the tallest skyscraper in the world. Currently it stands at 2,257 ft and it is still in development. IT is estimated the final height will be 2,684 ft. The final height is a big secret and will be revealed when completed in 2009. The reason this skyscraper is buing built is to gain international recognition to Dubai, which is increasingly putting vast tourism projects in order to become a future hub for tourists.

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      9 years ago

      Cool lens, these are all great destinations to travel to, gave it 5 **. Do you mind commenting on my lens about Lion Safari

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      9 years ago

      I must say, this is a great lens and excellent pictures too. 5**. This is my lens called Travel Africa what do you think of it

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      9 years ago

      EelKat are u an author

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      9 years ago

      the plane is huge and cool

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      9 years ago

      yeah you are righ it is a good idea

    • EelKat13 profile image


      10 years ago

      OOMG! I am so wanting to live in a house made out of ice now! WOW! is that amazing or what! Love the pictures on this lens. Plus you've given me an idea for my NaNoWriMo novel. I'm going to have my characters live in a castle made out of ice now! Thanks for the great idea! I'm going to feature this on on my lens about my NaNo08 contest entry, so that I can come back here whenever I get stuck for ideas.

    • estherjane13 lm profile image

      estherjane13 lm 

      10 years ago

      What a good idea for a lens. It makes me want more! 5*


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