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Vacationing in Córdoba, Spain - A Travel Guide

Updated on June 2, 2009

La Mezquita

Beautiful painted pillars of La Mezquita in Córdoba.
Beautiful painted pillars of La Mezquita in Córdoba.

Visiting Córdoba, A City of History and Mystery

Ay, so you're planning a vacation in Córdoba, Spain. Córdoba is rich in history and architecure, with influences from the Romans, the Moors, and Spaniards. It's inspired passionate poetry and art, from some of the greatest Spanish minds.

Canción de jinete

Lejana y sola.

Jaca negra, luna grande,
y aceitunas en mi alforja.
Aunque sepa los caminos
yo nunca llegaré a Córdoba.

Por el llano, por el viento,
jaca negra, luna roja.
La muerte me está mirando
desde las torres de Córdoba.

¡Ay que camino tan largo!
¡Ay mi jaca valerosa!
¡Ay que la muerte me espera,
antes de llegar a Córdoba!

Lejana y sola.

-Por Federico Garcia Lorca

La Mezquita Courtyard
La Mezquita Courtyard
© 1996 Steven J. Dunlop; released under GFDL; all other rights reserved.
© 1996 Steven J. Dunlop; released under GFDL; all other rights reserved.

Córdoba Tourist Attractions

There's a lot for a pardner to visit in Córdoba. Like I said earlier, it's been a Roman province capital, a Moorish stronghold, and has a rich Spanish history to boot. Some of the places you'll want to visit in Córdoba are...

La Mezquita de Córdoba

La Mezquita is a former Moorish Mosque in the heart of Córdoba. Come look at centuries old Moorish architecture with columns dating back to the Roman era!  It was originally begun as a by the Visigoths as a Christian Church in the 600's, but was converted to a Mosque by the Moors.   After the Spanish Reconquista it has returned to it's former role as a church and is still in use today.

Puente Romano at Night

The Puente Romano at night.
The Puente Romano at night.

Alcázar of the Christian Kings

La Alcázar of the Christian Kings (Alcázar des los Reyes Cristianos) is a Spanish palace/fortress built by King Alfonso XI in the 14th century. It houses beautiful Roman art and beautiful Arabian gardens outside. Again you'll notice some beautiful Moor-inspired Spanish architecture and will experience some of Córdoba's rich cultural history.

Puente Romano - Roman Bridge

The Puente Romano is a Roman bridge over the Gualquivir River. It was built sometime during the first century A.D. and is a remarkable Roman feat of engineering that is still in use today, nearly 2000 years later.

Image credit: Sbscottw under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License

Plaza Mayor and City Center

The central Plaza Mayor and central Córdoba are home to a variety of shops, museums, and Córdoba's town all.  All of which are excellent places to visit on your Córdoba vacation.  The town hall is even built in the remains of an ancient Roman temple!

Córdoba Dining

Spain has some excellent offerings in the way of food, and here's what you should definitely not miss on your visit to Córdoba.

Córdoba Paella

Paella is Spain's signature dish.  A rich mix of seafood and rice, with some saffron seasoning added for good measure.  Paella is a delicious Spanish dish that you will definitely want to try on your Córdoba travels.

Some other Spanish dishes you may want to try are los albondigas, gazpacho, and arroz con leche.

Visiting Córdoba On Your Vacation To Spain

So next time you decide to spend your vacation in Spain, be sure to visit the wonderful city of Córdoba.  Córdoba emanates history and culture and it's historic tourist attractions will leave you awed.  In Córdoba you can see the mixtures of very different cultures - Romans, Visigoths, Moors, and Spaniards have all called Córdoba home.  Visit Córdoba and you won't be dissapointed.


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    • profile image

      Lakhimpur Kheri 

      8 years ago

      This is my blog.In this blog I wrote about my hometown.I also want people knowing my city.It's a small paradise located on Earth.

    • profile image

      bella simmons 

      8 years ago

      my family and i will be visiting this city in august. im sure the experience is diffucult to put into words but your article has grasped me better than any other :) i came across a website that has been very resourceful and think you may want to check it out!

      thanks again!

    • James A Watkins profile image

      James A Watkins 

      9 years ago from Chicago

      Very nice overview of a fabulous city rich with history. Thanks! I enjoyed it.


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