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Updated on September 16, 2012

Tourism in Torrox

Torrox is a city near the border between the provinces of Malaga and Granada, in a region called the Axarquia, which literally means the east, in old Arabic. This city has many attractions such as its excellent climate, not overcrowded beaches and a rich cultural and historical legacy. We'll know more of this city.

"Torrox, the best climate in Europe."

The climate is very good Torrox and Torrox residents are very proud of it. Indeed , whenever they have a chance, they proudly proclaim the slogan of the City: "Torrox, the best climate in Europe."

According to some reports the Institute of Meteorology, climate of Torrox, barely exceeds 30 degrees throughout the year, even the hottest days and has an average temperature of about 18 º.

This results in very mild winters and not too hot summers. Thanks to the protection of the mountains, the town escapes of the hot winds "Terrales", which hit the capital in summer.

Thanks to this weather so graceful, agriculture in the area is characterized by tropical species highly valued, as the custard apple, avocado or mango, of which you can enjoy here at very good prices.

Historic Heritage.

Besides the excellent climate of the city, Torrox has a beautiful story. In this timeline, we highlight three points.

First, Torrox was a Phoenician colony and later Roman, which was called Caviclum. Here they made some fish salted, called "garum", which was very popular throughout the Roman Empire,.

With the arrival of the Visigoths, these factories were condemned to oblivion, but a few years ago this Roman villa, was rediscovered. Today, we can visit the Roman hot springs and necropolis that are near the lighthouse on a cliff.

The second point that I would emphasize is the Abderraman I landing on the peninsula in 755, fled Umayyad's arrival, involved the creation of the kingdom of Al-Andalus in a few years became one of the powers of the age average.

From the time of Al-Andalus and the subsequent Arab kingdoms, we highlight the towers off the beaches of Rio Peñoncillo Güi and dating from the eleventh century.

The historic trail last comment, is the end of the Arab era and the beginning of Christianity. In this era of blood, crosses and crescents, Torrox suffered with the capture by the Christians in 1487, Swain reconquests by the Arabs and the final assault on Christians, finally again in the kingdom of Castile, he returned to suffer with the rebellions of the Moors. This time we can see buildings like the house of the Inquisition and the Arab tower.

Torrox Beaches

Another advantage of Torrox, are its excellent beaches, thanks to be in the eastern part of the Bay of Vélez-Málaga, is not affected by the great currents of the Mediterranean sea.

Among the beaches that can be highlighted are the beach of Ferrara and the Morche beach that are close together, near the mouth of a stream that is dry summer season.

These beaches besides having all kind of sevices like toilets and showers, have a great advantage: a giant parking by the beach you will not have to be around the car park and just enjoy.

The beach Morche got a blue flag last year, so you can imagine we have all the necessary services.

Another very notable beach is the beach of the cenicero, a low waters beach, thanks to which, we can swim without many surprises. on the other hand almost always this beach has some little waves, ideal to use a small Bodysurfing table or mat.

Among the other beaches of Torrox, I can point out that the beach Calaceite which is semivirgen and has been relatively little public attendance or Peñoncillo beaches, Mazagarrobo beach , amd Wilches beach. As you can see the lack of beaches will not be a problem in this beautiful city.

To conclude, Torrox is a beautiful place to spend the summer a few days enjoying the sun, culture and beach.

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What do you think of Torrox?

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      6 years ago

      nice lense ¡ thanks for visiting my lenses ;)


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