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Coolest towns in Vermont

Updated on October 14, 2010

Towns in Vermont

There are many reasons to visit the great state of Vermont and I am going to list five of them. I am going to list the five coolest towns in Vermont and why you should visit these towns. Now when you think of Vermont you might think of a lot of open land and mountains and you are right but there are so many awesome towns in Vermont that you will absolutely love. So next time you want a vacation that offers something different and a little bit of history make sure you visit these towns in Vermont. Enjoy.

Rutland- Rutland is more of a city but it is one of the coolest cities in Vermont and one that is worth the trip from anywhere. There are quite a few hot spots for shopping around the city of Rutland. Rutland also has a nice selection of restaurants that you can eat at as well.

Burlington- Burlington is another city in Vermont with lots to offer. The city sits on the eastern shore of Lake Champlain between the Adirondack and Green Mountains, so you can bet that there are some great views all around. There are plenty of outdoor activities to do in Burlington as well as plenty of shops to shop at.

Brattleboro- Brattleboro is one of the best towns in Vermont. Brattleboro is located in the southern part of Vermont. Brattleboro offers a nice selection of bars, lounges and shops.

Barton- Barton is one of the coolest towns in Vermont and is worth checking out. If you love fishing than you will love Barton. As for shopping there really is not much but if you want peace and quiet than Barton is for you.

Beecher falls- Beecher falls is one of the smallest towns in Vermont and if you want quiet than staying near the town of Beecher falls is for you. I'm not even sure if this town has a hotel or motel! The town borders Canada to the north and there are not many people who live in Beecher falls. Nonetheless Beecher falls is a cool place to check out.


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